Poetry competition CLOSED 10th March 2018 7:28am
case28 (Alexander Case)
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RUNNER-UP: eswaller

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Paint me a poem in 6 words

Dangerous Mind
Sri Lanka
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(had to break the post into two)

With that said...
Congratulation case28!
I chose Case28's poem because of the colour balance, how the text aligned. and the image itself

2nd Place

eswaller - You have emerald and warrior eyes

You have picked the perfect image for your poem. Not much graphical element needed to add. (honestly, I would've added some more elements, which would've ruined it) But This is perfect. simple as it is.  Congratulations!!!!

3rd Place

summultima - Starved furnaces inner resurface yet again

I loved this poem and the visual. I found the abstractness of the elements connect the image and the poem in various points. Congratulations!!!!

Special honours to;
Jade-Pandora - Like this everything and nothing exists


mel44 - Humanity gets lost with misplaced priorities

I was blown away by them, they were really special. I am sorry for not choosing... Keep em drawing....

Thank you all for the great support...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Thank you for choosing me alongside summultima as runner up. Huge congratulations to case28 and thanks dejure for hosting this competition. A lot of great pieces!!

poet Anonymous

a grand comp in all its brevity n creativity..thanks  to Dejure for hosting and the mention. loved all the entries n the way each one was analysed by the host. Congratz to Case, eswaller n all who entered👍

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