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... seeped in my marrow and flesh

Dangerous Mind
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Joined 19th Nov 2015
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Fragments of love

Memories scream
in the silent moments
promises dangled
stillborn on the vine
whisper to the wind
and for the first time
I know
the unbearable weight
of being alone
in the world

William Colten Sorrells
Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 23rd Jan 2017
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Her lips are luscious
full and round
her eyes, deep pools
I long to drown
flesh so fair
angelic glow
an aura like
I've never known

a little something
in her eyes
leaves me aroused
and horrified
she'll find a way
to kill me yet
and I can die
without regrets

force of the heavens
or from hell
has me locked tight
under her spell
I can't have her
but she has me
her punishments
are ecstacy

I crave for her
she craves my screams
I often find her
in my dreams
I just can't seem
to get away
but I don't want that,

she tears me down
she leaves me whole
this suffering
is wonderful
she'll find a way
to kill me yet
then I can die
without regret
Written by 0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d (William Colten Sorrells)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 3rd Apr 2016
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Spatial Abortion

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Thought Provoker
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Joined 16th Nov 2013
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Virulent Love

You're love is acid
From every pore

You are the angelic face
Of malignent venom
Infecting every cell

How I despise my
Treacherous lust
Body betrayer.

Your parasitic love
I can not breathe
Nor see my light
Slowly darknen.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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No Longer Broken

You sneak your way under my exposed skin,
Latching onto sensitive organs. Goosebumps
Dance across my flesh, but every scraped shin
Reminds me of a time when I avoided the jumps
Only to come crashing into you. You tried fixing
And patching me up. Every smile and every laugh
Became raised words with silent actions, mixing
In excuses to throw me off my game. I was not half
Of the woman you made me out to be, but could
Simply be that girl who did not know any better.  
You own the bad parts of me, but never the good
Parts too. You could have easily been my sweater,
But you left me standing out in the cold, in need
And begging for more like a drug addict, looking
Over my shoulder. I know you will never succeed
In making me feel that way ever again, hooking
And sinking me with dishonesty while escaping
The truth like the plague. I could not let you  
Continue to be molding, forming and shaping  
Me into that broken girl again because I have to
Believe in being something other than a rag doll.
I am not the one to kneel down to you and crawl.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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Joined 27th Feb 2017
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Untamed Canticles

For the living,  life wanders around within
them like a larva, awaiting another year
to fall into new resolutions and

Terracotta shelter:

for some of us, death is still young like
a newborn’ breaths and cold as air
continuously blow thru our Matryoshka’ed
souls with intensive care,

The sound:

at its own pace, pain of the eternal heart
can separate itself from the heavens in
our bodies with variational pitches of
falling hailstones and timber. it comes
and goes just as love does..
louder and much deeper


in a field, we stared at each other under
quiet ebony skies whilst listening to the
wild inside us...agreeing to speak softly.
warm hands blanketed my bare

by then salt had risen in my mouth
because of realising that we had eaten
bones of the world for many years

as i began to apologise for not having
any teachable guidance on how to love,  
head down    ashamed   followed by
these words
“im not good at this sort of thing, but
if you’d have me.. then i swear to try my
best  ….. .”

And love me?

He did…. .

yet not enough to remain alive to fight for
us -

Pariah Shadow
Dangerous Mind
United States
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The In-between

My lovely
The paintings I listen to
Whilst nodding off  
Cornering myself again  
In the depth of mind  
Standing on the edge  
Of a blade I made  
From our past conjoined  
The little thoughts I saved  
The sadness engraved
With your lovely face
Gave me a cold-sweat
My frail soul pondered
In depressive episodes
Of self-torturing passions
My heart shadowboxing
In weary, tired reflections
When I bade farewell  
The moment was still  
Still as ice in midwinter  
Watching the dying skylines  
I looked to you  
Some longings unfulfilled
Some words were stillborn  
In the awkward silence  
That filled the space  
Between I love you  
And I hate you.

My memory
Written by anonymouslyhere (Pariah Shadow)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 14th Nov 2011
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Death by Love

I doubt you would understand
The intricacies of my galaxy
The pits and seeds of this rotting tree
Rooted to the same emotion you unlocked in me
Because there is no one like you I can see

Desperate I searched, found love where it worked
Nothing with worth only clumps of dirt
Disappointing in comparison of you being my earth
How much more could it hurt
In any crowd for you i would search
Listen to music but in the cloud you would perch
Memories drowning out the world like a curse
Having sex even your face would emerge
Escape, there is no place for word

Caged like a bird but the door is wide open
Move on and ride the open before forever it closes
Hopeless I need Moses to split you from my cosmoses
Ruthless are these emotions
Truth is I can't control them
Victim of my own potion
I can crumble at any moment
I'm already dead, the rest of you don't know it

The person you knew has gone missing
Even though you hear me
You did not listen
The beating heart Does not confirm your existence 
Just because you awoke today
Does not mean you are living 

Written by OctoberArts (October)
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Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 22nd June 2015
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Shrugging enui

What wicked oneness
As we still
By possesive counterpart
To be dazzled by
Static electric sparks
That grow by flash to flames
Furied by covetous eroticism
And shared perversions
Desperately we toss in our kink and bones
Building this bonfire of itch
Maddening yen
Where depravity wears us like sun burnt flesh
Turning vice infliction
We flourish only in fettish
Sporting blue black brands
Love marks?
Of certain death

alon aLion
Dangerous Mind
San Marino
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Joined 1st June 2012
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Farewell My First

College tested Us
we didnt really pass
so young,cant be blamed
for sampling various
hands on your ass
I dont hate you
and its for this precise reason
I came home to save us
despite loss of tuition

yet when I got back
you were still so conflicted
you tried to juggle Me
with that damned random dickhead
and though Im stoic
like rain harmless to statue
only a fool
wouldnt recognize
you hung
a noose
on Our hope

hurt beyond
mere damage
we stuck it through

after a couple months
you were mine again
yet we constantly bickered
the root cause
of course was

we diligently
went through
all conventional motions
but we both could feel
Our special Lovelight
had dimmed

until one night
we went out
to hear Gil Scott Heron
a poet of dimension
you couldnt help
but get sucked in
right after the show
I said "wow, so amazing"
you said
"Im hungry,
wanna go to
Burger King?"

It was at that
precise moment
I knew we were severed
a snuffed out ember
love lost forever

but you enjoyed
your whopper
dug bein with
first Lover
from the abyss
we'd undoubtedly recover

we went to
my folks house
snuck down stairs
quiet as a louse

I pressed you
bearing wall post
we made love
as if visited
by the ghost
of our earliest years
it could bring
Liam Neeson to tears
you finally shed
indecision and fear

the sex was
way beyond compare
we had previously shared

and baby
our default is
way, way up there
so this act could again seal us as pair

in the afterglow
I ruminated so
it had been
six shitty months
til this incredible

there was no way
I would go through that again
even though heavenly climax
was at the Grey-Bows end

so I beseech you baby
though last act full of passion
lets end it right now
before months of cold ration

yeah I see you are stunned
but this wasnt planned
yet in matters important
I go by my gut

there are great highs ahead of us
but also prolonged lows
this is no way to live
must let each other go

I'll never forget you
you are the first
you are the best
you're also the worst
so lets get past this,
separately experience
whatever lies ahead

I'll always Love You Baby
24/7 You can still call me
but get it through your head
we wont share the same destiny

with Love and regrets,

forever your first...........
Written by drivelicious13 (alon aLion)
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Rebel Phoenix
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 3rd Aug 2015
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One moment
The time required to initiate my end
You penetrated the strongest walls of my defense

One encounter
My soul shuddered instantly
I ignored blaring alarms that serve to caution me

One person
You exploited all my insecurities
Searched for any fault there was to see

One promise
The one I'll never get to keep
Now that you have destroyed my family

You stole everything from me all that's left is agony
I surrender, I am broken, you have gained the victory

Lost Thinker
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Joined 22nd Feb 2017
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my own hands around my neck
my pulse fighting to keep its rhythm
there's no greater gift than silence

walking flesh and bone define me
bloodied hands are allowed to defile me
maggots bury themselves in my thoughts
they devour my frame of mind

twilight skies surrender to darkness every night
men wear masks as their true faces
beguiling words leave their lips, a swarm of ants ready to feast
cacophonic voices plague even the dead

there is no rest for the wicked

oh and the wicked feast on their own blood
lies drip from their tongues like acid
entrapping themselves in tombs
the only escape from the too sweet air and the heady musk and the polluted smog that seeps into their lungs



feed the crow your heart.

where is the exit
from this suffocation you call living

Written by Enchantress_Em
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Strange Creature
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Joined 6th Jan 2018
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This feeling

This feeling…                                                                              
I know I felt this before somewhere
I know that when I had this feeling there
It ended with me crying
And my heart dying

This feeling…
I know that you are the cause
And I am scared because I know who falls
In the end

This feeling…
I hate it
It makes me want to sit
With you, but I know
It will never be so

This feeling…
It never listens
It always fastens
Itself in my heart
It does not see
That you and I will never be
Because I am not her

This feeling…
It is blind
It continues to bind
My heart, which is bare
It sees the possibility of you being able to share
Your heart with mine, which was broken once before

This feeling…
It is causing me to hate goodbyes
From you, who have caring eyes
For someone else
I wish this feeling was false
But it is not

This feeling…
I hate this
When I see you my heart quickens
Then it sickens
When I see you pass by
With not even a hi or bye

This feeling…

Is something I cannot ignore
I guess I should’ve foresaw
This coming
Because I was always running
With my broken heart guarded
But because of you it started

I won’t speak of this feeling
To you, because just being
Near you is okay, even though my heart will ache
I don’t want you to fake
Feelings you don’t have
For me, this feeling is something I have to brave
Out alone…

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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I love (and hate) you all for cutting me so deeply, and for making me wish I had written each and every one of these.

You all reminded me why I love this place we call DUP

poet Anonymous

Honored to have been selected in a competition filled with incredible entries - thank you to our host and congratulations to those standing beside me as well as everyone who participated.

- Chaos

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