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The Room

Dangerous Mind
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Not Alone In That Room

Soon as
I woke up,
I found myself
Laying naked on
A bed inside a cell
Like room with nothing else in
It with the exception of this
Dark haired beauty with only a green
Robe on who said, "The door is tightly locked."

She slipped off
Her robe and said,
"They don't want us to
Be disturbed.", I took one
Good look at her face and saw
That she was this one co-worker
Of mine whose name happens to be Miss
Patricia Sackhoff, Matthew's own wife.

We were
At this one
Local Hooters
Bar and Grill toasting
The New Year, someone had
Somehow mixed something into
My drink that made me pass out in
Front of everybody before I
Woke up in that one room with Matthew's wife.

As I
Was about
To ask her what
Was going on, she
Cupped my balls and sucked my
Dick before she sat on me
And rode that cock of mine like there
Was no tomorrow and kept right on
Doing that until I shot cum in her.

Was just
Before the
Locked door opened
And some guys came in
To wrap Patricia
In a blanket and move her
Carefully out of that room in
Time for Matthew to explain that he
Wanted me to get his own wife pregnant.

Fire of Insight
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Coming down

Pupils fastened tightly behind my shaking lids
Gagging on the absence of light Asphyxiating from sense deprived visions
Rorschach teasing and taunting my sanity
Humanoid smudges of black dancing in the void
As the bold caress of cotton rolled across my spine
Floating effortlessly in the infinite space surrounding me
Euphoric and bizarre yet terrifying all the while
Little recollection of my recent past and adventure
Just the subtle weight of regret resting in my stomach

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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I hear voices calling my name
Like hell bent locomotives whistle and roar through a distant tunnel
And the rumbling rumbling
Roar. .. .
Swooosh swish swooosh swish
Of my life draining red 9
Scarlet memories
My conscience spills and spurts
Speckling the white washed floor with death
Like a Seurat commissioned by Beelzebub himself
Red has always been my favorite color
I lay  on the four posted bed that spins and sways in the center of this lonely room
The hollow acoustic quality of its barren walls and floor
Have a vertigous effect on my perception
I feel drunk
A warm euphoric wave washes over me in beautiful contrast to the cold of first lifes draining
No longer am i in exremis
I think this monster i fought with such savagery
Must have been my savior
An angel en domino
He has left me at a black door and i must gather the strength to open it
I raise my heavy head and try to focus on the amorphous gateway before me
Swooosh swish Swooosh swish
Crimson slumber overwhelms my sight
I hear the crescendo of my evanescence
My hoods flutter open and shut causing a strobe effect that dialates my irises
Pain jolts my temples with sobering intensity
I am exanguinating
My monster found me and thrust his blade into my body
Over and over over ....
I hear faint voices calling me.  .
Jennifer.  .roar....

Fire of Insight
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I Am The Offer

Imminent doom
I sense in this room

Bland concrete walls
a searing pain in my jaw

Unsteady eyes
fill with a thousand flies

Gag on the stench
“Please open a vent”

My plea unanswered
a slow echo fractured

Bouncing confusion
my helpless seclusion

Ankles and wrists ache
from miles of duct tape

Affixed to a bed
swaddled in dread

Approached at my back
My head took a crack

What could they want?
I fear this won’t stop

This light too dim
to adjust my vision

Four figures

Close in
like a herd

Twist to break free
from this perceived agony

Dry cotton mouth
starts to scream
starts to shout

Acutely aware
of their menacing stare
I have no defense

Possessive hands
rabid demands

they rip
they scratch

I am under attack

A cacophonous chant
scatter an army of ants

Apprehension dictates
there will be no escape

Their venomous evil
tears off the first limb

And as I slowly expire
I see the devil walk in
Written by Tenderloin
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Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The place was as primitive as our desire,
No rug, no wallpaper, one bed where the fire
Of libido could be safely ignited
When our clothes were off and our flesh united.
The next morning I woke up, achingly bare,
Looked for her and my clothes - neither were there.
Then I realised my hired one-night honey
Must have taken away my phone, cards, money.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Rising from a midnight slumber to find myself in an empty room
As I rise from the bed hurriedly looking for my missing groom.
I find myself surrounded by concrete walls and hardwood floors
Strange room, no doubt, with a bolted locked door.

Looking around I wonder if this is reality or is this a dream
As I do my best to recall last night’s memory- scene.
But, from a far distance, I hear a strange screech
Doesn’t take long to determine it is alien speech.

Nowhere to run…and can’t even hide under the bed
I swallow hard and filling my buds is the taste of dread.
Drawing closer and growing stronger a lingering rubber smell
Seeps through the crack of my empty cell.

The door, suddenly, swings open wide
And with just one single short stride
An alien covered in snake-like skin
Kneels before me with a friendly grin.

“Now, don’t you cry….don’t shed a tear.
There is nothing here that you should fear.
From our planet, we’ve been looking down
For a royal queen to govern our town.
We watched your every move just yesterday
And abducted you as you slumbered away.
Would you accept to be our royal queen
And govern our town or return in a dream?”

I think of Earth’s poverty, injustice and earthly debts piling high
I think of family, friends, and never having said goodbye
But, for heaven’s sake, how often are you nominated queen of a town?
Without further ado, I shake his hand and accept the crown....
Taste of sweet home now fills my mouth as the aliens all bow to the ground
“Long Live Our Royal Queen...” the cheers resound all across their town
As I lift my head... and take my seat on my royal throne…
And make of their world my brand new home….•

Fire of Insight
United States
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I’m a bit hazy but I think the fog just lift,
Did I DIY solve the world’s problems?
                                     I probably id.
I’m the new Manchurian candidate,
My mind’s been erased,
But it’s slowly coming back to me.
                                          I won’t like this one bit.
I swear I didn’t want to do it,
But I went through with it anyway,
The details are a little fuzzy,
There’s blood on my hands,
                                     And it’s not my own.
I can’t quite recall how it went,
But there was a lot of security,
Still somehow I got through,
Right up to the target and
                                     Shook the devil’s hand.
Next thing I know I’m taken down,
In a storm of bullets and blows,
There’s no coming back from this,
I can kiss my freedom goodbye,
                                    Now I’m in this place,
Maybe I’ll forget the whole thing,
Or they’ll give me a lobotomy,
Most likely this will be my prison,
And I think my sentence just begun,      
                                   Without jury or trial.
But something’s not quite right here,
The powers that be let this befall,
I’m the fucking patsy in all of this,
Someone had to take the blame,
                                    And I took the fall.

Strange Creature
United States
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My first gasp of air,
Waking up to what I hope was a delusion.
Making out my surroundings,
Coming to a conclusion.
With my chest sinking in.
Filling up with despair.
Enclosed space with a bed,
Trying to breath in the air.
Feeling the cold concrete floor.
Just staring at the locked door.
Pacing back and forth ,
Trying to reach into my core.
Tracing back my memories.
Trynna find some clarity,
But unable to find the answers needed.
Now I question my sanity.
Survival mode switches on.
Figuring out what’s really going on.
As days past I’ve feel like I’ve only been here for 2 days.
With blood drawn along the walls,
With notes left for me to see.
Reaching into my pockets all along I had the key,
The key to my sanity.
Trapping myself with my multiple personalities, to die in misery.
From the hurt I’ve done to others
In this enclosed space in a clutter to suffer.
My name is Bethany
One of the 20 personalities of Jane Huckabee.

Lost Thinker
United States
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As I come out of my fog I look around the room in a daze
At first it's just lights of three or more colors blending into one ugly shade of brown
How did I get here
what did I do last night
where am I now

the last thing I remember is dancing
I danced so much I realized I was flexible in was I never was before
what did I do after that

I met a man that said I was beautiful
I laughed at the blunt statement but I gave in
when was the last time  man looked at me the way he did and tell me anything sincere
at least that's how it sounded at the time

I have no memories after that
now i'm here
naked and confused
what did he do to me
can I get out

I am not cuffed or tied down
I stumble to my feet and stagger to the cut out of a door
it's locked
now there is no way out
what do I do now

there are no windows
just a fan whirling on low above my head
its whispering "you're next, you're done"
I hear it over and over again
I can't make it stop
I truly wish I had stayed home last night
what happened to Mary

I went back to lay on the bed and crawled in a ball
I drifted off as I cried myself back to sleep

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