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Morning Dawns

Tyrant of Words
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What a wonderful entry, OxyMoronicMe! Thank you for entering it in the comp.  :-)

Fire of Insight
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One Life Down

Sometimes I wake up with my mind in my heart
Still laying in the dark, wondering if I should really press start
Sometimes I stay up because my mind really just isn't  made up  
Still laying in the dark, wishing that we never had to break up
Sometimes I make love, see your face, hear your  voice then I can't bust
Still remember how it felt when we first touched
Sometimes I hate us, try moving on but everything I try just ain't us
Still looking for the same love or at least the same trust
Right now I don't really want to chase us
Finally hopping off the pain bus
Right now I no longer attempt to make love
Finally in control of my own truck i simply uptake lust
Right now I wake and stay up
Finally still laying in the dark, knowing I can handle this part
Eight more lives just waiting to press start
Written by OctoberArts (October)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for joining, OctoberArts! Such a beautiful entry.  :-)

Thought Provoker
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These memories are just phantoms
the dust of demons long since destroyed,
why does the mind always betray?
maybe this what it means to be human
they are the ashes of ancient ruins
from a long forgotten war
whose only spectator was me.

Tyrant of Words
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Before Coffee

If you live with me
There will be morning interludes
Before coffee
Starting the day right
Spooning and caressing
Looking at the clock
A quick encounter
Maybe not about passion
More about energy
You make the coffee
While I tie up the trash
Everyone’s happy
The Day begins…
Written by PoetSpeak
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Tyrant of Words
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staggerlee and PoetSpeak, thank you for joining us! Sorry for the delayed reply. I've been battling with a cold and living in a Dayquil daze.  :-)  Happy to have you aboard!

Fire of Insight
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Where It Ripped

I trickle the tips  
of my pencil fingers
In that bony bend  
beyond blood  
where the blade rent  
a rib away  
to depart  
it's kin in cage  
It was leverage  
it was not melees  
it was gas-lit chambers  
to suck my shrieking  
soul away  
But those crunchy  
tissues of scars  
folded into firmer fissures  
(you know that texture...standard issue)  
And now pure oxygen swoons  
this new moon face  
There's whole wheat  
and meals of healing  
entrenching my chest
Written by AtoMikbomb
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Truer Than Skin Contact

I bring my mind to recollect
Something I dreamed deeper than what was
Like the myth of love born of debauchery
And I plague a reminder in voice
For the haunting of this inexhaustible feeling
Painless yet un-mending
Invitations shut away
Like silence is an iron to the wound
Is numb a sense of relief
Or something I just convince myself of
Ebbing and flowing on the tides of mythical memory
Iron sharpening against this heart like ethical emery
Do you even entertain the thought of me?
Best forgotten this dark communion
This bread baked and glazed in the deceit of fulfillment
I’ve acquired a taste for something I’ve never had before
Where sweet is bitter upon over indulgence
I caught a scent that kills me for a crave
And all it’s proven to be is a vice that won’t loosen
Even as you are a luxury I persist to deprave
Does the ache ever truly cease or just become easier to bear?
Like the tolerated desire for someone that was never truly there
Is the will to ignore but one’s best efforts to manufacture dawn?
Tell me the truth about dishonesty, is this a romance of illusion
Even so, did you ever truly move on?
You are like absence at the scene of the crime
With an alibi for disclaimers of pseudo innocence
Inflicting damage by way of restraints and abandon
Caught somewhere on the outskirts of close encounters with long distance hearts
Lost for affections that hit closer to home than home itself
For caresses of surrogate hands reaching through computer screens
When a breath away seems further than a phone call
For strangers made of family, and fractured lovers forged of emotional affairs
The only true healing is the want we can forget…
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Tyrant of Words
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AtoMikbomb and cloventongue89 - Thank you so much for joining us with your wonderful entries! Happy to have you with us.  :-)

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Daughter's Loss

Watching her choke  
clutching her frail hand  
her eyes screamed      
unable to stand      
grimace upon her face    
as she could not breathe    
from this aching moment    
I find no reprieve    
Loss and tragedy  
my mind associates    
grief stricken flashes    
my soul it implicates    
feeling barren    
overwrought by pain    
lingering in my body    
feeling disdain    
Her courage I remember    
it lures me to a place    
memory of her existence    
mourning will not erase    
thankful for who she was    
regret not what is lost    
holding on to her love  
her honour has no cost
Written by mel44
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Thought Provoker
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Astray, I find myself lost
Amongst the rocks and moss
The trail blockaded by fallen oaks
That forced this detour
A reason captured in mind
For amnesty to find
Just as her face began to fade
From the pages of my memory
Upon the threshold
This tenebrosity I perspire
As black as the inner walls
Of this forgotten spire
Yet so familiar, I've been here
A plethora of instances
An exhalation
More tangible than the light
Drifts away to greet the clouds
To fall again in another dream
Nectar seeps into Lichtenberg cracks
And I envy the simplicity of healing
That ever escaped my being
Oh, to be as the adamant tree
A shadow against the rorulent wood
It is your semblance in solitude
I failed, as I always would
To recognize the finer details
It reaches out for me
I steel myself against the weight
Of longing that I must discard
My hand involuntarily extends
Her eyes once beautiful
Gorgon's gaze, held in place
Only then did I see the open door
That I'd never found before
Aback from the labyrinthine
As a beast in trepidation
To close the doors behind me
And return to the path of closure
I look once more behind
And the spire wasn't there
So perhaps it never was
It is true, forget may be unattainable
But such is not required
And I breathe deep, the most crisp air
That ever graced my lungs
Written by UbiquitousVoid
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Tyrant of Words
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mel44, what a truly beautiful poem. So full of pain and life. Thank you for bringing it to share.

UbiquitousVoid, thank you for bringing your voice to this comp!

This is not going to be an easy comp to judge!

Lost Thinker
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In the Belly of the Beast

What is it like being with an alcoholic you ask? Well I will tell you....

It's like watching them being in a terrible car accident over and over again until it breaks you
His illness broke me but not just me, everyone in his life around him
but somehow I am seen as just as guilty as he is
it's like I am the disease that has latched on to him and won't let go
but i'm not
i'm a victim too
i'm the only person that hasn't given up on him
yet here I am prepared to leave the one thing that gives me my only joy
we just spent two days at his parent's cabin house
what went wrong?

being with an alcoholic is like watching a tragedy in slow motion, so slow that you feel like it will never end

I wish he didn't have this disease
I would gladly take it from him and put it on myself if I could
I just hate seeing him in so much pain
I love this man so much
but he keeps hurting me
maybe it's time to leave
but I don't know what to do
stay or go?

I wanna fight for him until the very end
but when is the end?
when will the white flag wave?
Will it be when the mourners sing?
Written by okanna93 (MJWells93)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Grace (Idryad)
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Strange Creature
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tonight I slept through the night with not one thought of you  
I walked around all day with a smile on my face and greeted everyone with a hello  
I checked my phone with no subconscious thought of hoping it was you.
Your face no longer burned into my memory.  
Hearing your name no longer sent chills up my spine and butterflies in my stomach.  
I no longer yearned for the tone of your voice.
I no longer needed your laughter or your smile to get me through the day.
I find so much relief in that feeling.
You are now just a memory tucked in the corner of my mind never to be picked up again.
It was a ritual for me to be woken up in the middle of the night by dreams of you  
You mocked my peace like Lucifer mocked the holy hour. The thought of you haunted me and you didn't even realize it.  
With tears in my eyes I laid in bed while I felt around for my phone on the night stand.  
I stare at the blank screen hoping to see your name one more time.  
My heart filled with agonizing pain, just wanting you to love me the way that I love you would cause me to do this ten more times before falling back to sleep, only to be woken up minutes later by my screeching alarm.  
Days seemed longer  
Weekends seemed pointless for me, sitting in bed all day binge watching pathetic romance movies and listening to sad music all day drowning my sadness in sweets and food.  
I finally broken free myself of your weight no longer being the damsel in distress.
Written by Tori
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