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Poetry Contest

A selection of recorded poems will be mixed as part of a dark empty room installation. The only sense will be hearing, there will be no sound but pure erotic spoken words in the darkness.
To apply
Read the rules in full and then fill out and submit the official application form along with your entry.

Participants to the contest must be over 18 years of age.
Only one poem can be submitted.
The poem must be written and recorded.
The recording should contain voice only.
Recordings that include music of any kind will not be accepted.
Sounds effects are allowed with discretion.
Handwritten entries cannot be accepted.
The poem must be the original work of the entrant.
There are no limits on words or time spoken.
Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
The deadline to submit the poem is Tuesday 23rd January 2018.
Titles of winning poems will be published online on Wednesday 31st January 2018.
Winners and authors of selected poems will be notified by email on Friday 26th January 2018.

Application form

The first three classified win a 3DAY PASS at DELIQUIUM 2018 (If you already bought the ticket we will reimburse you the night of the event).
All selected poems will be published with full credits on a book and documentary.
The winners will be mentioned as “Winners of the Dark Erotic Poetry Competition”.

Selection Process
The poems will be selected by a committee of experts.

More information


poet Anonymous

Amazing! A must enter!

Jennifer Michael McCurry
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Very cool....thnks

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Hell yeah I'm in. 😈

Strange Creature
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[About the installation]

The concept of the Dark Erotic Poetry Room at DELIQUIUM is based purely on the imaginative power of poetry decontextualised in a darkened space.
The installation aims to create a space were the loss of identity provoked by the suppression of the sense of sight causes the physical body to surrender completely to poetry. When hearing takes over the other senses, the participant is projected onto an imaginary world filled with verses inspired by the poetry of Marquis De Sade and Edgar Allan Poe.
Once the spectator agrees to participate and step over the threshold of the DEPR she/he will reset all the senses at the same level and the poetry mix, made by selected poems will create a unique sensual journey.
The Dark Erotic poetry competition reflects the intention of the gallery to respect cultures, promote human rights, and advance the themes of equality and diversity. Marquis De Sade and Edgar Allan Poe-inspired dark poets and artists and this will be reflected in the atmosphere, the music and the style of the event.

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