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Official DUP NaPo/GloProWrimo 2018

Tyrant of Words
United States
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And we're holding fast at 19!

Greetings, Poets! Welcome to DAY 16! Can you feel the momentum building?!  📝🏆

1. Ahavati - II✔
2. JohnnyBlaze - II✔
3. JadePandora - II✔✔
4. Viddax - II✔
5. Mel44 - II✔
6. cloventongue89 - II✔✔
7. David_Macleod - II✔✔
8. rowantree - II✔
9. ImperfectedStone - II✔
10. MadameLavender - II✔
11. ThePositivelyDark - I ✔✔✔✔✔
12. RevolutionAl - II✔✔
13. DaisyGrace -  I ✔
14. Hepcat61- II✔
15. poetryaccident - II✔✔
16. Thetravelingfairy -II✔
17. MisfitPoet89 - II
18. Samael - II✔
19. Rosegold - I✔✔✔✔✔

If your name has been removed, it's because you haven't posted, and we haven't heard from you in at least three days! If you're a registrant, resume posting ( no more than two a day, subsequently numbered in the same post ), with a footnote or prefix explaining why and you're back in!

30/30 or bust, Poets! 🚌📝

Guardian of Shadows
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(a continuation of the Mariner's tale)

(NaPo #16, April 16, 2018)

And so within these modern times
to seas, I still am led;
the Hermit hath absolved my soul,
though life and death are wed.

For what you glimpse upon the shores,
a mariner, I still be;
I plant my feet among the waves—
the Ocean, it is me.

I spend the days with mine eyes fixed
upon horizons, far
in hopes that my unearthly ship
shall hear my cries of “Hark!”

My arms, a-wave, a signaling
to all the slimy things
to clear a path atop the crests
and tempt what Fate shall bring.

But while I serve my penance, more,
the masses point and scoff
at I, the lunatic on the beach,
because of an albatross.

They live among the built up hills
descended of those who’ve passed;
I remember well the first of them—
they will not be the last.

Despite their taunts, I cannot go
the way my shipmates went;
my payment is to never die,
immortality, Judgement, sent.

Forever doomed to briny depths
lived upon the shores,
this sailor hath a tale to tell
but who shall listen, once more?

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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You Shall Rise

Many years you have struggled
fighting a progressive disease
bravely for yourself
eager to appease
this time may I suggest
as you now again abstain
do not judge yourself
your knowledge shall remain
grow your gratitude
as a daily exercise
let action be your wings
permitting you to rise
hold your thoughts in today
be mindful and stay present
seek peace from within
grant serenity consent
accept your inner sensations
gently evaluate their birth
discard those that serve you not
cherish those which offer worth
reconnect with others
make efforts to assert
amends as necessary
to whom you've harmed or hurt
allow faith to be the anchor
maintaining a steady course
trust in such a power
quite a mighty force
above all, forgive yourself
not wicked but unwell
gifted with an opportunity
to release yourself from hell

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Enjambment –
formule poésie érotique 16/30

As rain that raves the storms empty
Streets. I would once awake with you
Against me. Perfumed revelry

Which night has left with us. The spree,
Of body’s flail, that brings. The dew,
As rain that raves, the storms’ empty

Pursuit of dawn.  The work, the scree
Proves true.  How the hard dancing strew
Against me. Perfumed revelry

At fingers swim. A pressing glee
Began with you.  I then pursue,
As rain that raves, the storm’s empty

Full gush. You buck, the rush decrees
With cry’s construe. Your clutch renew
Against me. Perfumed revelry

Brings me in you. My hard esprit
Gives way, too. Night expressions blew
As rain that raves. The storms empty
Against me. Perfumed revelry

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Distance overcome in mouse clicks
or typing away precariously
on an electronic device with
elephantile fingertips

Dwelling in a digital zoo

Navigating the maze

Jumping lively through hoops of
Hypertext Transfer Protocol ...

IF you can call
quote living unquote

Crippled, this body incapable of

inhaling flower scented valleys
grazing upon goosebumped skin
suckling dewdropped tongue

A 1006 mile migration to your door

May the Universe guide me
in my migrational desire for

a wild life with you

for Ahavati with Love


P M Banks
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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I haven't minded
dancing between doorways,
holding a fiddle and a musket and a broom,
I've stayed
on my feet
catching leftovers
from the sky
with my toes.
The quick fireflies
of our furnace.
I don't burn out
despite the long shadows
that cast
over my light
creating all too natural
haze and hue.
No, I don't burn out
but flicker, the way a flame licks,
when you catch
yourself looking
too long.
Your eyes

I linger,
a tale from a battle
long since lost,
despite winning
because I know,
and you do too,
with your own musket of shadows
carried on too bright days,
that no one ever wins,
not really.

Thought Provoker
United States
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don't even breathe within 20 feet of me

touchy, touchy
let me sleep
I don't want to hear another peep

touchy, touchy
get away
I don't want to see you until the next day

touchy, touchy
you want affection
I just want chocolate kisses

touchy, touchy
I'm sorry I snapped
you don't understand why I'm like this

just get out of my space
or I might lose my patience

it's not personal
but right now I can't handle your existence

touchy, touchy
yes, I'm a bit over-sensitive at the moment
oh, don't I know it
well damn this sucks for both of us

just let my
in peace

I feel like I'm made of
grease, acne eating my
face – head, body, insides
ache, stomach throwing a fit

I'll burst into tears if I think too much
so leave me to my music and candy and such

and stay far,
out of my way

let me feel like
without you ruining it

I've already had a bad enough day
call me a bitch
I'm miserable and I don't want company

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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All at Sea

Have you ever felt lost?;
as though you are on a sea of troubles
and all there is around you
are more problems,
more storms on the horizon
and more cups to hold your tears.
Because if you have not
then count yourself lucky,
but if you have
then you know the importance
of the little things of light and happiness
that show enough sun
for you to float on for another day.
As the wide endless sea
best sums up being lost:
all that water that surrounds
yet drink enough and you will die
or fall in too far and drown,
in those once life giving waters.
As nothing quite says lost
as a lack of direction
added to a lack of communication
and solitude,
that no primal scream can sound away
that the very elements
stand silent witness to
disconnected enough to have no effect on.

Yet just as the tide goes in and out
so too do things pass in time
with even the worst problem
falling to time's advance
each moment harvested
in the relentless march
towards the sea
of everything,
even claiming the tide of infinite troubles;
leaving seashells of small joys and hope.

(Unique words: 123.)

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Anatomy of Loss



It is impossible to wholly observe
each aspect of a lifetime
from within its skeleton  

Optical filters condense actuality
into a canned essence
of truth sans extended substance

Personal perception is not
Universal Reality, yet is forced
with judgement if rejected

This is what it means to be human:

Repetitiously existing one incarnation
to the next, until overcoming fear

Accepting each individual circumstance
as contrast vs loss; not as a victim
but creator of all future experience;

Recognizing the reason we returned
is to accept responsibility and evolve

. . .


For my J, with Love 💜

Lost Thinker
United States
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Different Paths

Your silence speaks the volumes of the words you couldn’t say
Even though I love you, I have to leave you there’s no way
For us to work it out and to make all these dreams true
I have to find another path, one less winding and without you
It seems we’ve run our course and there’s nothing left to speak
Though if you looked at me with those honey eyes I know I’d give in and be weak
But there’s no time for these things now I must be strong and I must go
Even if my heart tells me I’m stupid I must be strong and put on a show
You’re no good for me anymore and you only drag me down
You leave me feeling underfoot and long stomped to the ground
The love that was here at first has left us very far
It’s not someplace we can fetch it, not by plane nor by car
So I walk away this time and I won’t be coming back again
You e made it clear and drawn the lines, no longer to be friends
And though I’ll mourn the loss of what we once had together
I know as I head on to my own path that I’ll somehow be happier than ever


I feel as though I was always meant to walk alone
That shadow that craved the night and called it home
Solo always and never to be found
With feet much farther than hitting the pavement ground
Always searching, never able to truly find
One of my own, one of the same kind
Though it wouldn't no couldn't stop me in my task
If you wanted to know all you need is to ask
But I'm afraid that I might truly find someday
That there's no one and no other way
No mind that seeks the same as I do
No one who matches my spiritual hue
And forevermore I'll keep searching on
My mind still alert but my body long gone

*double posting today because overtime at work yesterday*

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
United States
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I Love Today (lyrics)

My life is a tricky thing
to fall asleep next to,
getting close, she keep whispering,
"Are you asleep yet, boo?"

but in the morning, we
make our peace again,
heavy and scented sweetly
with that humanistic fresh..
-ness... -

Yes, when I wake
all I can say
is lord, I love today!

My life is my valentine
and she sure knows it
I'm always on her side
with my brightness locked and loaded.
Go get my coffee and I greet that taste -
Smilin for the weather, whether shine or rain -

When I wake
All I can say
is lord, I love today!

Today is pretty,
today is mine,
today is on my arm
I love today so goddamn much
can't no one do her harm!

Yeah, walk the fresh street with an upward chin -
bliss in breathing - vision - takin' her in;
when I wake,
all I can say
is man, I love today!

Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Oh Dear Professor Wiggens

Gears and bearings were grinding
all attempts at lubrication
had been in vain
The large
at the end
of the bright copper urn
was vibrating
like an unbalanced

Wiggens sighed
wiped the persperation from his brow
in a polishing action
with his rather old
frayed, grey hankychief
[which may have been white, fifteen or twenty years ago]
Then he yelled
"Bring me a strong black Americano, Mr Barrister!"
he kicked the urn
with a resounding
Which echoed through the factory
like a call to prayer
in a Monistory

I liked Wiggens
"Professor Wiggens" as he liked
to be addressed
Felt sorry for the old bastard!
It's 45 years ago
that he built this damn factory
which went so wrong;
Well it didn't really
go wrong, completely
Production is extremely high!

Wiggens drinks 24 to 26 cups
of Americano coffee
every day
He has done for 45 years

This factory
Well this factory
with all It's steam
and handles
glass, copper pipe

Was meant to
manufacture coffee
and lots
of strong coffee
You see, Wiggens
completely fucked up
the design
as a result
he has been pumping
fourty to fifty
poems a day

No topic
no style
no catagory
no form

It just pumps them out!

It's not that bad, really
Except that Wiggens
really does
love coffee

He also
really can't stand



Entry 17
Letters to Society, God
& The Goddess
GloPoWriMo 2018
Posted April 17th

30. The Poem Factory : Write about a so-called eccentric genius who mass produces poetry in his ginormous factory filled with amazing technological gadgetry that unfortunately churns out poems with no originality.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Fast Car

You and I
Driving a fast car
Chasing the moon
Under a desert sky
All anxieties aside for that moment
When lips collided
Going about ninety nine
My heart beating faster
Racing down a highway
Trees a blur
Everything changed for me
Jamison clouding my thoughts like the fog ahead of us
But it was fun
Speeding along that broken yellow line
Driving a fast car
Forgetting the sand and sky

David Macleod
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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Kisses       - - - - -  (17 / 30)

our heads headed for each others
moving to be face to face
a slow motion replay
of previous kisses
her lips are soft and moist
mine tight and pursed
my trembling makes
me tremble more
I make a move on her
delivering butterfly
kisses that flutter
firstly on her eye lids
then her cute little nose
then flitting to her lips
she responds in like
as this kissing she likes
the kisses become a kiss
a long lingering
passionate kiss
eyes wide open
tongues taken and given
spit swapped
heavy breathing
and breathy kisses
raise the ante
we stop mid passion
before kissing leads to fucking
we both wipe off
the spit from
our split screens
windows ten
separated by oceans
yet kisses still felt
those cyber kisses
enough for now, but
a lap top dance
would be a great addition

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Brandishing Your Crown (17/30)

Accuse me of an ulterior motive
As you falsify innocence
When ignorance is the means
For more damaging mistakes to be made
When your defenses fail
And you see yourself

Who might have known
We’d be more readily identified
By our scars than our fingerprints

Just how unlovely is too unlovely
Before I’ve gone too far
Lost for a life in debt to the grave
When my sins have outgrown the death of me
Am I living on stolen time?

When the consequence we escape
Is all that never finds us out
Surely our secrets won’t dodge the light forever
No one gets away with murder
Because even freedom is its own captivity
When your heart is a self-punishing stone

Love isn’t unconditional
It’s just yet to know its threshold
Till it’s tried to the point of breaking
Save my life while it’s worth it
Till it’s better off taking
As tolerance lies in the face of a social liability

There are no innocent victim’s
When it’s all for convenience, custom justice, and war…

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