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Dangerous Mind
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Million Gun March

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Dangerous Mind
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The Baba'lon working

Twilight language in latter tongue fire  
The Trinity H-bomb brings the evil sight  
Infusing the demon child with dark pyre  
Black kabballistic force of atomic light...  

So they make themselves as pestilence  
Their black magic night burns end to end  
No victor or vanquished in precedence  
Mind's eye blind, the heart never sinned...  

A Sanhedrin temple of the Holy Spirit  
Silver Sirius burns a hole in the block  
The boundary of the solar heliospheric  
All communication then abruptly stops...  

Liber 49 spoke with Thelemic sources  
Spelling Aeon of Horus by ancient rite  
An old turn key to the infernal forces  
Perdition's door so to block the light...  

Greek fire with burnt hearted intention  
Hebraic golem child of the anti-Christ  
A hole in space time ripping 6 dimensions  
Parson's wicked wind blown zeitgeist...  

The song of nine planets to nine houses  
Plays nine strings on the celestial guitar  
Elemental thoughts are singing the chorus  
Their harmony ringing across the stars...  

Night walk through their black pilgrimage  
An astral soul line to the city Chorazin  
In their bloody writ gave "oath to the abyss"  
So that modern time should never begin...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Tyrant of Words
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Fall From Grace

Dear Jimmy I hope youíre doing well,
But after all these years,
After all those tears you shed on television,
I still havenít forgotten how you once fell.
Oh how when mighty fall from grace,
Your face was plastered all over the news,
My views and opinions suddenly changed,
You were a man caught up in a ruse,
I once looked up to you but I couldnít understand,
How a man in your position could do such things,
Then again I was young so I didnít comprehend,
How skeletons can sometimes pull the strings.
Oh Jimmy, that famous swagger staggered,
Oh how from the pulpit you cried for your sins,
Asking for forgiveness to be forgotten,
Yet got caught again, so were you really cleansed?
Itís been decades since these transgressions,
Yet the images of you are of a tearful man,
Tell me Jimmy, have you been ever good since,
Or was all this part of Godís master plan?
Of course youíve been forgiven Jimmy,
Though you lied you kept a serious face,
So how will you be remembered?
A man of faith who twice fell from grace.

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Who's this Lilith, the abort-er  
Eating fetus, drawn & quartered †  
† †
In her drama's world arena. †  
Bring the next match, seraphima. †  
† †
Must be three's a lucky number †  
That she dreams if e'er she slumber. †  
† †
There's no catch, she's so disarming; †  
War of III will soon be starting. †  
† †
Hostess Lil' throws quite the bash! †  
† †
Stock markets round the world will crash. †  
Computer files will ransom cash. †  
† †
The way we've learned to live & play †  
Will have us want for yesterday. †  
† †
There won't be need for troops with guns, †  
Or bombs to drop from which we run. †  
† †
Let's just pretend we never heard †  
Of climate change & Donald Turd, †  
† †
Of Vladimir & news that's fake, †  
Fat boy Jong-Un & birthday cake. †  
† †
The drinks are on the one called Queen, †  
Though we shan't bow, and she can't sing. †  
† †
† †
† †
I hope you'll enjoy while we're still connected to the Internet.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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