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Official DUP NaPo/GloProWrimo 2018

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Anatomy of Loss



Humans mimic seasons
shed organic casings
as fields of Spring lilies

ensuing winter's strident march
before summer's ardent burning

Yet, cycles are not Nature's loss
but, an infinite circle of growth
whose cyclic yield increases
what was once possessed

An oak's girth is thicker
irises double their bloom
tea roses carpet the bush

If strength is to loosen self
as a mountain releasing its own rocks
into an avalanche

And courage is to open up
as flowers sacrificing their hearts
for breathe despite death

Then is not the Lesson of Loss
to willingly relinquish control
through each and every experience

Learning gain only by letting go

. . .


For my J, with Love 💜

David Macleod
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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Things to Regret Not Having Said After I Die Tonight  (15 / 30)
I am sorry for not visiting you
i should have made it right with you
i should have apologised
i should have told you i loved you dad
i am sorry you died alone
i am sorry i wasn't there to hold your hand
i am sorry for destroying our love
if only we had more time
if only i had treated you with respect
if only i had given loving hugs
if only you had phoned me before doing that
i think i did love you
i am sorry we argued
i am sorry i hurt you
i wish i could take it back
i'm sorry i was part of your motivation for suicide
all i wanted was one last hug
all i wanted was one more smile
all i wanted was one more knowing wink
i will miss you
i will miss your smile
i will miss your ability to make me laugh
i will miss your strength and courage
i will miss your poetry, even the dirty ones
i'll miss you
i loved you but i couldn't show it
you were the only one for me i wish i had told you more

all these words
sink like turds
standing next to satan's gate
you were all too fuckin late
your platitudes like skyward ash
read the will, there is no cash
don't cry now, those crocodile tears
you've not given a fuck for years
suicide was painless and fun
razor blades, i had no gun
if i had
i would have been bad
if in this musket i had lead
it would be you now dead
my only regret then was that didn't kill you sooner

Thought Provoker
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For Rosegold

There’s this friend I know
Her name is rosegold
Dandy as a daisy
Elegant as a rose
She loves to write and art
She’s got that special little spark
But be careful not to get too close
Her thorns are razor sharp
To those who know her well
Dare not touch a rose’s stem
She’s a rare flower
Growing beyond the gardens
Hidden under a tree
Those who find her are truly lucky
Making exciting memories
Is rosegold’s specialty
Our eight-ball runs
Made exceptional by you
Our ukulele songs beside the beach
The things you have yet to teach
I’m honored to grow beside you
As two flowers who won’t lose their hue

Guardian of Shadows
United States
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Three Bowls

(NaPo #15, April 15, 2018)

That’s all that’s left,
just three.

I didn’t have to put yours down
this morning
and it tore me apart.

The little things will.

Like finding a clump of white fur
itched from a mat in your coat, glorious
and floating when you walked.

I tried to brush them out—the mats,
but couldn’t keep up
as the inevitable crept in, though
I kept one to still be able to touch your fur.

Maybe I should let the void implode—
close, and take with it, any desire
for another cat.

The others are so needy now.
They know.
They know you went to the rooms
where all the other cats are, behind
the gold gate.

You’ll wait for us, won’t you?

We’ll be there
when our paw prints cross
again, my fickle-but-love,

Lost Thinker
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The overthinker

With everything that always seems to lay on my mind
There is never a doubt that I’m not truely fine
A million and one thoughts do tumble through my head
Whether I am just waking up or nearly gone to bed
I go over each situation of the day that I’ve been through
Whether it is something from years ago or brand new
What if I had done this or said that
Is this something I can fix or just leave for the crap
Too late to fix what’s beoken and left for some other time
When I should remember again feeling less than sublime
New waves of guilt and shame wash right over me
It’s always been this way this much I can still see
I cannot lie about it nor can I even apologize
For this lack of action I truely begin to despise
Myself and my thoughts for they are less than pure
But for this overthinking don’t think I’ll find the cure
I wish I could relax like how the others seem to do
It’s less than easy when all you think is of all the things you screw
Up in ways unimaginable and the way only you can
Though unbidden and unwanted without a command
Watching as you make the movements you so clearly know
Wishing there was some way you could stop all that flows
Too aware of what’s going on for your own good
So you stay locked away as though you feel you should
But you’re not evil the way you think that you are
You are just a flawed human who bares some deep scars

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Selfie With The Devil (15/30)

Adorn the feed
Prey to our ways
The cancer of humanity
String the noose from the grave
And wear the scar as a badge
For a designated accusation
Giving way to a mindset for
The domesticated perversity

Casting votes of confidence
Before we go to the hell
We’ve resigned ourselves to

Own the defect to justify the madness
Where disorder is our way of life
As we dismiss a notion for normalcy
Without a will to regulate morality
As if God is a concept contrived
Of a traditional way of thinking

Advertising lives to market a smile
To convince the world of our well being
Before it all comes crashing behind the scenes

Be sure to get a selfie with the Devil
When the heights of pride find us fallen

Cosmetics to trend the latest way
To make violence more fashionable
We all wear blood and your shade looks a lot like mine

Never guilty but always so quick to incriminate
No one goes unscathed by someone’s allegation
You just hide your bodies better
Nevertheless, the stench of our corpses will follow us all…

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Thought Provoker
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sister, sister
how I missed her
don't let go
til they pull us apart

precious friend
hold my hand
you live much too far
for a sister

little twin
tell how you've been
we'll talk forever
(or as long as we can)

sister, sister
how I wish
there was time
to see you more

ask your mom
and I'll ask mine
if you can be my



we only had an hour

we went to the dollar tree
starving, neither of us had
eaten dinner. we also
may or may not have been
immensely hormonally
influenced at the time…

so, needless to say-
we left with boxes of
cookies, bags of candy
(lots of chocolate) and
ice cream. we sat in the
car and tried everything –
enjoying each other's
presence more than the food

we caught ourselves up on
all our problems – shared
our mistakes and messes.
we decided, again, like little
kids afraid of cooties, that
we both really need to start
staying away from those
dumb boys. we said farewell
as if we'd be parting for years,
and she said she'd call me soon...

Tyrant of Words
United States
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And we're holding at 19!

Greetings, Poets! Welcome to DAY 15!  CONGRATULATIONS! The downhill descent has begun, you've made it halfway! 📝🏆

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6. cloventongue89 - II✔
7. David_Macleod - II✔
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10. MadameLavender - II✔
11. ThePositivelyDark - I ✔✔✔
12. RevolutionAl - II
13. DaisyGrace -  I ✔
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30/30 or bust, Poets! 🚌📝

Zaroff poetry
Fire of Insight
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Strange Flesh

Carry me so my feet won't  
touch the floor,  
taste me when we arrive.  

Breathe your life into me  
while entering the  
wound of your obsession,  

it consumes where I bleed.  
Deny me your veil  
and salvage your religion.  
Sin upon sin wades in spume  
each time you emerge  
to offer me its strange flesh.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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"Letters to women with an affinity for words: heartbreak in a passing birdcage glance"

And the gates of heaven were not gold but silver and divine. so silver i could sink my teeth in tasting the triumph on tongues of flesh so sweet.let this waltz not wake us from this dream.abdomens sweat down chance meetings.

so lovers lips locked in a lustful stair , bowed backs were the breaking point off punctured flesh,teeth marks on soft necks,and black mascara eyes were flourished feathers; ruffled in rhythm where you broke everything that was me on white bed sheet linens.

a Minx's scratch brought red fingernail marks and the blood drained from my skin.devoured as Saturn's appetite,we are not cross but carnivorous in each others daily dying arms.nothing remains from the lions den;so we reflect in early morning bathroom mirrors,naked,vulnerable, accepting verse as a vision, as a viable option for a higher power.poetry became our religion,another reason for waking at first mornings light across breasts,baring desires to disturb at every chance.

what is immoral? is it ache in our bones for breakfast with a visitor, adrift in endless fathoms; you are the deep end of the swimming pool i was drowning in. couching up chlorine water-sprung from the depths.i beg to be thrust back to my surroundings,wet wondering's of what could have been. so she flicked her hair and walked away.i get butterflies when entering emotional relationships with complete strangers.


Inspired by the wonderful Jade-Pandora

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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poésie érotique comiquement 15/30

How she still stings from his injunction brought,
Adjudication, masterful in scope,
In oral arguments, her dismiss sought,
His litigation hard, she could not cope.
At first his case seemed carelessly prepared,
But “loud prick” dodge he skillfully employed,
That over confidence, should have bewared,
Her opening statement he had destroyed.
Oh, she had tried to regain her control,
Every objection raised was overruled!
Out of her depth, a wizard of loopholes.
He brought out every trick, how she felt schooled!
She left the court, a sweating, rumpled mess,
But loved the way he worked, she must confess.  


Dangerous Mind
United States
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Romantic bones
within this body of mine
only recently unearthed are still
not fully formed


the ligaments about which
have grown strong with attachment


the ligature of Heart continuing to
entwine in our Venn Diagram


the literature of Love
coded in spiraling strands of words


My love for you
long in the marrow now
calcified in the understanding:

neither of Us
were ever broken
beyond healing

we were brought together
by design

for Ahavati with Love


Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Satirical Sally

Sat, sipping
strawberry shakes
something silly
said Sammy

"Surprise" shouted
sister spider
sinking cider
softly soaking
scenarios and sensations

So silly Satire
summer soltice
in Spain
sometimes so
Shawn and Samantha
sold sausages
Shepard Showman
whistling songs
in thongs
Shaking and sharing
and ashtray

Entry 15
Letters to Society, God
& The Goddess
GloPoWriMo 2018
posted April 15th

Fire of Insight
United States
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Dying To Be Heard

Compassion bloomed with the change
of those impacted by the shame
instead of strangers looked down upon
now the family is doing drugs
the same race as the masters
believing laws passed fair muster
consider what has been wrought
outside of sight until this time.

The book once thrown has become
a photo album of loved ones
held to breast with new despair
instead of wanting quick justice
no longer do the laws appear
to do their job against the scum
once the trap has found the kin
of law and order greatest fans.

The color has changed in regard
to who is locked away for good
or buried six feet down
as death stalks the fair ones
the mirror shows the criminals
are now those who stood above
believing pain would pass on by
now they’re dying to be heard.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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Lord of the Endless Speech

War ravages this realm
with many words launched
and many a vitriolic verse said.
That is,
until my tomb is disturbed
and wrath is woken once more.
Arise my legions!
Awaken the phrases once more.
Break open the seals of saying
and utter the expressions again
revive the references
for I march forth afresh.
My words will drown this land in a tide of tirade,
I do not paraphrase
I orate with rhetoric!
Sentences bend to my will;
there will be language
as the thunder of the heavens
and to the shaking of the earth
with expression I conquer
and with elaboration I visualize.
With newly raised wrath
the petty squabbling
of these minor kingdoms
shall cease and their crowns de-exist
for I walk amongst the linguistic once again,
the seal of my solitude has ceased
and my vocabulary aches to be exercised
as a blade chafes in its sheath.
For within the word is power bound
and with it I shall thrill and astound
as I move to clear the board
of those who are simply bores
wielding poetry as a crude club
that my arrowed terms will pierce
extolling the majesty
of the ancient and arcane.
As I am not servant to the word;
with it I rule!

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