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Official DUP NaPo/GloProWrimo 2018

Fire of Insight
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To the people who loved me

To the people who loved me
When I was just a wee one
With big dreams in the night sky as her stars,
When I was starting to take flight -
To those who picked me up and shook of the dust
When I became a little doormat -

I'm sorry.

I realize now that maybe,
I was a coward
For running away from
Your love -
As I crashed down hard,
Burned a hole in the ground,
And didn't even look back.
Didn't even explain.
Didn't even give a chance.

I was afraid of looking like a failure.
I was afraid of not being loved.
I've become afraid of being loved.

I am sorry -
Because you tried to reach out and find me,
And I hid and didn't answer,
And blinded -
By my pride,
By your light -
And by the fact that I know that I could be
As bright as you.

And though the days have changed,
This stays true -
I loved you,
And will love you like I did -
Like I never will again.



What do you do once everything catches fire?
When the heart cries as it tries to stop from free-falling -
As the love songs wrap around and comforts,
Then suffocates.

The tremble begins with his glance -
Comes the shakes -
As I crash
With this crush
Trying to beat its way into the beating of my heart.

And the heat overwhelms.
And thoughts of him overtake and I smile till I frown till I cry
With the sheer fear and happiness
Of being.

There are two months left before we go.
And I was looking forward to it before.
But now,
Why does it seem
Like it's too soon to say goodbye?

Catching up!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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thepositivelydark said:



Catching up!


Fire of Insight
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Beware The Promise

Companionship is an excuse
ready made to justify
exploration outside of realms
based on rules inside of books
one with another to comfort
is the path for much more
when the gate has been passed
thereís little chance of turning back.

What may follow is sovereign
from the framework most engage
though youíd find a larger group
if honesty breached closed doors
b should follow letter a
instead the x is found in three
just sweet solace becomes much more
as fabric walls drop to hornís blast.

Flesh to fetish is the draw
a will-o-wisp assuring much
when the hole cannot be filled
outside of base anatomy
this novel land is not the cure
to visit once is not enough
this is the trap shared with drugs
beware the promise that does not come.

P M Banks
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Spring jobs in Rockhollow

The pear blossoms, breathes, beside the apple and cherry,
strong and fertile and healthy, as Goldfinches
sink down onto the feeder, and the warbler reminds me
of my proximity to water.
The grass is cut
leaving long circular sections to hide the world of wildlife, and sways of forget me not
for pleasure.
The bonfire is moved, set and
lit so to add charcoal to the beds,
and borders, freshly weeded and dressed with chips.
The tool shed is emptied, reordered,
a list of the needed tools for the new year made.
Yes, my heart is in the garden,
beating hard in the hot Sun,
and my body is there too.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Exposed in light
defenceless hell
comfort in darkness
knowing it well

clutching the familiar
fearful of change
hiding in shadows
does much to estrange

basic survival
simply implies
not to be seen
maintain disguise

never abandoned
or rejected
play the right role
remain protected

safe from judgement
behind a veil
without attempt
I shall not fail

unnerved, anxious
actions weighed
what would I do
if I wasn't afraid?

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Honouring Blade

Truly amazing
manís best friend
unwavering loyalty
never to bend

exuberant welcome
upon coming home
full of spirit
when off on a roam

chasing rabbits
as he sleeps
laughs with his tail
never weeps

walks in the meadow
daily meditation
unblemished spirit
delivered salvation

offering more than expected
lessons on selflessness
with trust and integrity
teaching faithfulness

with age he grew achy
missing quality of life
laid down to rest
Masterís self-sacrifice

blessed by his presence
experience gestalt
a temporary lifetime
his only fault

Double posting as I missed yesterday due to commitments.

Guardian of Shadows
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(NaPo #22, April 22, 2018)

At last,
the sun saw fit
to awaken from winter slumber
and dry my paint
nearly before Iíve gotten it
on the chairs.

Folding ones, the vintage
wooden sort, slopped
with a gray-white amalgam of
watered down
partial-cans, mixture.

Wind chimes ring
in the distance, while
nest-building birds taunt
the cats
at windows.

They have no morals.

They would kill them
in an instant, save for
screens of separation.

Sun baked, soon enough, and
sanding shall begin, distressing
the paint
just enough
to give an aura of old
yet not really.

A silent prayer of thanksgiving
forms somewhere, within
and I let it go
into the spring air.

The cats are still beside themselves
over the birds
and I take the first swipe
with sandpaper,

Lost Thinker
United States
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What do you hide?

The thoughts that stick out to me the most
I wish would leave and become a ghost
Make the pen write my heart so screams
Let loose your desires and wildest dreams
Stop holding back for thatís the cowards way
How can you look at yourself today
Knowing thereís so much more you keep inside
They already know, whatís there to hide
They donít understand because you donít show them how
You grit your teeth tighter and furrow your brow
Who are you hiding from? What is the fear?
It never stopped you before when talking here
Others give you encouragement but you protest
Why canít you listen and be flattered at best
But no you retreat to your mind and run
Knowing and thinking itís over before itís begun
People donít see the real you as you canít see
What it means to live and truly be
These thoughts plague my waking hours
And try as I might I have no power
Right now to prove them wrong or prove them right
I donít even know if Iíve strength left to fight

Stop haunting me

Please, please stop haunting my dreams
Youíre gone, long dead and lost to me
What we had long ago was over long past
But every time I think Iím over you at last
You invade my dreams and spark curiosity anew
Could it be a sign, is your ghost speaking truth
Though my searches may ever turn up the same thing
That youíre pong gone with the same familiar ring
Like old news and sadness revisited again
I never got to truly mourn my old love and friend
You caught me at an imperfect time in my life
When I was dealing with all my demons and strife
You were still only there every once in a while
Making me feel like the neediest child
It was still love of this I am quite sure
For when it was good, t was grand and most pure
I think had the time been different and more right
If anger hadnít ripped us apart after every fight
I think we would have worked out together just you and me
We would be the perfect couple for all the world to see
But disease took your breath, my decision sealed the rest
You were one in a million, you were one of the best

*double posting, yesterday I couldnít get my mind focused enough, happy earth day!*

Tyrant of Words
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Anatomy of Loss



What propogates success
Is it opportunity, determination
relentless pursuit of happiness

Only to discover it wasn't
what was believed to begin with
all seems lost for naught

Reaching outward, searching
arms and hands stretched
far from the epicenter of self

Hoping to discover a Holy Grail
of contentment, excavating
caverns of years, mining hours

Always pyrite at fingertips
yet onward digging for gold
tunneling moments down

Ever external, there, somewhere
over the rainbow, across the bridge
beyond a great divide it lies

What's been sought since birth
But, it's never found around
the next bend or over that hill

One day during rest, it rises
quietly, flooding chambers
of heart in sudden realization

Nothing's 'out there' to be found
least of all peace and Love
it's only ever been within myself

. . .


For My J, with Love 💜

Thought Provoker
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It only takes one
Just one cut
To feel what canít be felt
To say what canít be said
As words pour back into me
By the sharpness of its voice
One cut sinks me deeper
Yet manages to float away everything
Numbness is living hell
One cut takes me elsewhere
Even if itís not heaven
One cut alleviates all but one cut
And leaves behind its aftertaste
So that I may never forget
The things one cut made me feel
For just one moment

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Soul Reviews (23/30)

Skin deep isnít shallow when itís thick
Like a heart wrapped in layers
Thereís a difference between walls for shelter
Or the construct of a self-isolating dungeon
How do you define such beauty?
After what is revealed
Or what is concealed upon exposure
Like silver in the emulsion of anotherís body
When 50 shades of grey
Is as fifty pieces of disaffection in a kiss to betray
As if Judas is a symbol
For the devil in the ones we dare to love
Surely euphoria is safer
Apart from the confines of a vow
Like exclusivity is incarceration
And wedding bands are cuffs
Unable to be broken
Without doing some damage
Is your heart safer for what it chooses not to know?
All touch without relationship
Like pleasureís delusion of sex without heartbreak
All the benefits without the efforts of devotion
Cheap is such an expensive role to play
Seeking to find self-acceptance
In giving yourself away
Like sheep herded into the wolvesí den
After a culture that grades us
Like a meat packaging plant
After the curriculum of the USDA
Begs to question what qualifies as quality in the USA
When Midwest thick skin is a defense mechanism
As if knives can do less damage
If the blade canít make it to the heart
And yet somehow it still does
When value is all surface
And all it takes is one good paper cut to tear us apartÖ

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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About A Photograph

Our new home
has the most peacefull
I have ever come accross;
nestled quietly
in the whisper
of the trees
the birds
love ballads
at anyone who passes by

I find peace here.

Bought some steel
started a braai

A braai for the
none South African
Making a fire
with wood and charcoal
an animal on it
(dead animal)
[Okay, the flesh of a dead
it is normally
with beer
Lager mostly
but sometimes a Pilsner
or African brewed
bucket beer

It's considered
cultural cuisine
in the Southern tip
of our continent

Positioned enough
steel on the stoep
(Patio for the non South African
found my rocking chair
lit a fire
and enjoyed
the flames dancing
to the music
of the birds
in the whisper
of the trees

When that fire was ready
I loaded the grill with

They sizzled

I realised
How stupid
I must look
to a tree
(Murdering it's offspring)

That I couldn't eat

I stared at it instead
for an hour

Then went to a butcher
bought some

Didn't eat that either
I was too


Entry 23
Letters to Society, God  
& The Goddess  
GloPoWriMo 2018  
Posted April 23rd

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Atrium  *23/30
( a Sonnet )

The pinks of upper desert where I go,
The season slakes its thirst Ďere mesa bleed.
When brash santanas barrel bending low,
To scorch and turn all into tumbleweed.

But come a blight the wind of colder days,
And raises twice the altitude of hush.
A hidden veil to bring a new moon phase,
This constellation arc of whisperíd rush.

And never was the nape of sky so deep,
From where I watch and see a universe.
To be all this and nevermore to sleep,
But dreams are how Iím able to traverse.

So clear the Ďscape it lets in all the light,
The atrium of sky, its starry night.

Copyright©️2018 Jade Pandora.  All Rights Reserved.
*NaPo/GloPoWriMo 2018

Fire of Insight
United States
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Actions Taken

Donít apply the fixed ink
to my skin as a statement
because one day Iíll regret
actions taken fixed in time
thatís the rub of my thoughts
Iíve changing far too much
with my skin as scant space
to illustrate the breadth of life

first consider how I flex
coming out as I am
realization of the shade
brought sight in the light
learning more through decades
discarding visions of past years
what once fit is now outgrown
evolving far to altered states

this tidal wave born of age
seeks to find expressionís page
a place to draw or write a truth
expressed in volumes I canít conceive
if each shift was a stamp
Iíd be covered at my age
with imprints of needleís point
skin would hide by pics merged

into this void I found a tool
avoiding dye put to flesh
still I must find a way
process history before it fades
ink to paper becomes my craft
molding nicely to my life
with the room I need to state
actions taken fixed in time.

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