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Poetry Contest

Make a fun or a self reflection poem for New Years Eve
So to kick off the new year by having this little competition I made.
Whether if you had a crappy 2017 or quite an interesting one or want to talk about celebrating the new year by having fun with your friends, family, and loved ones.
Or even simply talking about how much you've grown this year as a person emotionally and physically.
Or would you like to talk about anything new that happened with you like a baby being born, getting married/ getting into a relationship, a new job etc. whatever it is write about it.
Make the best of this new year.

{Rules} :

🍾 One entry only

🎉 †Be creative

🎊 †Have fun

🍸 †Can be as long or as short as you want

🎉You have a week so get started, and hope everyone has a happy new year! 🎉

Thought Provoker
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Cheers To A New Year

I left the door wide open †
Hoping we could make amends †
Giving time...to see if youíd come back †
Perhaps not as what we once shared †
But perhaps a distant acquaintance or friend. †
I longed for your return †
Waited through the passing of days and flipping of months †
To embrace your return. †

I had so much to share with you †
So much to tell with little time †
I reached out a couple times †
Hoping youíd walk through my opened doors. †
But you would have rathered kept the nonsense †
The meaningless excuse for anger †
The empty void with no substance †
To validate your excuses for growing cold and distant †

I have reached out to make amends †
And you have missed it. †
I have reached out to make peace †
But you hold on to the war. †
I have reached out to patch the broken family quilt †
But you have preferred the torn scraps of a family quilt undone. †

You may have your reasons for being angry †
But donít go thinking I donít have mine. †
But the difference between you and I †
Is that, Lord knows, I have tried to make amends †
By reaching out past our differences †
Pushing through the pile of dirt you used †
To have me and keep me buried. †
And you have done nothing †
To bring peace even for the sake of what we once shared. †

So, the time has come for me to heal †
And I cannot heal looking constantly behind me †
Keeping the chapter open hoping youíd spring on the page,
Hoping you will one day bite my bait of efforts †
Hoping you would decide to walk through my wide open doors. †
The time has come for me to heal... †
Rather than go on self-inflicting myself with pain †
Wishing things wouldnít have gone down as they did. †

So, move on carrying your anger †
Iíll move on carrying my attempts †
This New Year I am closing my doors †
Closing the chapter or ending the book
And going on with my newly-found life
Without looking back to see if you follow †
Without worrying anymore if you care. †
Obviously, you have moved on a long time ago †
And it was me all along who would not let go. †

Happy New Year...Happy New Me... †
If you ever decide to look for me †
Know my doors will open for you †
But, unless you knock, I am closing my doors †
And you will hear from me no more. †
If I canít be a part of the solution †
Then, I wash my hands, wipe my feet,
Raise my glass and make a toast.....
ďCheers to my New Yearís Resolution...🍸Ē

Dangerous Mind
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Looking Back On 2017

A new year and a new me. Goodbye
To the pain I felt and the tears I cried.
There are all of the times I would try
To be someone else. I have lied
To myself and others too many times
Because when I thought I did not
Need help, I did. Too many rhymes,
Uneven and unbalanced. Too caught
Up in make believe and pretending
To be happy when I was really falling
Apart inside. Too busy mending
And fixing things. Too much crawling
In the darkness instead of walking
And laughing in the light, but I am
Leaving it in the past. No more talking
About negativity that used to slam  
Into me or tried to knock me down
To its level. I will continue let things
Grow and to proudly wear my crown.
May I let go of the voice that clings  
To me and used to fill me with doubt.  
I have enough passion to burn and
Light the way. I will let this drought  
Teach me a lesson. I learned to stand
In the rain, but sometimes it is okay
To cry, be mad and to be asking
Questions. I got every reason to stay
And fight. Everything is unmasking
And unfolding into something new
Like a sky that has turned blue.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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Staying Focused

Iím going to stay focused,
Iím going to stay on task,
Iím going to chase my dream,
Or else the days will go by fast.
Iím going to look at my objectives,
Review and revise my goals every day,
So that Iíll get to the where I want to be,
Hit my targets and I wonít let them get away.
And though the past year has been wonderful,
Iím still not where I want to be,
I know I can I achieve more,
I know I can push myself a new boundary.
I will not settle for less,
I will not short change myself anymore,
There is so much opportunity to progress,
I know life has so much more in store.
But I know I have to stay focused,
I have to discipline myself to reach those goals,
Iíll work my plan to get to where I want to be,
I have to be strong, motivated and bold.

Fire of Insight
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Flying In The Grind

Ending each attempted mending
of straw
sticks in wicker baskets
prick from staggered
where I left each
I treasured the dears,
spheres in mottled mars
like idiosyncratic
When they were
but scarred in flaws

The splinters
struck out
at ajar
Slitting their
(they were never pretty)


Like the freckles
bridging my nose
in tawny tattered stars


As the whisps
of a lisp
lacing lacking kisses
& imperfect blesses


Anxious angst
unscrewed cinematic comic
When capillaries above pink-diamond
cheekbones blow
wide open
my clamoring for


Gangling limbs
like someone's stumbled
with dreadfully discordant extensions
a rusty torso
& awful arm-like
(not artful)


I will lick the pain
from my paws
and live off the blood
of tonic
chronic flaws

Not yo mama's New Year's poem!
Written by AtoMikbomb
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Lost Thinker
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The Colors Beyond the Stars

There was a stench in the air
a fowl stench that is

it smelled of agony
and most of all, emptiness

In my opinion emptiness is the most common, yet worst aroma that surround everyday life on this planet.

To me the planet is not blue, green, and brown
It is black, white, and every shade of grey
I threw in white because that is where emptiness comes in
not grey because that's sadness
but black is all the putrid smells meshed into one

I call them smells and aromas because they come and go just like emotions
sometime lingering a bit longer when it's stronger

I prefer that over emotions

sometimes I am grey sometimes I am black,
but more so than not, I am white
That may seem like a funny turn of phrase to you
but to me it makes perfect sense

Just like there are aura colors that exist
so does it in the form of a state of mind that covers this planet like a sheet growing thicker and thicker until you can't see through it
just the colors that are in front of you

right now I am just white
I have been that way for a long time now
sometimes I shift between that and various shades of grey
that's just how it is

just black
and every shade of grey in between

Written by okanna93 (MJWells93)
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Tyrant of Words
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Guardian of Shadows
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A New Year Past

loved the buzz
abstinence for too long
alone as always
except this time
there was a cheap red
near my bed

feeling the room spin
closing my eyes
letting go
feeling the whirlwind

'she has a new dress?'
'yes she has isn't that good?'
'my dress is from last year'
'mine too. Mother said
we didn't do well'
'yes rubber price is down'

I stared in horror
at my best friend's face
ten years old
with a scar on her cheek
she looked back puzzled
'what's wrong with you?'

standing up looking around
saw the old church on the grassy field
my siblings all toddlers and babies
clinging on my mother's black skirt
she was young and beautiful with bunned hair
a few friends rushed by holding catechisms

my best friend ran with them
the bell was ringing
my mother was entering the church
I ran towards her
didn't see the flower pot
fell on my face

getting up, I looked at spilled wine
on the floor
falling out of bed was not bad
I just get back on again
sleeping the eve to the new year

I just wished I stayed in that reality
decades past
and rewrite my little book
of life.

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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Words cannot describe how much this means to me. I am blessed to stand among such talented writers. Thanks MsRockyJackson for hosting this competition. A huge congratulations to my runner up PoetSpeak.

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