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Any heavenly poem with the mention of heaven

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Poetry Contest

The poem should mention the word heaven atleast once. Freeverse or rhyme.
Write away pals, ink me good muse.

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Valley on Mars

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poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
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"Snow Angel"

Voices muffled under the dragging slush of passing cars and angel tears that light the dark
I find myself enticed as my cloud of breath parts and heartless, for in that moment it did part
A vision, goddess with wings directly across from me
If there was music bells would chime and birds would sing
Sipping her coffee she glanced over with her teal tinted beads and rose pink cheeks at the frozen me
Descending deep into a winter's dream
She speaks setting my soul free with her heavens key
Followed by a kiss lighting me quicker than any Christmas tree.
If death followed I couldn't possibly be at anymore peace.

Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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Evolution of the Mind

(Inspired by Hoag's Object; taken by Hubble Telescope)
Evolution of the body lends
Resolution of the mind
Look for heaven above the stars
Seek and ye shall find
There is more that we don’t know
Then we’ve already established
So maybe God can be explained
In terms of quantum physics
Focus on a single star
Consider the source of this light
And realize the beautiful mysteries
That shines in the sky at night
Written by snugglebuck
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Dangerous Mind
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Here In Heaven

Your presence feels like heaven and peace.
You open your arms wide to let me into
Your safe haven and kingdom. You cease
All wars and battles. I am grateful for you,
A place to go when I need to rest and heal.
Your eyes, like looking into calm waters
And deep oceans. You make it easy to peel
Back all of the layers. We are daughters
And sons of you, wise one. We have tread
In your waters and explored your luscious
Land. Everything that was dry and dead
Has been revived. All of the paintbrushes
Used to create clouds and stars that scatter
Across the sky. None of it will truly matter
As the sunlight shines brighter on most days.
You will forever be in my grace and praise.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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"If You Want To Know"

If you want to know why I have no faith in you
Take a look at my life, at the ruins you have left
When I thought you might be real, I left it in your hands
But that's when everything began to fall apart
When I still had hope is when it all went wrong
The bottom dropped out into a pit that fell to Hell
And I thought if there's a Hell, surely nirvana is above
A place beyond the pearly gates where souls rise when bodies die
But there's no evidence of happiness on Earth, no words from the sky
So if you want to know why people no longer believe in you
Take a look around at the dying world you claim to have made
Who would want to go to Heaven after living in this Godforsaken place
Knowing Earth's creator is up there in charge doing more of the same?
But where is this Utopia of yours hiding beyond the edge of space?
If you refuse to give us a clue I'd rather not leave it up to you
Give the job to me and I'll fix everything, I'll be the song that angels sing
Because I don't believe that Heaven is a place, but a gathering of souls
Who know no matter where they go after a lifetime of fucking each other over
There is a better way to co-exist even in a galaxy far, far away
Where a new hope rises with the celestial dawn burning away your shadow
As we become the pearls linking us in a necklace choking your arrogant throat

(jj poetryman)

Guardian of Shadows
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The Girl With The Many Tattoos

God can see you walking in
your marmalade shoes
wrapped up in candy and cigarettes,
hair, in heaven-high ‘do’s,

come home daughter;
He sees you there pressing
through the fields—
how does it feel
to have angels lend their voices
to your lips?

Rehab lives in Abraham’s Bosom;
with a snap and a wink of khol-stained
eyes—you’re there in a flash, grooving
through the blooms, while Father
looks on with outstretched arms,
as you stroll toward His embrace.

(photo courtesy of Twitter)

Twisted Dreamer
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Oh my what a fine ranting poem written awesomely but do try to understand God dear. This world wasn't meant to be paradise n heaven, we have to work for that eternity like your great ending lines too seem to suggest , for that perfect world. Why this world is hellish is only because we are not following His advices and suggestions and we indulge on the primrose path, the forbidden, and then we suffer. Then the rich don't give in charity as much as God wants and that's why there are less fortunate people.
So kudos for lamenting so poetically but I had to rationalise on this. Coz I tell u God is not arrogant but we really are so , extremely so.

Fire of Insight
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Beautiful Soul

A beautiful soul will never grow old,
Always in the heart and mind of family and friends,
Always smiling in cherished memories,
Lifting up spirits to where a good spirit ascends.

Life’s not always fair, we have to declare,
Why are good people taken from us so soon?
But there’s always a purpose, so we are told,
But this pain it’s too difficult to become attuned.

A loss down here is a reward in paradise,
When angels pass through the gates
But there can be a consolation in knowing,
That in heaven a comforting mother awaits.

So while we deal with heartbreak and sorrow,
Whether today or tomorrow they’ll always be here,
Alive in the hearts and minds of family and friends,
And everyone who you loved and held so dear.

Come visit me in dreams and we’ll talk there,
For the rest of our mortal lives until I get old,
Watch over us and one day we’ll meet again,
Deeply missed, God bless your beautiful soul.

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