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Official DUP NaPo/GloProWrimo 2018

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Sleep?  What’s that???😴🐅

Ahavati said:
I'm exhausted. Johnny ( aka my rock ) will be taking over tomorrow so I can sleep late.

You deserve it! 🛏


geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Caught in an Alt-verse
formule poésie érotique 20/30

Dark energy in shifting quantum runes,
As universes slide between its plates.
Germaine of nothing, time and space cocoons
In photons wake, like S’s Cat’s estate.
In banding rays of pink atomic parts,
I found myself in multiverses’ bed,
Where bodies occupy in fractal quarks
The every epoch’s rise and ending spread.
I was so spent in waking folds of you,
Displaced momentum servos, our distort.
In shades of four, five more dimensions grew
To fold in you as matter dis-comports.
Both there is here and still I catch our fall,
But when IT is? I have no clue at all.

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
United States
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A heat I completely forgot about.
The cheek-roses leap up,
spread their petals
and offer their sweetness.
A heat that don't make you jerk back your hand.

four twenty,
I'm high on a nine-o-clock Americano
and self induced stomach-drops
adrenaline pinpricks
and nothing else,

wondering how this very composed,
businesslike, quiet face -
who tells the emotions,
the wants,
don't you dare touch the muscles, you punkasses -
how it'll look when I make his desire win,
ohhh, god,
my young face is flashing dimples like a neon sign:
"you've earned me"
say the lights
and the rose petals
and, at this time of night,
the bright, awake eyes!

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Homewreckers Guide To Making Love In A Broken Home (21/30)

Days away
Have I coerced the virtuous to silence?
When we’re cornered by confessions
And I don’t know how to keep my secrets

Off my conscience, to your shame
Yet only noted by those with eyes between the lines
If they can see it at all
What so blatantly glares at you
In my every word

While you speak your nonchalant narratives
My page is a lie detector
Yours is a script that seems as if to tell true
But rather is a vain attempt to hide
When in truth, what you’re not saying reveals you

Back track to acquaintance
Ignore the fingerprints I left on your heart
When there’s traces of truth in every lie I tell
I’m no better for never knowing a truer love in flesh
When I consider the scales

A substitute for connection with affectionless touch
Apathetic to passion mimicked by excitement and euphoria
Is all we experience what equates to chemistry?
Like test tube minds and reactors at the core of us all
As to measure a man after his thoughts or size him up in more ways than one?
Seems there’s more than one way to interpret “hanging brain”

Like fifty shades of grey matter, torture contrast to pleasures
All we are is feel good drugs for better highs
And ranked after a bed like paraphernalia
Laced with the residue of what’s left of the heart
Looking for the aftershock to feel alive
As we herald the idol of the body after the shallow ideals of a better lay

Social experimentation to weigh the results of who’s the best in bed
After we’ve acquired a taste
The honey is sweet and sickening
Till the anticlimax finds every lover a point of reference to the next
And it’s less about what we have to give
But all we can take

As relationship becomes less the memories made
And all the more a will to forget
With high hopes to bury disappointment
As every consumer puts stock in the failing composure of all things skin deep
You don’t need walls anymore
When you displace identity for the construct of an image
With compliments of another person to hide behind
Or worse yet, a family…

Thought Provoker
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Road Trip

Come with me
I don't know where
just bring snacks
we'll get there
Music loud
driving fast
windows down
escaping the past
Come tag along
on my road trip
I'll stick by you
I'll be your sidekick
Going further
night and day
around the world
if we may
It doesn't matter
where we end
we'll see new places
make new friends
Come with me
don't be scared
we'd have adventures
if you dared

Dangerous Mind
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Oh nos! We've fallen to 17 and can't get up!

Greetings, Poets! Welcome to DAY 21! However you choose to view it, you're three-fourths or two-thirds or quite possibly seven-twelfths the way home ..... I was never really any good at math without popsicle sticks.

Forget about traditional countdowns and ball drops; see how these cities drop instead; next with Prairie du Chien, WI.

Nine! . . .

While all of the other cities create an artificial object to drop, Praire du Chien insists on using the real deal. The city hoists a 20 to 30 pound frozen carp named "Lucky" into the air by a crane and slowly lowers the fish down to a throne as the year changes. The oddity doesn't stop there either. After the fish is lowered, people may take turns approaching the fish on the throne to kiss its lifeless lips for good luck in the New Year.

1. Ahavati - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
2. JohnnyBlaze - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
3. JadePandora - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
4. Viddax - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
5. Mel44 - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
6. cloventongue89 - III
7. David_Macleod - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
8. rowantree - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
9. ImperfectedStone - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
10. MadameLavender - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
11. RevolutionAl - III
12. Hepcat61- II✔✔✔✔✔✔
13. poetryaccident - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
14. Thetravelingfairy -II✔✔✔✔✔✔
15. MisfitPoet89 - II✔✔✔✔✔✔
16. Samael - II✔✔✔✔
17. Rosegold - II✔✔✔✔

If your name isn't listed, it's because you haven't posted, and we haven't heard from you in at least three days!  

Carp ... eh ... diem ... uhh ..... 🐟

Seize the day, Poets! 🎊

And Thank You for your participation

David Macleod
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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Kelly The Elephant    - - - -  (21 / 30)

Kelly the elephant went to a party
the monkeys were there and all dressed smartly
everyone was having a whale of a time
except for Kelly who was starting to whine
the jelly and ice cream had went down a treat
the room was full of new friends to meet
his favourite music, they played jungle rock
the party games let them all run amuck
so what was the reason for Kelly to bleat
all were up dancing, but he took to a seat
finally confronted by a leopard called Lance
Kelly admitted, he just couldn't dance

"It's not that I'm silly or causing a row"
"I'm afraid that its simply, I never learned how"
It's easy said Lance, you just let yourself go
I tried that said Kelly and I fell on the floor
Just get yourself moving in time to the beat
Kelly attempted an trod on Lance's feet
Ouch !! said lance now get of my foot
you are a bit clumsy, maybe lessons would suit
No lessons he cried, I'm a danceaphobic I fear
and sitting back down Kelly shed an elphantear

The Party in full flow all danced through the night
Kelly tried to stop crying with all of his might
The party near over, the last dance begun
Kelly was still crying and sitting all alone
all were slow dancing with romantic feeling
Then Kelly shrieked out and shot across the ceiling
He stood in the corner and went very wobbly
he looked like he was learning the Passé Doubly

you see shouted Lance you can dance all right
"but I wasn't dancing, I just got a fright"
for the cause of the fright Lance looked round the house
suddenly he recognized Millie the mouse
I'm sorry said Millie,
feeling a bit silly,
I forgot that I made you feel queer
It's all right said Lance
as he hitched up his pants,
I've just had a brilliant idea

Next day Kelly was taken out by Lance
who had now promised to teach him to dance
Lance taught him theory and dance steps as well
until all about dancing Kelly was able to tell
he learned all the music, he knew every beat
and all this he learned without moving his feet
"but what’s been the point, I still cannot dance"
Lance said it was time for the final advance
Lance put on the music Kelly moved like a rocket
seeing Lance slipping Millie the mouse out of his pocket

With a whoop and a shriek
he did the freak
out from his dancing slumber,
he did the Rumba
it was true not false
he did a graceful Waltz
during this physical scuffle
he did the Harlem Shuffle
He was now getting the gist
As he did the Peppermint Twist
now starting to thrive
he grabbed Lance up for a Jive
showing such new devotion
he did a perfect Locomotion
With a shout of yahoo
he boogied a boogaloo
Just before exhaustion
he did a marvellous Charleston
and finally to stop
he did a robotic Body Pop

The next party was to be a different tale
Lance knew plan would neither falter or fail
all went still as Kelly walked on to the floor
he started dancing the crowd yelled for more
and all that night he danced all around the house
Lance occasionally showing him Millie the mouse

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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APACHE  *21/30.

In middle school it was, as I recall
When I first saw him on the playground race.
A band of other boys were chasing him
As he was galloping the sand pit run.

I know it does, but yes, you heard me right,
This braying boy was slapping on his haunch.
That’s why I swear I heard a pony shout,
A shrill bone whistle as he whoop’d about.

The next time I was walking home from class,
I hadn’t any money for the bus.
Before I knew it there he was again
With gravel flying, barefoot, as he passed.

It's funny how much time would fly till when
He eyed me at a Pow Wow barbecue.
And circled ‘round me to the beat of drums
To show off on the day we finally met.

In senior year there was no time to waste.
He told me he had joined a month before,
Enlisting in the U.S. Army Corp,
So we would only have that night to spend.

So we went to a Taos Motel 6
Where we would absolute each other's first.
And that was last we were together since
While he was in a place that he called “Hell”.

A word insinuating all his mail,
Where after training he was sent to serve.
He wrote me every now & then from base,
And spoke about the tribe that he was from.

It wasn't till we'd been apart a while
That he could trust and open up to me
About the Mescalero blood in him,
About a dream, a warrior vision quest.

Describing how he'd never been at peace.
Was always fighting, always on the run.
Of what it meant, his burnt sienna skin.
To show he was his father’s warrior son.

And there he was so far away from me,
To, and I quote, "protect my little girl".
And all the friends and family on the Rez,
To prove an "injun’s” honor of his worth.

I tried to be supportive just for him,
But had to study, had to graduate.
Secure a pueblo place where I’d belong.
I got the word from him ‘I'm coming home’.

How would it be the moment he arrived?
We only had that single day and night.
The rest was by delivered airmail post,
And then it came, the news I fear’d the most.

It was a compound ambush where he was
Preparing for his trip back to the States.
The shrapnel sent him sudden to his death,
With others in the barracks to their fate.

And that is how he was returned to us,
A casket draped in cotton Stars & Stripes.
An "injun" who had given of his life,
The promise of a warrior’s vision quest.

Copyright©️2018 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved.
*NaPo/GloPoWriMo 2018

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Shrine of Morning’s Rise
formule poésie érotique 21/30

Escarpments bare, camellian in hue,
That redden glow with touch of new day’s rise,
A pilgrim’s shrine that beckons life anew.

How my hands seek in dawning shadows skew,
What supplication brings, devout incise
Escarpments bare, camellian in hue.

And you return with praying hands subdue
My spirit’s gifts within, you find likewise
A pilgrim’s shrine that beckons life anew.

How morning brings in us the other’s due
Attention to our passioned hymns reprise:
Escarpments bare, camellian in hue.

We easy pass the narrow grotto’s flu
That gives with entry, each the other’s prize,
A pilgrim’s shrine that beckons life anew.

What better service found to day renew,
Our scared rites perform to canonize,
Escarpments bare, camellian in hue,
A pilgrim’s shrine that beckons life anew.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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Deep Knight and Batworm

Faster than a speeding paragraph
Stronger than an erotic poem
Punchier than an Anger Haiku;
its Deep Knight,
the Capital Crusader of Underground Metropolis
ever ready to answer the Deep signal
and battle evildoers
as they commit word crimes.
Aided by the help of the one and only
worm wonder that is Batworm.
When evil stirs it is they who appear
utilising their onomatopoeia
to keep the Metropolis safe
so that poets can ramble on in freedom.
When a metre is broken,
when a syllable is in trouble.
when a rhyme is a crime,
when a sentence lacks sense,
when a word is truly absurd,
they shall be there
in the pause of a breath.
No word crime escapes their sight
for their vigil is eternal
and their eyes can see all
no phrase is beyond their gaze.
Appearing out of the smoke
caused by fearsome flame wars
they go into them
with the grammar of justice
and shield of spelling,
only to then subside and vanish
into the underground's subterranean surface,
reappearing when the call goes out
for freedom, fairness and truth.
Have no fear citizens
for Deep Knight and Batworm
are never too far,
the heroes the Underground
never wanted but might need.

(Unique words: 128.)

Fire of Insight
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I Think of You Under Pink Lights

There is something about the bliss
Of the unguardedness of the thoughts of you.
The way you slip in and out of my head,
The way I feel like I'm swaying with it.

My summer breeze,
My dusk sun.

Everytime is like being caught in a song with you,
You -
Hold the melody.
Snake charmer.
I am hypnotized by those eyes that stare me down
And looks away.

You'd glance at me and I'd think of it until hours and hours later,
Until midnight,
Until my hands wander -
From thoughts that I never thought before,
God -
What is your power?

And I stray,
And I try to look away,
Oh, darling...

I hear a song.
I think of you.



Morning breakdown with a week of hell,
I was burning out and wanting to die.
I run around, fixing what can be fixed for a future long overdue,
Scratching skin for some hope under.

Then I saw your friend,
Then I was looking for you.
But you weren't there and that brought me lower -
The thought of
Not seeing you today.
I walked on and then


Biting that pastel blue-green pen between your lips.
You -
Running your hands through your hair again -
And smiling,
Your eyes were smiling.
And I was frozen,
In the magic of you.

With feet aching walking from building, to building, to building,
With heart still quite heavy,
With a path that still
Doesn't make much sense -
I float,
I smile -
Still drunk in the high of you.

Double posting! Can I be back in? Please? Life has been crazy...

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Dark Mathematics

I met
the forbidden world
at about fourteen years old
She was a teacher
taught us mathematics
as a language
Knew how to wear her
and miniskirt
so good
that when
she reached
up high
to write
on the blackboard
our erections
in unison

At fourteen
we noticed our erections;
they were new
we wore
them with pride

(Well I did anyway!)

My mathematics
were never strong
I was ordered
to attend

My mathematics marks
remained unchanged
after three months
of extra-curriculum

I did however
what to do with
an erection
hand cuffs
blind fold
and white-wood-switch

Amazing what you forget
in just 30


Entry 22
Letters to Society, God  
& The Goddess  
GloPoWriMo 2018  
Posted April 21st  

Dangerous Mind
United States
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thepositivelydark said:13/40
Double posting! Can I be back in? Please? Life has been crazy...

Of course!

It WILL require posting 2 poems a day for 7 out of the 9 remaining days.

You can do it!

Thought Provoker
United States
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Drops in the Ocean

What more are we
But drops in the ocean?
Melting into breakers that crash on a distant shore
We are nothing but petals on roses
Withering away in the name of time
We are no more than a speck of light in a galaxy
Dead stars still shine
We are the notes to a melody
Played out of tune, our song remains
We are the kites that sail on windy days
Begging to soar, never quite lifted from the ground
We are all of those things
A misplaced key to our eccentricities
A forgotten password to unlock those things
Yes, we are all
Merely drops in the ocean
Riding a wave to our destiny

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
United States
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night of crashing things, chiefly you and me

The sick delicious tick
that accompanies the clock
as the tension simply drips
and we're trying not to watch

put a tremble in my lips,
and it almost made you drop
the mug of green tea
your hands were
shaking - handing off.

It made my grin go wide
and my laugh just clatter
like a tangled wind chime
when the tension fell and shattered

over your uncreased sheets
and after.

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