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Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

Write about the most painful thing that has ever happened to you and how it has changed you for the better or worse. Leave at least one comment on someone else's submission as words of encouragement.

Tyrant of Words
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Bleed out in the Love Ghetto

I didn't want to believe in our love
Because I knew it would go down in flames
You fought really hard for my commitment
Until I gave it to you, then you discarded me
Translation: You threw me out
But kept my heart, my bones on the roadside
Fresh kill
Bleed out in the love ghetto

The joke's on you though babe
I always come back
With scars but smarter
Next time just prostitutes
Transactions consummated
No fault love loss
Everyone wins, no tumors, no malignancy
Written by PoetSpeak
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Lost Thinker
United States
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The Wrong Crowd

I used to be
So gentle, so sweet
Innocent, naive,
Believing I was tough
With my heart on my sleeve

Yes, I was tough
From my father's whippings
And my mother's suicidal irrationality
But fuck, if only I knew what was to come

When I got roped in
I was a loner, a bookworm, an observer
Yet I put on the facade
And suddenly the fake it til you make it
Saying made sense to me
She invited me out, and for once I said yes

Cigarettes, drunken late night drives,
Trespassing, climbing fire escape ladders,
Breaking into buildings, taunting cops
Excitement began to pump constantly in my veins
I couldn't stand being home anymore
An addiction like any other

While chasing these highs, you
To feel your wings burning, falling
You hit the ground after flying along stars
A shooting star that shatters into a fiery, bittersweet

That year

I felt smoke in my lungs for the first time
After nodding to the anti commercials and teen warnings
Quickly loving the dizziness and escape
I had my first kiss
On a rooftop, high
And frightened
I found both my first experience drunk
As well as my first blackout
Which resulted in more scars along my back
And a destructive coping method
I lost my virginity
To the boy I kissed first, a monster in disguise
My sheets soaked in alcohol and blood
His hand covering my mouth to hide my cries
And wails of pain
Only a wall separating us from my father's room
I went through my first heartbreak
Over the boy who brought me back from the dead
After the night
But then betrayed, betrayed and lied
I shattered my relationship with my father
His anger becoming more violent,
Locking me out, choking, control
Standing outside my window laughing
As he drilled nails into it

That year

I felt my first genuine friendship,
Finding a person I love like family
And would never betray
I had my first love,
Teaching me what it is
The selflessness, the beauty, the depth
I found myself
Growing into who I was
My ideals, my values, even when
They differed so greatly from those
Who surrounded me
I lost my laziness, my shyness,
Never again afraid to be who I am,
To dance and sing when no one else can hear
My music
I went through experiences
That altered, changed me
And now
It takes more than one arrow to bring me down
I shattered my world
And rebuilt it

Learning that life is not living
If you never experience
Written by Foxface (Aewyrn)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Troubled Tree

I'm like the seasons,
I change from time to time,
You never understood me,
Chin up full of pride.

When summer came,
You had fun in the sun,
You played all day, from dusk till the day was done.
When summer came to an end and autumn stepped in,
You danced in my leaves, like it was a festival of colors.
But while you were out galloping among the flowers, I began to wither.

Winter came, you stayed indoors,
I became faded, everything was ice cold.
The thing that kept you close,
Was no more,
Every time I reached out, you'd shut the doors.

Confined in this bark, is a heart that became cold,
When spring came,
I sprouted no vibrant leaves for a soul.
Years have passed,
And I'm still here,
Here in the dark,
Consumed by past fears.
Written by Jamela
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Dangerous Mind
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Standing On Top

Whispered words behind my back,
But I keep walking although I want
To turn back around and whack
Them. All that is meant to taunt
And haunt me really only inspire me.
You are too skinny. You are too smart
For your own good. So what? I see
My head in the books and a heart
Of gold. Words of kindness because
I know how much they can hurt
Like hard rocks and taking a pause
Before I speak. Rumors are like dirt
And I am brushing them away like flies.
Your heart is too perfect and unbroken.
Nobody knows what I hold in my eyes
Or mouth. You are way too soft spoken.
My body has all of the hidden cracks and
Imperfections. You are way too perfect.
There is no such thing as a smooth hand
Or surface. What people assume is incorrect
And false which is why some things are
Meant to be hidden. Wipe away and blot
Mistakes. You do not have any bruise or scar
To show. Never assume what you do not
Know. Nothing makes me prouder than
Coming out on top and standing like I won.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

poet Anonymous

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Like No Other Love

I sprint away from him
To take the chance at last,
The night is cool and dim
Sidewalk of overcast.

It shoots up through my seams
And jars within my brain,
I'm silent in my screams
He loved to hear the pain.

And did all that he could
And told me what he'd do
No matter if I would
Believe in what I knew.

Obeying every want
I never satisfied
His dark sadistic haunt
Would threaten if I lied.

To hunt me like a dog
His little trophy slut,
Not worthy of his 'love',
A litany of faults

For everyone to hear
All through the neighborhood,
There was no other one
He claimed who had his heart.

Was like no other love  
He'd given just to me.
And even though I stayed
In hopes that he might feel,

Remembering the past
The way it used to be,
It disappeared so fast
When soon the threats to me.

The mental torture came
When he would leave each day,
And lock me in to tame
His little runaway.  

With places where he hid
The fetish things he plied
Upon my nakedness,
No clothes did he abide.

While I was kept inside
My mind would start to bend,
Until he would return
For it to start again.

The layers of my scars
Not only to my skin
To bow, the cage's bars
A thing that it lived in.

Without a name, a soul
I had just one more try
Determined in my goal
Before there was no time

The truck's glare of its light,
My hair flew as I streaked
As he turned up the drive
When he came down the street.

Its high beams showed the slave
That no one ever sees
Had broken from his rage
To live free as she flees.

And as I disappeared,
I heard his howling rant
That echoed in the night,
Became his vocal chant:

"There is no other one
I've claimed who has my heart
Is like no other love
I've given just to you!"
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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It's Fine, I Have A High Tolerance For Rupturing.

You snitched the language
right beneath
the buds of my tongue
and proceeded  
to forcefully freeze them  
I gnaw  
on that blasphemous muscle
Fonts in baptismal
puddles of red

Cryo based
by toothpastes  
with shavings of lead  
sweaty hums won't
hover heavenward;
Won't wander...
won't drift
from the rifts within
my sour skin

They stay sinfully  
sticky ;
Spilling wicked
flannel sheets
Written by AtoMikbomb
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poet Anonymous

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U. G. Rose
Fire of Insight
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Wonderful, certain flashes of a blurry moment one wishes be swallowed up by brighter memories. Strength is woven deeply into your lines.

U. G. Rose
Fire of Insight
United States
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Related submission no longer exists.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Serenading sorrows
Where we sell angst
For the compensations of a strangers empathy
Exposing scars of our relative victimhood
When shock value is a predictable gallery
Nothing scares us anymore
When we're well acquainted with our shadows
I skirt around the subject
But always end up falling in again
Like blood circling a drain
A ceramic framed black hole lures me in
I drown in the sewage of the evacuated bowels of a memory
Happiness feels like a shit stain
For knowing the residues of what was once home to me
Even light seems like a shadow
When thoughts of a past life is a tinted glow
How do I say what I've written a thousand times
And keep it interesting enough
To solcit care in the eyes of strangers
Learning how to be a man with one eye gouged from the socket
If you were the face of a single flesh comprised of two
You're like an amputee without the anastesia
Family is casualty and we are the collateral damage of you
Father, like a refuge to secure identity
Confidence found in havens of imperfect love
I knew me in the context of a blessing
Before my world shattered and we became a mistake
Renovating broken homes
How many birthday's before I'm outdated?
Demolition, compromised foundatons, losing all sense of integrity
Tempered pillars, the roof caves in, and I'm just a child lost in the debris...

Tyrant of Words
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Letting Go

I can still remember the words,
The facial expressions,
The rage building up inside of me,
I thought I forgave,
But the hurt ran deep.

How could I be betrayed that way?
Yet I blamed myself,
My behavior had brought this upon us,
It was my fault,
So my lips quickly said “I forgive you”.
But it was never heart felt.

I could feel the anger inside,
Brewing like molten rock,
Deep inside my soul,
How could she break sacred vows?

Because then I found out,
How easily it is...
By jumping from the smoke,
Into the flames.

The night I left,
After it was all said and done,
What hurt me most
Was leaving my son behind,
I knew from there on,
He too would suffer the consequences
Of our actions
For years to come.

And just when I thought it was all over,
Then everything exploded,
She decided to react that way,
So I just stood my ground,
And was swept away
By her wrath.

When the dust settled,
I kept a cool head,
I was the one holding on to my son,
I understood how one can make bad decisions
In the heat of the moment and anger.
The road to recovery
Would take a long time.

As he grew,
I knew he needed his mother,
I understood too,
I had to be fair,
I couldn’t be selfish,
So I had to let him go with her.

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