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First Trophy--Letter Never Sent

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Poetry Contest

Restart of cancelled comp
This is a restart of a comp that had to be cancelled and is for all members who have not yet won a trophy.

If you entered in the original competition , please feel free to repost your entry here, or write a new one if you choose.

Write your entry about a letter never sent to its intended recipient.  You can write in letter form or as a poem, one entry per person, no collabs.  What do you want to tell someone in your letter, that for whatever reason, it never got to the person?

Two weeks to submit your entry, I'll send this to public vote for the winner, after the deadline, and thank you for your understanding regarding the original competition.

1,2,3 Get writing !

Rebel Phoenix
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Dear you,
I sit here wondering how I got to the place in life. No matter how tough things got we held each other tight.
So much has changed the past few years. We have each been forced to stand and face our biggest fears. I know some times it felt we weren't going to make it through, but I can't picture waking up if I'm not next to you. Baby we can work this out just look how far we've come, I wish that you would talk to me and tell me what is wrong. I'll do anything I can to help you through the rain, but I can't do it on my own I need to hear you say
"I love you" cuz baby I love you and I can't face a day without it, I can't breathe when I'm without you, please come home I need to see you, what can I do to make you understand?
Well I'm gonna leave this here, I hope you answer soon, i love you more than life, from here around the moon

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Thanks Rebel !

Lost Thinker
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I sat down to write the letter
I thought
I wrote
I thought some more
and I wrote even more
I put so much thought into it
but I never sent it

I had so much to say
I did
but I never sent it
I miss you every day
I wrote what was in my heart
even though I know it isn't good enough

the letter is still sitting on my bedside table
I read it a lot
but I will never send it
I am afraid to reveal to you my deepest feelings and desires
Just one little sentence on that paper

"I still love you"

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Thank you, Okanna!

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Between the fires, rain & flood,
I tried to lay aside this pen
Because I didn't have the heart
In heated times of heated words

To let my pride begin to mend
And give us both the room to grow
I didn't think, it wasn't clear
I needed to forgive myself

But now it's far too late I know
Because the local news is on
With one more added to the toll
I prayed would not be one I loved

But now with ruins all around
I've yet to cry from bitter news
And here I sit with written words
On paper I pulled from the trash

A crumpled wad of hate & ash
That speaks to only one of us
Who has the rest of life to face
While you've gone to a better place.

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This one is just a letter:

Jan 20th - So you've probably let yourself forget everything about me.. That's great and all, just know I won't forget.. For a while it haunted me and sometimes it still does.. The pain is crushing and I don't know why. My life is perfect right now with _____ yet here we are. I'm happy with _____ don't get me wrong, I just wish you'd talk to me.. I used to have you pegged as this awful person who gained my trust just to break it, and who flipped on a dime.. But really you aren't any of those things. You're just trying to live your life, the very same way I am.. To be honest? I'm scared to leave without saying goodbye..

Fire of Insight
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Dear mom,
I loved you at some point. When I was younger I looked up to you. You were my goddess, the light that shined within myself. You showed me how to love myself, then to hate myself. Mommy I miss you. Miss the way you used to hold me close and tell me it will be all ok. I remember a simpler time when mommy was all I ever needed. When a bad day at school was all fixed my mommy’s hugs and kisses. Then you became a whore. You broke my trust, my hope, and soul. I was so young and full of hope and dreams. They all came crashing down around me when you destroyed me. Gave me to my father who pimped me out. Turned a blind eye when I cried for help. On my hand and knees begging for help as I bled out. The blood gushing from my body warm and sticky. “mommy, I hurt all over please make it stop. Just let me go.” I fought for so long to be your perfect child only to be looked past. You never saw me never will. Im sorry mom I just cant do thins any longer. You break me down more than I could ever break down myself. You cant even be a mother to your youngest, what makes you think you deserve another chance with me. Maybe one day I will look back and see that you have changed. But you and I know that will never happen.  Mom only looks out for mom. Always have and ways will. I love you mom just not the way you want.
Your eldest daughter

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Just a note here--Okanna and Emo: thank you for your entries but only those who haven't won any competition trophies yet, are eligible for the win.  Rebel-you're still eligible as your trophy is for the reading challenge, not a comp.

Thanks guys!

poet Anonymous

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Sarah Lynn
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How he Took my virginity

An unsent letter to my best friend about how I was raped by a boy I loved at the time.

"For me it's pretty intense. It's like I go into a trance and I can't think, something just comes over me. And he knew this before we ever had sex. He was really aware of it and I'd get ahead of myself sometimes and he Knew I didn't want to have sex yet so usually he'd stop it by asking me a question like "whats my birthday" or something to snap me out of it. I thought that that was so great about him.
But then one day he didn't snap me out of it. I couldn't think. I actually can't even remember most of it. When I'm in subspace it's like I'm not controlling my body and he knew that. I was reacting without thought and he knew that.
It was getting heavy and I didn't put a stop to it. I don't think I said a word, but I know it wasn't "I want this" and it wasn't "I'm ready" and it wasn't "yes" or "okay". My pants ended up on the ground. Don't ask me, I don't know how they got there. All I know is that suddenly he's rubbing up on me and both of us are bare. I can feel the cloudyness in my head that I felt when he went to grab a condom "just in case" because precum can still get you pregnant, if I try hard enough.
I should've fucking realized. You don't grab a condom unless you fully intend on fucking someone. I didn't. Its like there's earmuffs muffling my logic. Like there's duct tape on my will power. I don't remember the feeling of him "slipping". It was short anyways. He apologized afterwards. He was scared I'd hate him or be mad. And at the time I didn't and I wasn't. I made sure HE was okay. It was an accident. I don't know why I believed him. I don't know how I could be so stupid.
Long after we've been having sex he admits to me. He fucking admits it. And he tells me that it wasn't really an accident. That he knew and was hoping I'd just kinda.... And I did. I told myself I was probably going to end up giving my virginity to him anyways, so it didn't really matter.

The more I think about it the more it matters. I used to hold the belief that virginity didnt matter until it was gone without even a whisper of "is this okay?""
Written by sarahlynn (Sarah Lynn)
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You don't have good taste in men
Your first husband raped me
Your second sent me to the hospital
I pray there isn't a third
For more than my own sake

My sister is grown now, a little bigger than me
When I realized what the first really did to me
I fear the second will rationalize
The way he often does in his mind
And with his words

My brother is still small, a little smaller than me
When your first put more than his hands on me
I fear the second will victimize
This little boy that calls him dad
With his awful words

I was four mother
When it started to escalate
To more than rubbing
And touching
And safe

There will always be fear

I was sixteen mother
When it started to escalate
To more than orders
To screams
And threats

There will always be fear

Mother, you do not have good taste in men

Teach my sister the signs
Teach her to hate all you seem to love
Teach her to run, to scream, to always persist
Teach her because you never taught me

Teach my brother the signs
Teach him to hate all you seem to love
Teach him when to let go, to back down, to give up
Teach him because all boys need to be taught

I pray that straws do not have to be repulled
That the abuse ends with me
Even when I'm gone

I pray that my sister will not face his wrath
And never have to experience you stepping back

I pray that my brother will never learn his ways
And never live to have you find your second in your praise

I pray that you learn
But I know you will not

I pray for you mother
I pray to not

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Great job everyone, thanks for the entries so far! Couple days left , then we go to public vote for the win .

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Ms. Sunshine

You are a perfect dream come true.
Its not a lie when I say "I want you".
You are the first thing I think about when I wake up during the day time.
Look out the window see the sun..that's why I give you the name Ms. Sunshine.
Girl you got me going crazy.
I wanna be your babe.
I wanna carve our initials on a tree.
Would you be my lady?
I wanna make you smile whenever I'm around.
I wanna catch you before you hit the ground.
Your voice, your laughter is my favorite sound.
At the top of my itunes playlist is where it is found.
I need the feel of your lips against mine. Just me and my Ms. Sunshine.
If all we had was a moment then Id freeze time.  
Praise you with every line...
of this note to you..hope you find that as fine...  
as that work of art that you see in the mirror.
I need to draw nearer...
to you.
Hope you feel the same way too.
Hold on to me then Id never let you go. Baby, "Te Amo"...
And my feelings for you will only grow.
 Vast and slow.
 Because Ms. Sunshine you are the light of my life, so Beautiful.
You need to be appreciated and always showered with love.
I' d make you feel special any and everyday day because you are a gift from above.
You are all I think and dream about, you are extraordinary.
Whenever I dream about you, I wouldn't want anyone to wake me.
Shake me and Screw up my feeling of ecstasy.
I'd force em' to put me back to sleep, to sing me a lullaby.
so that I could see my Ms. Sunshine, look her right in her eye.
and tell her That I'd never leave her, Never Say Goodbye.
Written by KP23
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Thank you MadameLavender, and to those who voted me the honor of placing with the trophy.  Congratulations to fellow winner John Galt, let me welcome you to DUP.

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