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Give Me Erotica

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Give me the sexiest erotic poem you could write
I know it's been awhile since I've posted a competition but this will make up for it I promise.
So this one I would like everyone to try and write the sexiest poem they have ever written!
Without it being very vulgar or it being extremely dirty or having a dirty pic along with it.
Subtly and imagery along with some class is key.
Try to be creative with your words without being overbearing or sleazy or giving away the whole entire act.
Just remember: be sexy

~ One entry only
~ don't be too vulgar
~ no collaborations
~ can be as long as you want
~ old or new is acceptable
~ be creative
~ be original
~ be sexy

Dangerous Mind
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She asks "Can you feel me...?"
"As if you were here with me"
I, with exultation, reply

Electricity courses through my body
as my fingers dance
with the silky tendrils, live-wires
on the nape of your neck

Seduced by your magnetic,
needing, wanting,
unconditionally accepting gaze
eliciting a smile, a joyful tear

Your breath
warm on my face
familiar,comforting scent
presages the vibration
of your voice
magnificent sultriness

Your succulent lips
fuse with mine
as if never to be separated
our tongues colliding

by the candlelight
reflected off the smooth round
of your glorious shoulders
where my lips linger
pressed against
their polished ebony surface

Like a voracious beast
I attack your breasts
hiding my hands
beneath their sweat moistened
lifting them to suckle
each rock-hard ruby nipple

Grabbing you
in a kissing embrace
my hands travel the length
of your back
coming to rest on your curvaceous hips
moving down your crevice
to cradle your round, breathtaking buttocks
waves of euphoria roll over me
as I feel your heat

I crumple to my knees
spreading your thighs
my fingers unwrap
your humid,
heavenly musk-scented
chocolate box
the hard tip of my tongue
probes and discovers
your fuchsia hood
and hungrily licks
your priceless pearl

Penetrating your humidity
with my blushing rigidity
your welcoming tightening
invites me to stay
play a while
until with shuddering ecstasy
my cream explodes forth
to mix with your sweet honey

Oh yes, I can feel you
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Fire of Insight
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By the Sea

Itís been so long since he went off to war
And still her heart belongs to him
Hoping against hope she still longs
For his return even when it all seems dim

So she lays there down by the wet sand
To the gods she prays and she begs
Yearning for him, for his embrace
As the waves crash between her legs

The upsurge caresses the sun-kissed skin
As the sun begins to set in the distance
The surf soothes her soul for a moment there
Wondrous of her love that is so persistent

But she loses all reason in the sea-spray
Cooling her thighs for the man she craves
As the memory timbres through her body
Touched tenderly by the Ionian waves

She tilts her head back relishing in the breakers
And it sends her across the vastness in a whirl
Undulating at the cusp of the endless depths
Breathless in the swells that stroke her pearl

She calls his name at the waterís edge
Whispering to the ocean and the breeze
Return to me, she says over and over again
Penelope waits for her king down by the sea

Dangerous Mind
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I Desire

Without you I feel empty,
Your essence is liquid fire burning through my veins;
Your touch ignites an intense desire within me,
You shift the dial between pleasure and pain.

Your raven hair glows under the moonlight,
Your eyes like a pitch-black sky filled with glistening stars;
I hungrily take in the angelic sight,
My animal instinct urges me to pounce on you like a jaguar.

We grind our naked bodies together,
A deep ache burns between my legs;
I rub myself against your growth, and marvel at your strangulated pleasure,
You know Iím teasing you, yet you refuse to beg.

You gently caress my most sacred place,
Sending shivers through my body;
The only language I know to speak is your name,
As you whisper in my ear something naughty.

Iíve been untouched for too long; Iím incredibly sensitive,
Inside of me is a fire that only you can extinguish;
I need you inside of me to feel the delicious friction,
My eyes are locked on your member standing attentive.

Our eyes meet; a brief, but power connection passes through us,
Lust, affection, need, and perhaps love?
Thereís no fear, only mutual trust,
Behind you spread wings as white as a doveís.

My desire increases as you turn on the beast within me,
I start to leak on the bed, and you know that Iím ready;
You take your sweet, agonizing time entering me,
I can feel your heartbeat inside of me.

I feel like Iím losing control,
We drink each otherís moans with sweet kisses;
Stars fill my vision as my nervous system fries from pleasure overload,
Our joining is not based on dominance, but on mutual respect and tenderness.

You whisper in my ear the three words Iíve always wanted to hear,
I canít think coherently with the exquisite feeling of you moving in and out of me;
In a rush, my feelings for you are startlingly clear,
As I feel your hot seed explode inside of me.

ďI love youĒ I whisper back, ďIím yours: mind, body and soul.Ē
It only took the right reader to see your beauty;
You smile down at me ďwhen connected to you, I feel whole.Ē
ďPlease donít ever leave me.Ē

In that moment, I realize something grand,
My desire for you isnít just physical;
Despite how I crave the touch of your hand,
I love you most for aspects that are emotional.
Written by LunasChild8
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Twisted Dreamer
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Bathtub Tango

Ready baby? Time for you bath
Strip yourself down real slow now
Tease me by starting with your pants
You must be ready your already hard

Water dazzles around us as I lick your neck
The smell of after shave and axe fill my nose
Your hand invades my sex as I continue to play
Soon water splishes and dances as we pave our way

You spin me around so your on top
Rubbing you dick on my lips with a smile
Licking and sucking I tease you and please you
"That's enough get on your hands and knees."

Your wish is my command and I demand you
Rubbing your head against my rear end before entering
I scream as you fuck my ass with rough force
Water splashes as we entangle ourselves

Moans and groans fill our bathroom stall
Soon I shriek out in pleasureful ecstasy
You smile and cum making me yell out again
Did you enjoy your bath? I know I did
Written by Countrygirl96
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Fire of Insight
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Inquisitive eyes scan the platter,
an array of cheese and colourful vegetables.
Selecting a chunk of celery
she swipes it in dip  
and confidently chomps away
with no intention of muffling the crunch.
Passing by the nacho plate,
she will double dip
generous heaps of salsa
remnants collecting on her fingers
which she will gloriously slurp off.
It will irritate some
and intrigue others.
The slender man in his early fifties
with a developing paunch
and receding hairline
will grow enchanted as the evening progresses.
Her dismissal to contain that fervent mouth
will compel him to search for his wife
for further guidance.
He will delight in the exhibition
of their unique seductions.
Eventually, she will be persuaded
to join them for a mellow merlot
back at their apartment.
His wife will benefit
from the adventurous mouth
he shrewdly identified,
and his reward
will come
when she beckons him
to elevate the conclusion.
Written by Tenderloin
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Twisted Dreamer
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You say my love for you is lascivious

That we should just keep it between us

I do not care what word that you say

I want to make love to you every day

Taste the sweat that our bodies produce

As we make our love on the loose

Feel the power that we both enjoy

We will use each other like a play toy

When we are done we will lap each other clean

Trace each other from seam to seam

Then we will do each other over again

We will cover ever inch of each others skin

We will make each other so dangerous

I will say the things that I musk

Until we both end up lascivious
Written by Rogerh
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Fire of Insight
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Cum With Me

You say you've never came before.
You said you've been at the door,
But you've never been taken through.
No ones ever carried you.
Over the threshold.
You say you've always been left with your flesh cold.
That's simply unacceptable.
Let me show you what I know.
Let us ride through this together,
Let me show you it gets much better,
As you get wetter.
As I put my face,
In the place,
Below your waist,
And taste,
Your love,
Just to get you ready for the upcoming event.
Just enough not to get you spent,
Too quickly,
I wouldn't want you to miss a single minute of this epiphany.
I slide in your body slowly,
Not swiftly,
So every nerve ending can enjoy,
Each tantalizing movement of joy,
With each inch you feel improvement from the last,
Man in your past,
Who was just too, fast!
You have to take a breath.
You can't believe the depth,
But you wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.
You want more,
So I explore,
Your cracks and crevices,
Your fantasies and fetishes,
Your pleasure level increases,
As I put together the pieces,
Of a dream you've dreamt,
As you scream out in pleasure,
You can't seem to measure,
The precise moment you stopped breathing!
Soul revival!
Your heart beats like the tribal
Beat of a drum.
Adrenaline rushes through your veins,
As you cum!
Like some young,
Dumb one,
Getting sprung,
For the first time.
Your eyes shine through like bright lights,
On dark nights,
Or bright rays of sunlight
When you first awaken!
Don't be mistaken
About the flight you've just taken.
It wasn't fantasy,
It was real.
There's no way you didn't feel,
What I feel.
What I felt.
Makes your body melt!
Makes my body wet!
Together as we sweat,
Drenched in a puddle of love!
Love we can't speak of,
There's no words to describe,
No words can give proper justice
To arrive,
At the right conclusion.
Feels like an illusion,
Or delusion,
But make no mistake,
You canít cause you feel the after quakes
Between your thighs!
You cannot move
You canít arise
Let the moment continue
Tilí we fall asleep
And awake,
At the next venue.
Once again you're on my menu!
Let's make love again!
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Tyrant of Words
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tip of the hat
as head falls back
and parted lips release a sigh
tremors begin coursing
ripples build
and whimpers rise
palms spread wide
fingers pressed tight
against the wall
keeping her body upright
sensitive zones are set ablaze
feeding heat with lapping waves
as grip of steel pins her in place
whiskers brushing trembling thighs
playing counter to the liquid fire
tears of passion uncontained
bathing her core of wanton need
tongue drinking of her lusty greed
lost to fierce sensation
in the cyclone she suddenly feels
sobs of desperation escaping
the lady is in an utter state
of dishabille

Copyright © 2018 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
Written by FromTheAsh
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Dangerous Mind
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I Can't Forget

I Can't Forget Your Serpent Kiss ,
Tongue And Twisted It's What I Miss
And Your Bite And Then Your Lick
All That I Love That's So Erotic ,
And Your Touch Conveys Just So Much
Take Your Time And Just Don't Rush
We Have The Night For It's Just Starting
Before The Dawn And Then Our Parting

Howl Many Times Have You Reached Ecstasy ?
No Forget I Asked You , Please Don't Tell Me ,
Just Burn In The Fire Of Your Present Pleasure
We Don't Need To Worry About The Measure
We Are The Embodiment Of All Desire
We Are The All And One Still Going Higher ,
And I Feel You Shiver Then I Feel You Quake
It's Just The Beginning Make No Mistake

We Were Born Now To Come Together
Red The Lace And Black The Leather
And With The Crack Of The Whip
And Honey Mead Now Take A Sip
I Drink Your Essence With Abandon
And Why Do It At All If It Isn't Fun
Why Meet Me On The Road Or The Strand
If It Is Not Real And Really Grand ?

Shall I Pinch Your Nipples And Bite Your Neck ?
Between Your Legs I Shall Introspect
See The You The Goddess And The Void
I May Take My Time Don't Get Annoyed ,
There Shall Be The Consummation ,
After My Momentary Contemplation ,
To Bring You To A Heightened State ,
Before We Truly Even Begin To Mate ;

Does A Little Bit Of Candle Wax Make You Relax ,
Or Does It Make You Writhe In Pain ?
Does The Ice I Apply So Nice Make You Want More
Or Does It Drive You So Insane ?
Does The Feather After Spanking With Black Leather
Make You Beg Me With Trembling Need
Or Do You Want Us To Be Joined Close Together
By My Filling You With My Seed ?

Speak Before This Ball Gag Is Placed Between Your Lips ,
And My Hands By Love's Demand Grasp You By Your Hips ,
And I Enter Your Pearly Portal As A Mere Man Mortal
Yet Now Your Horned God , Both Primal And Roughshod ,
And You , Star Goddess , Source Of All Born , Both Calm And Storm
Enfold Me In Your Flower , Liquid And Lascivious , Debauched And Warm

Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Anna Mossity
Dangerous Mind
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Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta

There once was a man from Dubai
The girls †there are covered to the eye
well at least they can wink
then if you follow, i think
they'll hike up their robes with a sigh
Written by rabbitquest (Anna Mossity)
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Fire of Insight
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my tender roni

A new loving that lasts as a stone work of old
Singing energy twisting around our two spines
This unknown existence a swirl of spun gold
Joining hearts pumping to the center of time...

Solar bursting soul as a moon that does reflect
Oiliness of our gilded spirits in a twilight sleep
As your magic rite on my mind lest we neglect
Mental brush gentle enough to feel skin deep...

We can spin our light into a weave of the sun
Across our fevered dream as we so often flew
Raze of your inner court reveals the holy son
Drink the honey and wine on our cycled moon...

Summer flight of fancy on a pyramid of sound
We love sensual time and speak of one mind
Running to the top of a monolithic spellbound
Now our two points become one groovie line...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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The Boy That Could Explode

Youíre burning alive arenít you
when you think of her crucifix
shaking with her hair

girls got a touch of martyr about her
and itís easy to watch her silence
seep from her palms like a ghost
caught up in the living
as if itís the last God
sheíll ever bleed

you remember her red locks
twisting poetry around candles
her lips, stained glass orchids
reflecting polished-brass teeth
holding every inch of the word,
the tip of her tongue
hot with prayer

those Magdalene eyes
weeping a death;
a dirty hallelujah
you no longer hear.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Twisted Dreamer
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I'm having a hard time deciding which one to enter, but this one should be pretty unique, which is something that was requested in the instructions.

It's a LONG one though, it is a story, not just a poem.

MsRockyJackson, thank you for hosting this contest. I hope that you will have other erotica competitions, I've been looking forward to this and hope there will be other opportunities in the future.

Okay, here goes...

Twisted Dreamer
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Sarziah and the Dragon

*****Warning: If you're easily offended, this poem's not for you. For within this story, I cover some big taboos. It's like a rhyming story, not just a short line or two, so if you're in for headier stuff, then this poem IS for you! And if you read it please take time to write a crit, I really want to know what you liked in it. Don't forget to be brutal though! Your crits will only help me grow.*****
It smelled of sulfur as I approached  
the open mouth of his cave.  
Ahead he lay somewhere deep,  
Entrenched in stone, until his hunger wakes.  
I gripped my sword, heart pounding fast,  
I was here to finish him at last.  
To slay the beast that hell spewed forth  
hundreds of years ago  
And left 'pon the elven race to reap death  
And to my family he'd done just so.  
I readied my sword, took two steps in  
before the world began to spin.  
In my head I admonished myself  
'Sarziah, it's just a trick,' †
Dragons are known for mind games, just like this.  
Pulling air into my lungs, †
I ventured three more steps into that cavernous hell,  
the air grew hot and I spat out "Dragon, show thyself!"  
As if from nothing, he appeared, his camouflage withdrawn.  
A golden beast thirty hands high, †
a magnificent sight,  
He sat down, his eyes half closed, and merely let out a yawn.  
'Clearly he underestimates my elven power,' I thought,  
I'd practiced for this all my life.  
I whispered words that froze the moisture in the air,  
He didn't die but his eyes turned fierce, pinned me 'neath his glassy glare.  
I held fast to my blade and weaved more words with my tongue,  
Unfreezing the air, I poisoned it, and pushed it into his lungs.  
'Now,' I thought, 'for sure he's mine, I've slain our ancient foe.'  
How he was still standing there I will never know,  
I was sure a strike to the heart would do the rest,  
As he choked on toxic breaths, †
I came in for the kill.  
Sword held high, I slashed against his armored chest,  
he yelped against his will.  
A glimmering scale fell off, losing its golden hue,  
It fell near my feet, a dark, mottled blue.  
As my dwarven friends would say, †
the sword always rings true.  
I swung my sword again with all my might  
'Finally he's mine!' †
Revenge was in my sights.  
But in a flash his muscular tail whipped 'round †
and wrapped itself about my legs, †
yanking me to the rocky ground.  
His head came near and drew a breath,  
stealing the air from in my chest.  
"The healing touch of elven breath..." he said as he grinned smugly.  
Wide-eyed, I shook my head in disbelief.  
A dragon's ne'er spoken before!  
They're silent, foul and ruthless, †
according to our lore.  
As I regained my wits, gasping for air,  
I fought against the crushing grip of his tail,  
His taloned feet restrained me by my hair  
"Admit it, elf, you cannot win, you know you're destined to fail,"  
He beat his wings mightily, and I inhaled the sudden gale  
He sneered lustily, †
"Fortunate for me, †
this time they sent a female!"  
A hiss escaped my lips, an incomprehensible word,  
My grasp tightened, my knuckles were white on my sword.  
I swung hard at his tail with all the strength I could gather,  
I thought of my family, of my two slain brothers.  
'The destiny is mine to fulfill!'  
As the sword whistled through the air  
it seemed that time stood still...  

When it resumed, his beastly head in front of mine.  
"I like a woman with will!" he said, †
his expression sublime.  
His tongue curled and lashed the air by my face  
"You elven people are an interesting race..."  
Fury coursed through my veins, my blood began to burn,  
This time my sword met his scale †
at a spot somewhere along his tail.  
Recoiling from the pain, the dragon seethed  
and let out a deafening roar,  
And as the cave began to sizzle with hot air, I lunged at him once more.  
This time I met the mark on his chest I had hit before.  
He jumped away so quickly, it broke my sword in two,  
Groaning from the stab, he said "Oh elf, what am I to do with you?"  
His powerful wings encircled me and threw me to his chest,  
Slamming the air from my lungs once more. †
I fumbled for my dagger and the breath to protest.  
I felt claws prying at my armor, I gasped, breathing harder, †
In my head I screamed in heated rage  
'Dragon, you will be defeated!' for mistreating me this way.  
I slid my dagger from my belt and aimed for his left claw,  
But all too late I saw  
His other arm come at my head, †
razor blades on a meaty paw.  

As blackness eventually gave way to consciousness,  
my head seared with pain.  
Darkness still blinded me as I fumbled for my dagger,  
the sensation hit me again.  
I blinked away the darkness,  
and in my blurred view,  
The dragon's forked tongue came at me  
"Elf, you don't know what you do."  
I watched in horror as he licked the blood from my head,  
a strange smirk across his face.  
He spoke condescendingly "Sorry, I couldn't resist a taste."  

"I'll cut off your tongue before we're through, and feed it to the pigs!"  
He just laughed, grasping me tighter, and his toothy smile grew big.  
My false bravado in hopeless circumstance, only seemed to humor him.  
†'Maybe,' I thought, 'there is a different way to win.'  
'If I let him think he's beaten me, he might let down his guard.'  
But as the thought rolled 'round my head, his talons came at me hard.  
He sliced right through my armor, immobile as I was,  
And drew my body from its metal casing, leaving no protection from his claws.  
"Gods be with me," I whispered, "in these last seconds I have to live..."  
But before I could wish for honor in death,  
And pray for the death of him,  
His tongue lashed at my forehead †
and I could feel his breath, like sin.  
Like warm embers of a campfire, as it begins to fade,  
I welcomed this last bit of warmth on this final day.  
I clenched my fists and bared myself, ready for his teeth.  
Instead his claw pinned me down as I watched his sex unsheath.  
Shocked, I realized just what fate he had in store for me,  
Death not by bite, but by sex, was to be my destiny.  
I writhed and squirmed with all my might, hoping to break free,  
He lapped at the beads of sweat on my neck and said "Elf, Don't you see?"  
I reeled from his uninvited touch, 'Gods put me out of my misery!'  
The beast destroyed my remaining clothes  
with just a single slice.  
I flailed against my exposure  
He hissed "Well isn't this nice?..."  
I shuddered, nearly naked, under his penetrating eyes.  
"The gods have given me great treasure today...a delectable elven prize!"  

I steeled myself against the horror that had seeped under my skin.  
Somehow, some way, I must not let him win!  

His tongue reached out, yet again, but this time he didn't lick my head,  
It curved around and caressed  
my sensitive nipple instead.  
I arched from the unexpected touch and clenched my eyes, hoping he didn't see.  
Oh, dear gods, just how else will my body betray me?  

In his attentions he had released my legs so I gave a swift and sudden kick  
With only boots left on me, I knew I had to be quick.  
I hit a scale on the inside of his leg and hoped it hurt a bit.  

Instead, it seemed to make him swell,  
His dragonhood only grew.  
I had enough energy for one more spell, †
this was my last chance, I knew.  
I said goodbye to this cruel world, trying to be brave,  
and then I whispered words †
to flood the entire cave.  
As my energy drained from me †
and into the spell I wrought,  
My body fell weak †
and darkness clouded out all thought.  

I felt a light I thought was death, the gods had come for me.  
But as I blinked, I looked around, I was soaring through the trees.  
Water dripped from me like a rainy shower, I was soaking wet,  
And above me on my back I felt the cold, slick scales of...that.  

Completely spent, no energy for another spell,  
I wept and realized, I was doomed to this living hell.  
My sobs alerted him that I was now awake,  
He turned me over in his claws and said "For Gods' sakes!  
What were you doing there, have you no pride?  
Sarziah, that was nearly suicide!"  

The blood left my face when I heard my name on his tongue,  
"How do you know my name?" I squeaked out.  
He replied, "Because you are the one."  
Speechless, I stared at him. What was this all about?  

"It was your hair that told me it was you."  
One claw of his released its hold †
and pulled a lock before me †
to reveal a streak of blue.  
Next he recited an old prophecy that I barely knew  
"The gods will bring the angel of water, delivering her to the demon in the sky."  
But I knew he was mistaken, the angel wasn't I.  
I waited till he pulled me closer and I reached for the blade in his chest †
Just one twist and my honor would be complete, then my brothers' souls could rest...  

He cried out deliciously †
and I knew I had him then.  
The dragon beast's pain,  
was an otherworldly sound I knew I'd never hear again.  
He pinned my arms to my sides and we fell into a spin. †
The ground approached so quickly as we plunged down,  
But he summoned strength to dodge the rocky ground.  
A narrow miss, I'd nearly won, I wouldn't stop just yet.  
But as he rose to the sky, his wings grew a second set.  
He let me go from his sharp claws and held me with his wings as he flew high,  
And in my head I couldn't help but ask 'Dear gods, why?'  
Soon we were between the wispy clouds and I tried to wriggle free.  
I felt his sex between my legs trying to get inside of me  
His tongue flicked across my naked breasts  
and I had no energy to protest.  
As his tongue danced across my abdomen,  
I felt weak and he moved in.  
He filled me with his throbbing, scaly sex,  
I could only feel perplexed.  
I wasn't bursting into two,  
But I felt him through and through.  
I wanted to feel that this wasn't right somehow  
But I got lost in the here and now  
He swelled inside me as we leveled out in the sky  
Our soaring flight was now a glide,  
The wind whipped my hair around my face  
But his wings held me fast in place.  
I closed my eyes and felt him plunge inside me again and again  
I bucked against the pleasure and the pain.  
"You're mine, Sarziah," he whispered in my ear, †
the heat of his breath around me, blazing hot,  
I knew I should argue that I'm not.  
But instead I moaned, which set him over the edge  
His wings flapped once, his eyes were clenched,  
His golden scales gleamed like the sun  
He came in me with wild abandon †
and the loudest roar I'd ever known.  
He shuddered then and we fell during the afterglow  
Like a bird struck from the sky by an arrow.  
Plummeting toward the earth, the sea beneath us grew closer,  
I screamed out loud and he held me tight with the last energy he could muster.  

The sea came quick and with a sickening smack,  
He fell to the water on his back  
Still clutching me above him  
"Are you okay?" he asked.  
I breathlessly nodded, and then his wings went slack.  
He opened his eyes with effort and struggled to simply say  
"When she is born, I want you to name her Rinay."  
His tongue reached out to stroke my cheek and I realized it was one last kiss.  
His eyes closed and like a broken boat, we began to list.  
I saw then the gushing wound in his chest †
where I'd impaled him with my sword,  
His gleaming scales began to dim  
And we were far from shore.  
"No, please don't!" I cried, †
and begged him to try to swim.  
I watched helplessly
As the gold drained away,
I willed his soul to stay.

Instead his spirit departed before his body was claimed by the bright blue sea.  
I realized in those last moments that I loved my greatest enemy.
Written by DragonInTheSky
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