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Spring In Your Step

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about springtime.

It is the start of the spring season (one of my favorite seasons personally). I want pieces written about your favorite or least favorite thing about spring. Here are the rules:
*a minimum of 10 lines

*2 entries per person

*rhyming (but optional)

*can use an image (but that is optional and must be your own if you use one)

*1 month

*Feel free to DM me if you have any questions, comments or concerns

*Lastly have fun



Your beauty always comes from behind the clouds,
Like a halo of light that has saved me from the tears
That poured down like raindrops of winter. Crowds

Of flowers that bloom like there are no bad years
Or days coming ahead. Eyes that still watch over me.
Your sunshine that leads me straight to the stairs

Of heaven. Nobody could ever predict or foresee
How important you are to me and how everything
About you helped me grow. Petals that hold the key

To living life, we cannot always hang onto or cling
Onto what holds us back. Everything from the past
And those things that are heavy belong to be a fling

Or temporary. There is a lot of strength that will last
Forever. There is everything bad that will unroll.
Darling, you have turned me into an enthusiast

Of everything spring and light. I have a clean soul
That is ready for giving and receiving. Love that
Is ready to be accepted fully 100%. Every hole

That is ready to be fixed. Your words, no longer flat
Or falling on deaf ears. That ice smashed with a bat.

Nathaniel Peter
Thought Provoker
United States
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poet Anonymous

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Guardian of Shadows
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Nature's Concert

The rainbow sings against the sky
its colours dazzling way up high
blessed by drizzles from above
where clouds silently reside
below the blue lake slumber
fringed by weeping willows
that slips their drooping boughs
to the water below
under this tree, I sit
feeling gentle nature at its best

Clashes of clouds way up
the warm and cold collide
frenzy come the thunderclouds
spitting ferocious lightning
and roaring thunderclaps
the azure sky then turns to grey
the sun hides it’s pretty ray
the rainbow sighs out
and nature’s orchestra begin to play
full-fledged thunderstorm

I sit under this weeping willow
witnessing nature’s glorious show
the whipping lashes of the rain
the thunderous applause from above
the lights lighting up the roiling clouds
thousand watts of flashing beams
the stage the mountains and the forests
the drum rolls and the cymbal clashes
an encore and then silence
balmy cool air takes centre stage
and the concert is over.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Thought Provoker
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The beginning of spring

I once walked into the woods alone
in winter while there was a snowy storm
and deep in the forest I came about
a green field of snowdrops just starting to sprout.

The moment I saw them, the storm did abate
and slowly but surely did nature awake
The trees were in buds and they started to green
and no fairer moment has ever been seen.

The bees were all bumbling, the air tasted fresh
and all kinds of wild game were brazen and brash
As peewits and finches all started to sing
I suddenly felt the beginning of spring.

Dangerous Mind
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Let Us Dance This Rite Of Spring


And What Be This Stirring In Me Loins ?

It Must Be The Raging Whore In Me Moans ;

As The Whisper Of A Thousand Thrusts Of Upshoots
And The Open Invitations Of Blossoming Budlets ,
As The Surge Of Nature , Pounding In The Breast ,
Rising In The Flesh , Awash And Awake ,
An Unstoppable , Unleashed , Undeniable , Underlying
Current , Coursing And Conjuring , And Conquering
The Sleep Of Life Indrawn ;

As That Which Has Been , Becomes That Which Shall Be
The Languid Made Lascivious , By The Passion And The
Pulchritude Of A Sensual Seductive Surrounding ,
The Call To Arms And Lips And Locked Embrace ,
Echoed And Emulated , And Ecstatic In Essence ,
Empyreal , Yet Embodied , Necessary And Narcotic ,
All Pervasive And Pertinent , Mounting And Manic ,
As The Yearning , Resuscitated , Resurrected , Rebirthed ,
Renewed , Returns As The Ritual Of Mating ;

Risque , Presumptuous , Enchanting , Enthralling , Eloquent
I Shall Be , As The Words Woven Shall Charm The Chaste
Into The Minx , The Frigid Into The Freed ;The Resurgence
Of Rapture , Precaution Thrown To The Winds , As Power
Pent Is Pierced By Poignant Desire ;

Petulant Might Be Thy Lips , Point Blank Shall Be My Tongue
Speaking The Unspoken Since The Wheel Turned , And Your
Form Grew Cold And We Were Parted ;

Do You Hear Me , My Love ?

I Call You Forth , Forthright I Am , Upright In Stature ,
And Fixed In Gaze ;

Come Now...Let Us Dance This Rite Of Spring !
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Poem 2 :


Spring Sprung Spryly From Her Fingertips
As Her Fertility Chant Came From Lips
Of Black Opium And Turkish Rose
With Wild Irises Between Her Toes
Cherry Blossom Nipples , And Jasmine V ,
Dripping With Her Honey Of Queen Bee
Flowers Bloom With Every Step She Takes
Sleeping Earth  Now Awake She Makes
Tree Of Life And Branches And Leaves
I Hear The Call Of My Goddess Greensleeves !

Fire of Insight
United States
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April Showers

April Showers
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you cloventongue89, AEMelia564, Grace, gorryone810, Blackwolf, and Bonzi for kicking off this competition!!

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Spring Promises

Perspective altered, seasons changed
winter’s end, emotional thawing
eagerness to feel renewal
as frigid cold is withdrawing

longing to remain present
in current time and place
casting away frozen memories
promise of fervour does erase

gifting nature’s pure energy
initiating spiritual connection
as sunshine warms
wrapping with protection

assurance of lifted spirits
supplying heart nourishment
guaranteed grace
offering soul replenishment

essence of liveliness
to hope I cling
equanimity occurs
the solace of spring
Written by mel44
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know thyself
Twisted Dreamer
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not the typical spring poem I guess but this one captured my spring awakening last year:

spring sun

tried exploring some new words    
without knowing where to search    
tried to flee from common thoughts    
feeding a far stranger urge    
pleading for an innersight    
dumb enough to fail again    
blinded by misguiding lights    
doubts may guess the worlds I can    
sense by using words to trace    
what is happ'ning, undefined    
within widened inner space    
what seems linked but wrongly signed    
staying lost in that dark maze    
I believed - deceived to leave    
just deluding deeper ways    
blazing traps of no relieve    
'though I'm sure there must be doors    
windows, slots or some weird leaks    
holes or mirrors - I'm not sure    
all is fading, getting bleak    
tripping through abstracted dreams    
trapped in concrete ways to be    
a significance that seems    
as a what no one can see    
always next to ways of doom    
blessed to outcarnate each thought    
(where) ambiguities do bloom    
by exploring some new words    
simply gained experience      
concrete ray out of the pun    
writing by coincidense    
I sprang out into the sun    
(led by metacausal chance)

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Red Winged Blackbird

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Thought Provoker
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Scenery medley contrasts

Marshes and meadows
Sunshine and shadows

Gentle ripples on the calm river
Foaming rapids in white water

The jungle echoes eerily in the semi-darkness
In daylight creepy-crawlies cleared the mess.

Peasants toiling and pheasants scratching
as I spy a cricket somersaulting

The cactus the desert's prickly femme-fatale
elsewhere a lone leaf floats in the canal

Prairie dogs go popping
while hares go hopping
and ladies go shopping

Swans have formed a fine V-line
The flora too is divine
as bees nosedive in bee-line.

Siesta seizes birdlovers too
Thus they miss out on the hoopoe's song
For the hoopoe, it does not sing on cue
since a bird may sing anytime to woo.

Green herbs and white mushrooms
Ah, birdie plumes and floral blooms

What a medley eh of contrasting scenery
Evening twilight and dawning greenery

Ah, wherever you go nature's so panoramic
While we make and take pictures
God actually made what's so picturesque!
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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I am the grove

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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one second lifetime--^

Now burning hot as a blowing flame
Breathing insane
Time to dragon
Floating in the sky
Oh so high
Cause mountains don't lie...
Making a river in the center
Swimming new born winter
Bringing sunshine rain
Letting the pain wash away
The bottom then falling
Through morning...
Breaking in sideways
Then summer slide
Onto a glacier ride
Move through open
Door'ed mansions
Walking through rooms...
As my soul
With a flag slung high pole
On my go-cart
Driving across the backyard
Holding the quasar
Down a black hole of time...

Streaking in moon shine
While the flame
Burns me in--two a dimensional frame--^
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Dangerous Mind
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bloodreds, screaming haem

your fragmented petals
in much unelaborated
causal detachments

clotted brittle murky margins

you see
all what I see
is your oozing core
from leathery

your frozen rosaceous memories
explode  [hardened boundaries
of death’s inching in bitter teeth]

in a thawing resurface towards
the boldening dreamt realms

a bloody bleeding revolution

 aggregates your pain-scatter
in an inner-calling coherence

on the ruined pavement
floored golden under the fivish
sunshine of extended suns

the pavement.             yes them.

the astoundingly spirited bridges
they stand in suffered brokenness
- a patched up geographical mess
by cheapish local workmanship
in some kind of rustic elegance

holds its ground
holds   its   ground

feet of my elongating solitude
take utmost care to stamp not-their
cemented splatters in healing cracks
in soft lays of your throbbing red figments
-weathered yet feathering articulations
   into the limitless freedom anthem

the fallen angelic bellflowers
seen in an inversive immersion- their
undisputed kireedam moments
mindless of the shrinking times
enroute to the so-feared last dot

ultrauber frequencies
faintly hum in a tranquil silence…amidst
the ringing bumble bees in headed strikes
and the colossally noisy mortal clarity
in dismissal
of the bloodreddening chaos-
their eternity springs

Written by summultima (uma)
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