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Rap Battle

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shout outs
to no one
you all suck
ugly cunts
kill them for fun
dont got time for your videos
you high school musicals
you lame as usual
im the shit in the cubicle
i write magic that vodoo
that compared to me who you
the fool
the jester
the corpse defeated
of course im as honest as in court
when im caught
killing these bitches for a fork
get a muslim to eat pork
ive been out the fort
your pen stumbles on my accord
these lines are strings strumming chords
of dischord
go eat your heart out
before you kill your parents
if you an orphan you imune to this spell
but im sure i made your life hell
im the lord of darkness
fuck it you ant heartless
dont write for me in your letters
to fend off the night terrors
you lames just pariots
like solar flare,i need that shit cause im all winter
my scripts all winners
magic flow like all wizards
cold like all blizzards
formal ass kicking like its just bussiness
cant measure the distance
i put between them
level up on my script
im sick
sorry not contagious
you haters know you go ape shit
everytime you read it
you reap the benefits
true comp all i want so i can get serious
fucking up bots like bitch is you serious
fucking up this shit with no conscience
you already conqured
you know you cant compete
read your shit like judge and jury
all i hear is some old bitch like judge judy
unnamed verses of death
time you got to take a shot
at a god
not much left
be fueled by your grudge
dont bottle it up
my pen loves throwing up vodka
and other hot stuff
lava you dumb fuck not paprika
the godless one
the god of himself
must teach everyone else

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