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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem celebrating the power of women
It is Women's History Month plus it was International Women's Day just the other day. So I want poems written about the power of women. It can be someone you look up to or just about any women in general. For example, it can be your mom or a stranger you met on the street. Whoever it is put some fire and punch into it (think of it as someone who is like Superwoman).

Here are the rules (there are really not all that many of them):

*2 entries per person (of any length)

*new or old pieces

*Can rhyme (not required)

*3 weeks

Please feel free to DM me if you have any comments, questions or concerns. Ready, set and go!!

Example Entry:

Working Hard

She can set everything on fire,
But she would never stop and take
Notice. She only feels her own desire

For success. She wants to make
Every man feel weak and powerless.
She is never the one who will fake

Her own confidence. She is the mess
And chaos. She is also the calm
And will never be the one to confess

Her sins to the greedy. Her palm
Faces up not to surrender, but to
Help those who need it. She is a bomb

In the making, never taking shit from you
Because she is built from the ground
Up. Do not run to her when you screw

And mess it all up because she is bound
To not care about your pathetic excuses.
She is death, quiet without making a sound.

She never apologizes for her bruises
Or ugly scars. You should be the one who
Is running scared. She chooses

To see her life from the top window and view
Without being selfish. She works hard for
The money. She sees past everything that blew

Up. She has made the choice to restore
Her own happiness, trust and faith.
I caution you to think extremely hard before

She comes to destroy you like a wraith.
She does not float in the light like a halo,
But she also refuses to forever bathe

In the darkness like a lost child with yellow
Hair like the sunlight. Watch out for the
Lava that is coming out of her like a volcano.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks AEMelia564 for kicking things off!! Thank you for your wonderful entry.

poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
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I knew it would happen one day,
Being an oracle and all,
Diminutive, though status tall.

Look and regard,†I've awakened
Swirling waters of future past
Counter-clockwise, your gaze to cast.

And there he was with ease to find,
Coming up the slope with others,
Dragging slowly along behind.

He cannot possibly have heard,
But it will make sense once he does,
When all's revealed by my word.

Why am I anxious to extreme,
It's not like I have never known
Answers to everything I'm shown.

My hair, my gown & sandals worn,
A mess around me hither borne,
By clockwise future waters told.

While I watch him walk, and burdened,
He looks askance & determined,
As if it's me he wants to know.

And now the time at last arrives.
He waits for me to summon him,
With stoic glance my hand complies.

He takes two steps by light of torch,
My face filled with authority,
My mind a blank so suddenly.

His youth is not quite what it ought,
But still, he seems most beautiful,
Fair-haired, with skin of milk is wrought.

Without a word I wait upon
This man of height stands over me
With crane of neck so I may see

The mouth where words will issue forth.
If little more, I bare the rate
Which, dare it cost, what time is worth.

He has his chance please take it now
To ask of me of global fame.
At last it comes, "What is your name?" †

©2016-18 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved

Poem is done in Tercet stanza rhyme, with 8-syllable count per line.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Puff puff away
like a magic dragon
she volca a smoke
away it went with all her heartache
what a joyful kiss and a cuddling smooch,
a one never to resist
Then she wants another mold
to burn off all her green
Such a moment of endless ecstasy
she lit the world to flame
that's the peak of our game
I love my ganja queen
for she is my grass to grace
Written by gifteth (AliboTerna)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks Jade and gifteth for your wonderful entries!!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Youíre very welcome, Es Sister, a pleasure... and my thanks for this competition!  

Fire of Insight
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Inspiring Woman

Bearing your experiences † †
rejoicing in hope † †
head on in your journeys † †
believing, you cope †
strong and faithful † †
upon gratefulness you drew † †
goodness exists † †
your accepted world view † †
modest pride † †
offering dedication † †
praiseworthy causes † †
time, your donation † †
honouring the indigent † †
with an easy grin † †
alive, your compassion † †
no soul in sin † †
comforting the afflicted † †
those grieving †
spiritual †support † †
all worthy of receiving † †
spirit infectious †
motives true †
in awe, I am inspired † †
amazingly through you † †
Written by mel44
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks mel for your wonderful entry!!

poet Anonymous

bravest woman I know

she sits at the table
remnants of familiar scattered
where fingers can casually caress
foundation stones to ground her
when all else is adrift
she packed her life in a 5 by 7 space
took a trembling breath
turned and walked away
casting comfort to the wind
she gathered the tattered scraps
of what she held dear
and defied her thundering heart
leaving everything she knew
taking a chance
braving more than she'd ever planned
and as steam slowly rises from her cup
I watch with a smile
and more pride than I can express
listening to the clicks of her words
into the silence of the room
she has love all around
welcoming arms have been found
and I hope more than anything
she feels
she has at last come home

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you FromTheAsh for your wonderful entry!!

Tyrant of Words
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Where Did You Get Your Strength From?

Where did you get your strength from?
Was it your love, your family, or your faith?
How did you manage to run this home?
With work and all of lifeís worries you faced?

Where did you find that unstoppable resolve?
To teach us lessons we werenít taught in school,
Did you make yourself an example just for us?
So weíd learn how life can be rewarding and also cruel?

How did you find the patience and the fortitude?
To deal with us even when we didnít know you were tired,
Was it because you loved us beyond what we knew?
Because to this day itís something that I still admire.

I canít begin to imagine all that you sacrificed,
All that you gave up to meet our needs and more,
The nights you mustíve prayed and days you worked,
The battles you mustíve faced and all you stood for.

I canít start to fathom all the years of ups and downs,
The triumphs, the frustrations and the tears you shed,
Being resilient in your belief, being strong by yourself,
Knowing that you would be the one to propel us ahead.

Mom, you and grandma have been great examples,
Of the love and determination a mother can possess,
Teaching us that we donít need magic or superpowers,
But guidance and patience, and for that I am blessed.

Dangerous Mind
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Thank you wallyroo92 for your entry!!

Dangerous Mind
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Ride Sybil Ride!
Your sister Nox at your side
Drive the shadows from the night
From midnight to the twilight †

Spurn your strong ebony steed †
Across the pilgrim colony
Forty miles from the sea
Fly at freedomís speed
Ride Sybil Ride!
With your quirt at you side
From village to every farm
Sound libertyís loud alarm †

The roadway agent thieves
Fight them courageously
Strike down the highway men
Stomp them with your steed †

Ride Sybil Ride
Across the moonless sky
On a race against tyranny
Young brave equestrienne
May your name and deeds
Forever remembered be
In our nationís memory
Ride Sybil Ride - Ride into History
Written by snugglebuck
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