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New Year's Resolution

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Make a New Year's Resolution and write a poem about it.
Any style.  Old writes or new, the only rule I ever make 'is there are no rules at all.'

As with all my competitions, the winner will be decided by a vote.

Have fun.

jade tiger
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I Hope & Pray

That lovers' quarrels ev'rywhere
Subside in peace when all is through
Enlightenment to have a care
To know between of what is true.
To echo through the fam'ilies
A strong belief of loving strides
To be there for each other please
And give their all in earnest tries.
From neighborhoods in which we live
Leave arms & minds wide open for
The chance to welcome and to give
To those who'll bless you at the door.
Then more will help communities
To gather villages as one
To teach the young to help them free
The windows to let in the sun.
Who's rays will cross all bound'aries
And banish borderlines from Earth
So just like fish & birds & trees
We'll all have the same place of birth.
And as for me for the new year
I think I've covered all there is
My resolutions listed here
'Cept one more for my special "his".
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Lost Thinker
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the story of a dream

I had a dream, a dream that was soo amazing that it felt real
Although it was unbelievably a dream
A dream where everything was all good
A dream where although it sometimes rained and got tough,
There was no reason to ever complain
A dream of two individuals joining as one
Yes there were rainy days but together we create the sun
A dream where we could be doing absolutely nothing yet still it would be fun
There was a special connection where I absolutely loved every second
A dream where your touch was soo heavenly that we melt together
A dream of eternity because nothing breaks a bond of forever
You and I were meant to be together
Sun shinning in any weather with fingertips as light as feathers
A dream where our flaws were so small that to each other
They were nothing at all
Because our love defeats all
A dream where just like I do , you never hold the past against me
We help and encourage each other to succeed
This is the story of a dream
A dream of a true match made in heaven
Call it a dream team
Written by kiko_the_poet
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Tyrant of Words
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I Resolve

or, rather, considered          
pledging some new start              
to a regime              
I've previously failed              
Yet realized succeeding              
isn't important;            
striving is              
So, whatever undertaking            
this eve of new beginning            
remember you cannot fail              
in the attempting          
There are only second              
third, even fifty-fifth            
chances to attain;            
all a new prelude              
despite the date              
Living can be success            
but I prefer to believe            
trying keeps us alive            
moving forward            
technicolor dreaming     
without strangling            
on our own blood  
counting mistakes           
It's rising again              
after resting a while            
Heeding the call             
" Don't give up "            
Resolving to fight            
even unto death;  
because no matter how  
you perceive you've failed . . .      
each day you breathe    
you've won              
For my J, my Love and inspiration;  
such unfailing Faith in Us. 💜            
For all who are struggling with  
loneliness or other personal  
demons this day; You aren't alone. 💕            
May 2018 Bless each of you at DUP  
with much Love and Happiness.              
May we all be more compassionate.
Written by Ahavati
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Tyrant of Words
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Powerful message A


Twisted Dreamer
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New year same me

New Year new me? No that is what everybody else are doing trying to change the good and bad, because of a bad experience from a asshole that you appreciate it in your life, but that person got greedy and selfish with the big head start talking crazy. Stuff like that happens everyday and most of the times you have to walk away and let God take care of it.

The only thing I need to change is my approach to people trying to get to know by helping or pamper them, but I had to realized you have people in this world that will take advantage and use the good to get ahead in their life even though you showed so much love. When this happens,  its best to stay away, stay humble, and do things different, but as humans  we all grieve at losing someone, a break up or death in the family.  Things take time let God take the wheel he got it.

Having a big heart can cost at times when you want to do something good for that person just to get to know each other, but its flip and they turn to love and care for someone else. The love is going the wrong way how you try to talk or be around someone who don't feel the same way, this is the way its going right now. So I'm not the type that will do anything for money or just to get my dick wet. I'm different from others.
Written by deepthreat1490
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William Colten Sorrells
Thought Provoker
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I've never really been the type
to make a resolution
but life's become a problem
and I have a few solutions

the first step is the easiest
but there's no turning back
I have to go through all my friends
and take out all the trash

the second one I came up with
is just about the same
I'm laying down a couple rules
for those that still remain

I'll tolerate no disrespect
refuse to feel I'm something less
I won't be clouded, not this time
this world is gonna see me shine

and last, I'm going to love myself
and leave it up to no one else
too long I've had my worth defined
this year is where I draw the line

I've never really been the type
to make a resolution
but now I see the problem
and I found a few solutions
Written by 0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d (William Colten Sorrells)
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Dangerous Mind
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Resolutions For Yourself

Do not lose sleep over someone who
Was not willing to explore all of you.
Never change yourself for someone
Who never saw your worth in the sun.
Do not smile for those who saw your
Demons and did nothing. Every sore,
Scar and imperfection is a part of
Your story to tell or share. Never love
Yourself any less than you already
Have because as shaky and unsteady
As your hands have been, you still
Have a presence. You chase the thrill
And everything that keeps you alive.
Darling, never give up or strive
For anything less than butterflies.
Be stronger than those goodbyes
And tears you tried to hide behind.
You are custom made and designed
For your own creations. Never try
To be a mold for anyone. You will fly.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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On Borrowed Time

I have to be honest with myself,
I can’t procrastinate any longer,
Time is flying faster as I get older,
I have to make the best of it.
I have to pour more of myself,
Into the relationships with my children,
They’re growing up quick,
And then one day before I know it,
They’ll be leaving home.
And as clichéd as it may sound,
I have to live my life to the fullest,
Like if I’m living on borrowed time,
Nothing is guaranteed in this life,
I have to go out there and pursue it.
I have to work my plan every single day,
Because there is no one else to do it,
I don’t want to chase phantoms and ghosts,
But I want to achieve my dreams and hopes,
So that with my final breath I’ll know,
I tried my best.
I plan to hold myself accountable,
To improving myself in so many aspects,
So that three hundred sixty five days from now,
I’ll look back and read these words and say,
I did it.

Fire of Insight
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Flying In The Grind

Ending each attempted mending
of straw
sticks in wicker baskets
prick from staggered
where I left each
I treasured the dears,
spheres in mottled mars
like idiosyncratic
When they were
but scarred in flaws

The splinters
struck out
at ajar
Slitting their
(they were never pretty)


Like the freckles
bridging my nose
in tawny tattered stars


As the whisps
of a lisp
lacing lacking kisses
& imperfect blesses


Anxious angst
unscrewed cinematic comic
When capillaries above pink-diamond
cheekbones blow
wide open
my clamoring for


Gangling limbs
like someone's stumbled
with dreadfully discordant extensions
a rusty torso
& awful arm-like
(not artful)


I will lick the pain
from my paws
and live off the blood
of tonic
chronic flaws

Not yo mama's New Year's poem!
Written by AtoMikbomb
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