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Feline Poetry

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Poetry Contest

Poetry About Cats - one poem - love 'em or hate 'em, your best!
Cats are amazing. No matter how you feel about owning one personally, they're a part of our culture. They've saved some lives and improved many, but menaced and scarred others. Some cats seem like saints and others, little devils.

I love cats. But being a mother means for me that I am not a "cat lady" at this point. I'm more concerned about my kids growing up without becoming scratching posts. One had to force himself into our lives, using the children's soft hearts, to sell the idea. Now it's hard to argue with that! A free cat who adopted us.

So tell us how you feel about cats, in poetry.

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Cat Adoption

Neutered stray in the neighborhood  
Large lost kitten looks for children
Knows his way to a kitty bowl or litter box
Knows how to hunt a string towing socks
Tries to get under or onto our bed
Fights for his turf, getting nails in his head
God knows we didn't ask for a cat
But our little kids did and that was that
We got adopted by a stray breezing through
We tried to say no but couldn't, could you?
Written by EdibleWords
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Hello Kitty

(with original art work)  

Hello Kitty  
Goodbye Cat  
Canít take anymore  
Of your howling  
Or your stinky cat scat  
Youíre cuteness has long past  
So hear my caveat  
Shut your evil eyes  
Youíre about to get whacked
Written by snugglebuck
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(With art work)
What can you do with a dead cat?
Iíll tell you what you can do with that!
Skin it, stretch it and tan it
And make it into a hat
To hang upon a coat rack  
Or use as a bathroom mat
With a dead catís guts  
You can make a fiddle string
With its claws a backscratcher thing
Its teeth will make fine jewelry
Mounted on pretty earrings †
You can taxidermy your dead cat
To give a rat some crap
Or scare your friend Matt
Pose it for Halloween with a bat
Or mount it on the hood
Of a classic 68í Pontiac  
Dead cats are edible
Their taste is quite incredible
Once youíve tasted a cat
Youíll want to eat more
You just got to have it  
You can put a catdaver into a catsserole  
Or for use it for a kitty catciatore recipe  
You can make catchup from its bleed  
And cattage cheese from its spleen
But the best way to serve a dead cat  
Is feed it too your baby brother for a snack
You can even use a dead cat
To fertilize your garden †
To grow tasty cataloupe  
Or catbage, catrots, catlery,  
catmatos, rutacatas, apricats  
Avocatdos and catcumbers
There are many things  
You can do with a dead cat
But thereís one thing you canít
Is hug it, and love it
And have it love you back
Written by snugglebuck
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jade tiger
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My alter-ego is a cat🐾

. †  
From my ruff honey'd licks and whiskered kisses, †  
The young clever kitten with marmalade fur †  
And sly almond eyes, making amber hisses, †  
Foils your advances with the arch of my purrrr. †  
† †
Ring tail coiled soft 'neath your deviated nose, †  
And spritely I leap when you puff & you sneeze! †  
Did I really do that? †Heaven only knows, †  
So Mummy, while I nuzzle, my catnip pleeease. †  
† †
And soon after dinner it's time for a lounge, †  
You know how I love to curl up on your lap †  
And bat at your hand while I playfully scrounge; †  
You won't mind if I give a little love tap. †  
† †
The clock on the mantle is chiming goodnight. †  
This kitten bounds into the bedroom apace, †  
To wait for dear Mummy to turn out the light †  
So i can resume curling up on her face.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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The cat on my knee is a killer
Exploits as from a thriller
Birds and mice
Dead in a trice
Then back; with my knee as a pillow

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My Cat Xyla

My cat, †
Her name is Xyla †
Now i know what you are thinking †  
"Oh like a Xylophone? " †
But stop right there †
That, †
My friend, †
Is not where it began †
You see, †
My Xyla †
She is named after a Chinese woman †
I once saw walk into my place of work †
The name stuck ever since †
Then one day I get a kitten †
And she is the most amazing gift I could Have asked for †
My first pet †
And I love her dearly †
Haha, but she is, in fact a feisty one †
Her anxiety towards people is high †
But she loves her mommy dearly †
She is such a sweet heart in my eyes †
That is my baby girl †
And I would protect her with my life †
I love to watch when I call her name.. †
Sometimes I will call her †
Zye or †
Zye Zye †
And gosh the way her ear twitches †
Looking up at me †
With her lovely deep kitten eyes †
She loves me †
And I love her †
The name just fits †  
Even if she is a jerk sometimes †
I will ALWAYS protect my baby girl †
From anyone who wants to cause her harm †  
That is in fact, †
My baby girl †
And she ain't goin know where †  
So there is a lot to say on my cats behalf †
But I should really rap this up by saying, †
I love my baby girl so so SO much †
Watch me protect her with all I got †
Without a second thought
Written by KrystalG
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geoff cat
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(a nursery sonnet)  
†† †  
Her keepers called her cage her ďhabitat,Ē
And she was queen of her two block domain. † †
Kept court in summer shade, his regent cat, † †
Old Tom was "jester" of his tigerís reign. † †
†† †  
Old Tom, would watch her grandly regal stalk, † †
As she would pace to gain the humansí stare. † †
Old Tom would stride and match her walk for walk, † †
As she would smile to watch his strutting there. † †
†† †  
But cold in winterís bleak, sheíd barely stir. † †
These frigid rains that made her feel so sick, † †
So lost, then came a rustle in her fur. † †
It was Old Tom with nip and tug and lick. † †
†† †  
Old Tom would stay and play with her awhile, † †
He always seemed to prod his tigerís smile.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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geoff cat
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Wow, this was unexpected.  But I do love that sonnet!

I wish to EdibleWords for hosting, and to all these beautiful poets and their words.

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You are very welcome and I too feel like saying thanks.

Actually, this comp was done with JohnnyBlaze and Ahavati in mind because of his kind deeds to strays and both of their tireless moderatorship, as well as their incredibly crafted critiques in one of the most demanding chat groups I've ever seen!

JB didn't join this comp but if he had the time I'm sure his entry would have seriously heated the competition! We might come back around to this one, Johnny, so stay tuned....

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Congratulations for winning the competition Hepcat:).

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