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Poetry competition CLOSED 11th January 2018 9:50pm
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about meeting an outer space alien
The question has always lingered: Does life exist outside of Earth, perhaps somewhere in another known/unknown planet?  While some are intrigued by the idea of, one day, meeting an alien from another planet, others argue if humans can't get along with other humans who ALL bleed blood, how can we even think of getting along with another life form?

Whatever your take is....Have fun with this competition!  Choose any ONE idea below and write a poem...

What does the alien look like?  
How and where did you meet?  
What's the alien's purpose here on earth:  Good, bad, neutral?  
How do you welcome/destroy/convince the alien to return to its home planet?

How and Where did you get abducted or how did you get there?
Why were you abducted or why did you land there?
How do they and/or their planet look like?
How do you escape or Why do you choose to stay?


- No maximum line-limit, but please NOT too lengthy
 (brief and to-the-point preferred)

-  Maximum entry:  ONE poem per OPTION selected.
  If you choose Option A OR Option B:  1 poem limit.
  If you choose Option A AND Option B: 2 poems (1 each) limit

-  Be creative and have fun....

Ready?   3....2......1.....Launch!

Dangerous Mind
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I was huntn’ coon on a rural farm meadow with my faithful bluetick hound Bo.

When out of the sky there comes a flyn’ saucer, with all kinds strange light racing round her.

It hovered just over my and Bo’s heads, then shot us with a laser beam red.

Then it started to pull us up from the ground, both me and my old hound.

I said,
“Bo thems little green men and we’re being seized, they’re gonna probe us with somethin’ mean.”

Then a round door at the bottom of that craft, open wide from it’s stern to its aft.

And all round the opening were peering aliens, but they weren’t no little green men beings.

They was pretty little women green, topless with big boobies swinging free.

Smiling and laughing they wanted take inside, like horny teenagers out for a ride.

I said,
“Bo don’t resist  They’re trying to pick us up cause they need some earth man loving to exist.”

When one of them girls was about to grab bold, something strange happened to me below.

A big hand grabbed my big toe and pulled me into a giant bear hug where I was took hold.  It was Bigfoot!

I said,
“Bigfoot, you Son-of-a-Bitch, let me go and let them little green girls give me a tow!”

Just then my hound dog Bo was taken inside, the door slammed shut and the ship zoomed in the sky.

I beat against Bigfoot’s broad hairy chest helplessly, calling him once again,
“Thems wasn’t little green men, you no good Son-of-a-Bitch, but pretty green women who wanted some dick!”

Bigfoot smiled at me, and held me ever so tight saying, “You made the same mistake twice tonight, Cause only a guy can be a Son-of-a Bitch, and I’m Sasquatch Sally and you and I are bout to get hitched”

With that, she threw me over her hairy shoulder, and now I’m trapped in cave blocked by a bolder.

And though once she’s exfoliated she looks not too bad in a Chloe Kardashian sort of way.  I wished Sasquatch Sally would have let them little green women, take me away

"I wonder what ever became of Bo!"

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Tripping Destiny

In a foreign land
I emerged
As if the terra firma had opened up given birth
As such i took inept first steps
My webbed feet were made for gliding and weaving
Through the vast blue green highways of my home
My swimmers legs wobbled with each thump and thud of crusty earth
That sent painful reminder up my scaled body
I was indeed a stranger
In a strange land

My awkward infancy did not last
My people have always existed as remnants
Leftovers of a world in unscrupulous ruin
Where a good people turned ugly in the harsh grip of desolation
Chaos and wickedness had spread sovereign
My people simply refused to honor ruthless greed
As king

His people still held just and righteous dagger
And had shrugged the familiar to keep what was sacred
Now scattered themselves through an infinite universe
With a blind faith that providence would end in unity
And they would reunite in terra incognita
With fierce drive to make it home

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Thank you, Trouble_Loves_Me, Snugglebuck, and calamitygin for starting this competition with your entries!

I'm extending an invitation to all possible "Sci-Fi Outer Space Alien Lover" DUP Poets.... hoping you'd consider delighting us further with your comp entry(ies).  I don't want to end this comp while someone may still be working on their entry.  

Competition deadline Reminder:  Originally set for Thursday, January 11, 2018.  Please request extension, if needed.

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Among the Stars

I was stranded alone in the middle the desert at night,
When a group of women appeared out of nowhere,
They were simply strolling under the pale moon light,
But it almost seemed like they were walking on air.
They asked me if I needed any assistance,
To which I said “yes, my car broke down along the road”,
“We’ll help you” one of them said with a striking smile,
And for a second it seemed to me that time slowed.
They were stunning creatures beyond description,
The kind you can’t explain within time or space,
Dressed in gowns like goddesses of legend and myth,
But I reckoned they were beings from a celestial race.
“Are you all lost too” I dared ask as we walked,
“No” one said holding my hand with propriety,
“We’re just passing through” another by me said,
“We’re from a different kind…of society.”
My mind raced with hundreds of questions,
My heart beat fast at the sight of the lovely creatures,
There was so much to ask under the starry skies,
Because their eyes had the most stunning features.
“Where are you from?” I asked with an open mind,
“Just beyond” one said pointing to star in the sky,
“There’s no need to be afraid” another one said,
“We’re just passing through, just for the night.”

“Why won’t you stay?” I asked curiously,
“Because your civilization simply isn’t ready”,
“Your culture is still very primitive” another added.

“We’ve studied your species and your history,
We’ve analyzed your current state of affairs,
Everything that is happening at a global scale,
And although some of you might be prepared,
Most of you will not be able to understand,
To empathize beyond the collective consciousness,
We are all connected to the universe in one way,
But the majority is self-absorbed and egotistical,
We fear it will bring the demise of your people.”
“But there is good among you” another one said,
“Hopefully one day the good will outweigh the bad,
Only then your society will realize true potential,
Then they will see the answers among the stars.”

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Related submission no longer exists.

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Welcome, wallyroo92 and fiveamtuesday!  Thank you for your entries!

Though my entry is not eligible for competition, here is one I wrote for entertainment combining another comp description with my own:

The Waiting Room

Awaking from a midnight slumber to find myself in an empty room
As I rise from the bed hurriedly looking for my missing groom.
I find myself surrounded by concrete walls and hardwood floors
Strange room, no doubt, with a bolted locked door.

Looking around I wonder if this is reality or is this a dream
As I do my best to recall last night’s memory- scene.
But, from a far distance, I hear a strange screech
Doesn’t take long to determine it is alien speech.

Nowhere to run…and can’t even hide under the bed
I swallow hard and filling my buds is the taste of dread.
Drawing closer and growing stronger a lingering rubber smell
Seeps through the crack of my empty cell.

The door, suddenly, swings open wide
And with just one single short stride
An alien covered in snake-like skin
Kneels before me with a friendly grin.

“Now, don’t you cry….don’t shed a tear.
There is nothing here that you should fear.
From our planet, we’ve been looking down
For a royal queen to govern our town.
We watched your every move just yesterday
And abducted you as you slumbered away.
Would you accept to be our royal queen
And govern our town or return in a dream?”

I think of Earth’s poverty, injustice and earthly debts piling high
I think of family, friends, and never having said goodbye
But, for heaven’s sake, how often are you nominated queen of a town?
Without further ado, I shake his hand and accept the crown....
Taste of sweet home now fills my mouth as the aliens all bow to the ground
“Long Live Our Royal Queen...” the cheers resound all across their town
As I lift my head... and take my seat on my royal throne…
And make of their world my brand new home….•

There is still a little time left for some more entries before this comp comes to an end!  Thank you all  for submitting your very creative and thought-provoking entries....

Thought Provoker
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Congratulations, fiveamtuesday!  Your entry was nominated as the "Lead" winner of this comp through public vote!

Thank you all for your participation and creative (and very entertaining) entries...:)

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