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let's have fun with women

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Poetry Contest

go deep and fill them up with our . . .
no prostitution (unless you explicitly cite a setting of legal prostitution like some rural counties within the state of Nevada or etc,) immorality, misogyny, or non-fiction (but can be a fiction that's based on your non-fiction.)

inspiration: https://twitter.com/redCanine3669/media

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Fire of Insight
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I know you well, and we are friends
Our discussion rarely ends,
We talk of politics and news
And we share diverse views

We are relaxed with each other
True feelings we should not smother
So far our friendship is platonic
A physical relationship could be a tonic

If you agree we should progress
Perhaps first we can undress
Reveal our physical form
Cuddle close to keep warm.

You concur we should commence
Both slowly strip without offense
Admire each part as it emerges
Stimulating sexual urges.

At last we are both in the nude
Comfortable together never lewd,
Our bodies and minds are in sinc
A life to share don't you think.

Thought Provoker
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Her Silhouette

Her naked silhouette lies between my sheets
My mind fixates on the mountains and valleys of her curves
My palms sweaty and my balls tingling with anticipation
My mouth begins to water and yearn to taste her big full lips

I straddle her and slowly kiss her elegant neck
I feel her tense up at my touch and it makes me smile
She lets out a sleepy sigh as she wakes to me pulling her panties away
"Hello sleepy head." I tease as I flick her clit

She buckles in pleasure as a moan escapes her lips
As I enter her paradise I feel a fire in my loins
Like heaven and hell collided and flames and praises are erupting
We drive ourselves to an amen chorus of release

Her silhouette shakes in orgasmic eruption
I grin and kiss her lips as she cries out her Love for me
Oh how she makes my body quake
My sweet salvation she is in her simple pretty way

Annabelle's silhouette is my addiction
Those lips of her are my temptation
She is the reason for my masturbation
Her Silhouette is my obligation
Written by Countrygirl96
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geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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(an erotic villanelle)

When we tonight shared newest lovers’ game
Bound up in latex suit with mask and plug
Where Missess’ leather knee-boots staked their claim

As hardened rubber harness bends my frame
Exposing sack to floor, a fleshly rug
When we tonight shared newest lovers’ game

With straps, a site for subbing acts became
Eyes, cock and mouth still free from binding snug
Where Missess’ leather knee-boots staked their claim

As leather sole set manly rise aflame
Her spikey heel in jewels’ satchel dug
When we tonight shared newest lovers’ game

“You hold it back!” her leather press proclaims
When feeling sure releas’es coming tug
Where Missess’ leather knee-boots stake their claim

Her leather toe I covered when I came
Then licked it clean of glistened, pearly drug
When we tonight shared newest lovers’ game
Where Missess’ leather knee-boots staked their claim

Author's Note: second in a trilogy
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Vain Gifts

She’s titillating and it’s a bit frustrating,
Teasing him into depths of imagination unknown,
Rising his curiosity to the point he’ll lose control
That her mere words will fracture his bones.

She’s a mystery, a secret awaiting to be unfurled,
With wonders that will never cease to amaze,
By the way that she presents herself, a present,
Awaiting to be unwrapped with poise and grace.

She’s everything you’ve been dreaming of,
Tantalizing and appetizing in every way,
Awakening your every inner lusts and desires,
Until everything within you is ready to break.

She’s the image you’ve played in your mind,
Just within your reach when you can’t resist,
Ever so gentle and yet all so detrimental
 To your sanity because there’s a twist…

No matter how much you crave and you yearn,
The red hot ember will never cease to burn,
It will glow in your soul forever,
Because you can never have her.

Tyrant of Words
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backtalk against  
the pillowy softness  
of her thighs,  
i immerse myself  
in her  
boudoir scent of  
orange blossom  
& powdered vanilla ~
... the taste of  
sweet spice
stains my mouth
where it presses to  
the crease of her
wanton invitation ...
the bruise & pallor  
of my fingertips  
find the heart of  
her sexuality
to feel  
the fluttering chase  
& snare of her eyelids
echoed in  
the peony pink shiver ...
... she croons profanity
from hitchhiker lips,
sugar & dead sea salt
in the strains
of her breathlessness
Written by _shadoe_ (katyusha)
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violin road harlot

she doesn’t know the sex crimes of an older man.
too old for her, but it’s what she wants.

her face is on my pillow
her voice is in the old love songs
should have kept my heart incarcerated
in its oubliette, where it belongs.

I was at war before she was born, stealing an hour from the scourged
field to spend it with a whore. I’d get drunk on the oleander in her hair,
nerium whiskey, as she carried me between her long, industrious legs
to a garden of nefarious perversion. gladly beyond: because I don’t
know where I am when I’m inside my head.

our clandestine affair is strictly noir. a wayward expatriate carries his
secrets in his shoulder-holster. my bitterroot eyes are concealed by the
roguish tilt of my fedora, not to be covertly dramatic, but to hide as
much of me as I can. from myself.  from her.

maybe I was never Bogart, but a more brooding version of John Garfield,
playing his amorous violin in ‘Humoresque.’ she was a woman, that violin,
euphoric & misty-eyed on his shoulder.

I should abandon her, tearful, on her balcony, where the train & the wind
blow past. she can be rapt in her sinful maneuvers, exonerating the
vibrational rivers of her notorious passion. she can be wet without me.

if I painted her a picture of the real me  
–  fallen soldier’s shadow. half of sadist. half of sorrow  –
she would know the absolute agony of romance.
there is no art or music to subvert it;

there is no poetry for it…

(Artist unknown)

Written by JohnFeddeler
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Thanks for the ribbon, sirBoring; the fun was had by all in your competition...

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no problem. i might continue this series. but honestly, i feel i have more than enough poetry reading, these days.

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