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... seeped in my marrow and flesh

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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Poetry Contest

Poems on the one that broke you, still owns you ...
No novellas ... old or new writes, but the piece can't have won a prior competition ...

I'll be reading these with a bottle of Jacks, 420, and Adelle ... so make me bleed

Thought Provoker
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....seeped in my marrow and flesh

Can't help thinking about
those days
When you seeped in
my marrow
Those lovely hurts even in
my flesh:
You innocently arrived with
lovely trends
feeding me with ease and
Elating junks

But like a wind you
Blew strange
As if drunk in pride
and Guts
Breaking off the wall your
love built.
Barging into my heart
and soul
stealing away love,care
and joy
Even all that could make
me hope.

You made me seem as
A fool
You took my love as
A food
You consumed all without
my consent
And sent my soul wandering
in jungles.

My heart can no
longer contain
The lust poured furiously
into it:
By those brutal eyes
and words
That pierced my soul
like sword
And made it like an
ocean bleed

The ocean is flowing
even still
Needs the cause to
mend it

I'm torn by you:
your acts.
Yet,i'll be sown by you:
true love.

poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
United States
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She forgot who I was

She didn’t know me anymore

Looking puzzled she shook her head

Before slowly closing the door

I wasn’t gone that long

And I was her lover and good friend

Had I been unfaithful or abusive

Would’ve she have remembered me then?

As my eye’s swell with tears

I walk away into the cold night

When suddenly I ask myself

“Did I get the address right?”

Thought Provoker
United States
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Spread me open,
And rip out my lungs.
Kiss my lips until they bleed,
Tell me you love me even if you don't.

You asked me for pictures,
But they weren't of my face.
And that's when I knew,
I was going to break.

My body is seething,
I want you to love me,
But I know you can't,
Because you have to keep your own heart safe.

Rip me apart,
Break me open and stab my heart.
It's yours anyways.
Spread me open and rip my soul apart.

My mind is seething,
Because for once in all of my life,
You aren't there.

Break me open,
Kiss my lips until they bleed,
Spread me apart,
And take what's left of my poor fucking heart.

I fucking hate you,
But I also love you.
And it hurts to be apart.

Spread me open,
Break my heart.
Make my body seethe.
Even if it kills me.

Strange Creature
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My xmas wish

Dear Santa give me my enemies so I can destroy.
I have not been good, but not such a bad boy.
Dear lord put my foes under my feet.
So I can annihilate quick and discreet.
Allah if you can hear my pain Muslim or not.
Bring them to me swiftly so they will rot.
Jesus I beg you for the one chance on this Christmas day.
That you make me not search on my prey.
I worked hard give me what I ask.
So I can perform my devious task.
To you oh merciful Buddha on this season of joy.
Deliver to me what I begged the others so I won’t be annoyed.
Merry Christmas to all of you, who I don’t hate.
If you can’t relate that is fucking great.

Happy new year too

Deathtimy dec 24 2017

poet Anonymous

Tyrant of Words
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סוף העולם שמאלה
i cocooned your amorphous heart in  
the scardust & tourniquets spun twixt my ribs;  
felt it twist there
like a blind hatching snuffling against my breast,  
seeking empty nourishment from  
the milkweed & vanilla scent masking the pheromones
of my wanton destruction

yesterday lies beneath mythique crescents,
peeled from viscid memoria,
an unwanted keepsake to be pressed
& stowed in the folds of my tissue.  
today i steeped the bittersweet in brackish tears,
allowed regret to suffuse  
before savouring hindsight as tho my thirst for heartache
could not be quenched  

the nights thru which i obsessively rendered your face  
in the smear of my infertility
linger like mercy stains  
christening the lips of absolution.  
you were baptised at the font from which everything  
that is broken in me stems

Guardian of Shadows
Sierra Leone
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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every little thing

it should come as no surprise  
when morning dawns
I can barely pry open bleary eyes  
night can be so heavy  
the weight of it beyond bearing
tossing and turning  
too weary to sleep  
just enough energy left  
to stagger to my feet
so I travel these serpentine miles
making tracks across rumpled sheets  
evidence in shadows of deep unrest
with nothing to show for it
but a bed that's a mess
good gods, I hate this feeling  
sandpaper eyelids and dragging bones
all because you crossed my mind
but have yet to come home  
(artwork by Isaiah Stephens)
Copyright © 2017 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
Written by FromTheAsh
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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My Rock

The voice I heard, not my own
Plunging into madness
Never am I to be the same
Pained and completely restless
Is there a reason to be alive
As scars continue to bleed
Manic mind and tortured soul
Drinking wretched mead
I cried again for help once more
As expected, I was alone
Imagine how dead I felt
To find my rock was just a stone
Written by mel44
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Strange Creature
United States
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needy (raw 2 a.m. thoughts)

if you're not feeling hot,
then you don't wanna hear me talk
another string cut loose
and i'm about a finger snap away from breaking
i don't know why i feel like crying--heart's shaking
lie through your teeth, whisper all those fantasy things
so i can distance myself from reality a bit more
when will i ascend to whore
status?--guess it's my god given right
spread my legs--it's half past midnight
didn't even ask about my day this time
but i'm so fucking cold, lonely, bitter and dazed
that i'll live off your empty praise

i can't save you, can't fit into you
you're nothing but a dream blurred into the back of my mind
so let's talk about fucking in a haze, get less sad for a minute
till i'm not as big of a cynic, till i drop the gimmick.

you're oblivious, i care a little too much but never dare let it show
keep my chest closed up and i'm crying
my world is falling apart
you were supposed to be my shoulders
but i guess i never fed you the right lines
and everybody's sick and i'm tired
my brain's so built up, i think i'm trapped in there
excuse the whining but i'm still crying
because i hate you for the moment
and i'll regret this tomorrow.
Written by cherrycoke
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Serenading Air

Possessed by the thought of you
Brokenness like the residual outcome
I rail against the truth in these lies
Yet I can’t help but get carried away
On the train of an afterthought
You are a stop that I can’t find
As I circle destinations
Looking for a home that was never mine
I romance the idea of you
As I wreck myself on a vain hope
Forging expectations of my infatuations
You didn’t break me, I did
Mind mastered of a wicked heart
Beauty baited pseudo counterpart
How convincing these false fronts
When the haunting is the calm
The relenting is the storm
Tolerated absence is easier to bear
When love is a myth that was never there
But just enough to entreat the idea of care
While I dwell on you
Like the mind’s eye caught in a blank stare
In vain I speak of your essence
When all that’s left is serenading air
Oh to be liberated of my dark desire
I can’t help but remember
The passions that stoke a black fire
Like the glow of a shadow
Emanating from the ashes of a lethal pyre
So lost for truth
I can’t tell who’s honest and who’s the liar
So meaningful, yet in the end, irrelevant…
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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A Slave to his Mistress

I have surrendered to you absolutely,
Given myself complete and whole,
I have given you my mind and body,
But then you also took my soul.
You have broken the essence of my being,
To shards and pieces spread about the dust,
Then molded me into a creation,
Solely for your pleasure and for your lust.
You have taken everything out of me,
You plucked my logic again and again,
That when I crave for desecration,
I welcome the punishment.
You break and make my spirit,
When the void you fill is just as much,
As when the words fail me you flail me,
That my flesh welcomes your touch.
This goes beyond all worship and adoration,
When your commands are the breaths I need,
And I know I’m not worthy of this servitude,
When you drink the tears I bleed.

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Temple of One

He kept me
Confined in dark spaces
Where tears enough to float
Held hostage my usual mien
Ransoming a libertines fortune for free will

His finger would linger
On the tremble that clung to my bottom lip
Slowly tracing the remains of my fading smile
Where urgency hissed out through my pleading whisper
Begging desperations fast pardon
While he passed counterfeit kiss
To soften the fall of broken promise
Unoticed as i Stroked both ego and erection with similar intent

My body siezed in desires grip
Would arch wildly grinding against his wicked entry
His lingam lead spent uncommon rhythms into my pulse
And my pussyche praised his rigid shaft
Chanting praise in squeeze and release
Milking him rid of any notion he was no God
He would fall in sweaty heap onto my naked flesh
Casting demons into me with heavy breath
My mind became a congregation in mock worship
A false God moved me
I had become a heratic and cried out in blasphenous moan
Oh my God....Fuck me!

I had entered the church of him
But did not find sanctuary

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