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Morning Dawns

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

The pain has passed
Write a poem about the first moment you realized you were over the pain. What it felt like. What you thought. Show me how the broken heart felt compared to that first breath untainted by the pain.

*Three weeks
*One write
*New or old
*Less than 30 lines
*Nothing explicit

Dangerous Mind
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When The Pain Stops

The tears stopped coming. For once it felt
Like both my heart and me could breathe
Again after all of the pain. I have dealt
With the devil, but no longer. I unsheathe
The anger and frustration. It is like I can
Finally see every color and sunrise again.
There is a change to every person and plan
I once had. I broke free from every chain
That bounded and tethered me to that
Bone splintering heartache. Everything
That used to make me want to take a bat
And smash it all into pieces that cling
To my skin does not hold that power
Over me anymore. I do not hide in
The shadows and darkness or cower
In corners anymore. I smile and grin
Like I have never been hurt before.
I stand and walk through that door.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

Dig deep

Digging deep inside my mind
I cannot see so clear
Bitter words etched so deep
So lost in hateful rhymes

To my heart I must now go.

Find an answer to this pain
I must journey to my heart
Pounding through my chest I hurt
Hurt so deeply I fall apart.

A look inside a mirror
I see an older me
Standing unable to look away
Pain stretched across my face
I breath

Breath so deep a part of me begins to feel
Alone is not so bad
No more darkness on my skin, no more tightness in my chest
Was it all really worth it?
Am I really all alone?

No more writings on the wall
I slowly look away, I turn.
I turn to see the sunshine bursts
Rays penetrate my eyes
Finally I see the beauty
Of feeling so alone

I smile

And with that, the pain is gone.

Guardian of Shadows
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I’m not there yet,
the place of absence, void
of hurt.

I imagine it’s like melted marshmallows
swimming in hot chocolate—sweet,

Instead, I excel at dulling
and blunting
the offensiveness of deaths—
a marriage lost to the Rainbow Crowd,
a true soul-match gone, a-cardiac arresting,
tra, la, la….

Two strikes,
there won’t be a third.

I would prefer inhaling breaths
of fairy dust that dazzle the mind
and spirit, but
I am the watchman on everyone else’s wall.

Acceptance of sugar-coated,
lower emotions, is sometimes
the lot in life.

Fire of Insight
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Quilting Obsession

These lost years of loneliness and social depravity
Have left me with nothing except this written tragedy
I sat and watched as the walls of my life crumbled away
Into this contorted sensation twisting through dismay
These ceaseless rememberance sessions screaming inside
A dead fixed stare on old friends taking cyanide

These bonds have come together in such a swift motion
And, just as fast they`ve came to their abrubt destruction
Dispersing any tint of mutual belonging from view
Molding a sad landscape of sighs and failing virtue
Watching as the remnants of my relationships loiter
The catacombs of these stockpiled confession letters

If only I could say anything my empathy had to tell me
My skeletal pose might have perched upright in a higher degree
And I would of have grown to a more formidable size
A clear cut aspiration that I never came to realize
Until all that I held grew too big for me to carry
and left me to stumble and sleep at the cemetary

Scratching dead love songs on century old gravestones
Where the forgotten have slept for generations alone
Hoping the crude penmanship might grace a weary heart
Or help a looming ghost feel a taste of love and depart
From the fog filled graveyard parade that it dwells
A final ringing from the synapsis of the greif bells

Sparking the ruin of a memory that doesn't seem real
A fading echo of a brotherhood I wish I could still feel
Detached from a reality that lurks in a decrepit imagery
Reshaping my empty cognition through a fake neuro surgery
I've reached the point where I have no reason to find
A replacement for all these buried pictures astray in my mind

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you all for getting it rolling with such great entries!  :-)

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
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Radical Acceptance


Simplicity pours through the grates
and the splashes are bigger this time
echoing through the parlour walls

I have been floating
for a long time

drenched in the living
I fold my skin
into a paper vessel

sail love notes
deep into storm drains
and call them rafts


I remember when the lights
burned my eyes in the dark

the match heads all gone
leaving nothing
but the nub


If there are angels,
if God listens
to my musings—
if the crystals are
in any way correct

they chart
my spinning bones
to the northern star:

home starts exactly
where you

Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Tyrant of Words
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What a beautiful entry, Miss_Sub! Thank you for joining us   :-)

William Colten Sorrells
Thought Provoker
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for joining the comp, 0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d! Great entry!

Thought Provoker
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Kissed By the Morning Dawn

The tears, the heartaches, the pain you caused
As I sat in dark corners counting my loss.
Too many years trapped in your trap
Unable to release myself from your clutched grasp.
Bound by the idea you’d love me some day
A bit over four years of my life were washed away
Barely breathing the same mighty thin air
Barely living...hoping you’d care.
Stopped my life just to wait for you
To come to terms...oh, what a fool!
Believing your empty promises and running to phones
That never rang...and your remorse as hard as stone.
Cheating, lying, stealing, and wounding was the name of your game
Making your way to the Master Jerk’s Hall of Fame.

My tears so thick choking me to near death
As I gasped for air...recycling old breath
Until one day the sky split open
And the spell on me was utterly broken
I stepped out into the shining light
Where the morning dawn shined so bright.
My heart so broken, my feelings so diluted
My thoughts of you utterly polluted
With a quick word, I cut you loose
And, to my surprise, my heart didn’t suffer a single bruise.

I never looked back when I stepped away
I simply embraced the granted new day....
And dismissed my midnight chapter, so dreary and long,
Good night, farewell, and forever, so long.
As I was tenderly kissed by the morning dawn...💋

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for joining us, Cyndi_Moone! I'm so excited to have so many excellent entries!  :-)

poet Anonymous

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you, StarliteStarfright, for bringing such a great piece to the comp!  :-)

Dangerous Mind
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Not Even Hate

Seldom thought of
Once painful
Not anymore

Truth be told
I felt more
asking, “What?”
and I laughed,

I know
That I'm done
The moment I looked at you
and felt

Not even

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