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Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

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Lost Thinker
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○ Glowing strangers ○

Only one moment.
Colliding directions.
What's your perception of me?
Surface leveled, we'll make quick connections. Hot to the touch.
Emotions makes me shake and tremble. Take me.
Make me spark until we're embers.
Glowing strangers in the night.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Too Late To Be Stranger

I am adrift
A stanger
Once dreamt a lover
But I'm not worth the regret
Akin to mutual distaste

Merging ballads
Yours go unspoken
But mine are written on my face

Mirror snapshots
Fragments in the shatter
Reflecting on the ideals
Of all that doesn't seem to matter
For what the moment feels

Oh that I could have been
Someone you never knew
I would be a better stranger than a friend to you

Undefined this chemical reaction
Brought to lament

Starve my heart as I purge
To vomit the poison
Where even a massacre speaks like romance

Close encounters on the verge
I can't shut out the noise in
The silent muse of lovers locked in trance

Yet not what should be
Or so I think
But the stranger love that finds us eye to eye
When we blink

In a dark heart duality
I see who I am apart from who I use to be
And I can't recognize reality
Or is it just, that I don't know me

Parade your sacred vow
Oh how you love him now
Whatever helps you sleep

Make love while you think of strangers
You gave away a piece of you
That was never mine to keep

I hate my tongue alighted
Indulging on the spark
Aflame and thirsty for a forest

I drink in the illusion ignited
My heart is stark
Body wilting in the hands of a careless florist

Midas without the gold
Everything you touch is ash
Conflict diamond heart
All that isn't home is trash

I get it, you're fragile and I'm danger
Rebound to fake faithful
It's too late to be a stranger

Even so is this what it means in lieu
To meet a Savior and profess my deeds
Spare me the anticipition, I never knew You
Vain sacrifice, in vain a stranger bleeds...

Dangerous Mind
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i. Hit

I was pleased to be just me
Unaffected, jolly and sometimes, serene
Other times angry, but otherwise happy
Then you came and everything changed

I felt a sudden missing that wasn't there before
I don't want nor need it, but loneliness persisted
In my heart, something constantly grows so painfully
A hallow within, aching to be filled by something

ii. Denial

I looked the other way, walking past by you
Convinced myself that only if I faithfully ignore
Would the malady be gone and I would be cured
Much like a bad wind gushing fleetingly ahead

I am fine, I could take it, if I could just hold it in
I closed my eyes and run blindly away
The further I am, the less affected I'd be
I'll be happy alone, just like before...

iii. Acceptance

Or so I thought, but I was wrong
The more I denied, the more it pains
The more I run away, the more tired I became
I could never be free, distance is just an illusion

What I really needed, is to be with you
No one else would fit this empty hallow
Without you, a half-life is what I would follow
Like a moon without the sun in its horizon

iv. Plead

So wont you, take me with you?
Would you love me as I do?
Forgive my foolishness and embrace me instead
With your eyes in tears and a smile on your face.

Will you accept my heart, broken as it is
Of my own doing and no one else
Please fill me in and make me whole
Give me air, heal me, make me live a full life!

v. Promise

I swear, never to be afraid anymore
I won't let go, I won't be moved,
I would make us a home, a family...
Together we'd weave the future

Together we will be stronger
Even at times of great struggle
We will survive, you and I
Because we are undivided, as one

vi. Grateful

In the crowded crossroad of life
Chances were given for the both of us
Blessed are we to find each other
Amids the chaos of countless encounters

Thank you for waiting to meet me this lifetime
For just being you, with me, for me... by me
For letting me be the shadow of your light
For making me the glimmer you follow in the dark

vii. Pledge

I loved you from yeterday
Love you still today
And would love you more
Till tomorrow ceased to be
My beloved stranger
Stranger no more

viii. Not the end

©All Rights Reserved
February 8, 2017
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Thought Provoker
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We weren't always like this,
We were once happy.
I thought we were in love,
But we were just strangers sharing a torn heart.

We were once happy,
We didn't have much,
But we had each other.
And for some reason,
I thought i'd be enough.

But I never was.
We weren't always this cold,
Once upon a time,
We shared love,
We shared a soul.

You weren't always this cold,
I remember the taste of your lips,
The warmth of your kiss.

I never thought we'd end up like this,
Strangers in the same world,
Without a heart,
And a hole where there should've been a soul.

poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Strange Stranger Beside the Road

Driving along a mountain road
On a dark moonless summer night
I witnessed a most supernatural
Disturbing eerie haunting sight

As I sped down the mountain side
In an instant, I drove right by
A young beautiful nude woman
Standing upon the roadside

She glowed an iridescent green
So, dim she could hardly be seen
But I could recognize her upset expression
As desperately she gestured to me

In an instant, I drove past and slammed on my brakes
But when I came to a screeching halt, looking in my mirror
The strange naked iridescent green distraught woman
Had completely and utterly disappeared into nowhere

I resigned myself that what I had seen
Was a figment of my imagination
An acute case of white-line fever exhaustion
Had caused me to have a mild hallucination

But I couldn’t shake the vision from my head
So, I decided to risk complete humiliation
When arriving at the nearest small town
I drove directly to the police station

There I made a report of what I had scene
The officer reacted as if I were insane
But because of my persistence and insistence
He decided to check it out all the same

Marked by my tracks where I slammed on my brakes
We arrived as morning was breaking into light
He and I got out of his car to investigate the sight
Just as the sun broke into rays blinding bright

There was no evidence of the woman whom I saw
That had beckoned to me, gesturing in desperate plea
The officer, in disgust, was about to turn in leave
When he spotted something at the bottom of the ravine

Together we slide down the steep embankment
Till we came upon the wreckage of an automobile
Despite an advance state of decomposition
I instantly recognize the driver as the woman of green

Though it was obvious she had been dead for days
Miraculously, in back seat her child had survived
So dehydrated if he hadn’t been found that day
He would like his mother, certainly would have died

Now dear readers, before you dismiss me as poetic fool
Know this, the story I just told you, is absolutely true

And that woman in green now rests in peace
Because I believed in what I had seen
Ghost or a guardian angel, a woman of green
Appeared to me as a vision, beckoning to me

Author’s Note:

The above poem is dramatic adaptation of a true event.

On June of 1994, Christine Skubish and her three-year-old son, Nick, were involved in a car accident along Highway 50 in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California.  She was a single mother who had recently earned her paralegal certification and was also hopeful that she might marry her son’s father.  She left her family’s home near Sacramento on June 5, and was reported missing on June 8.  The report was made by Dave Stautzenbach, Christine's stepfather, who called the police informing them she and her son were missing. Neither he, nor anyone in the family, knew that Christine had planned to make the trip.

Five days after the crash, Deborah Hoyt and her husband drove along the same stretch of road and were startled by what they claimed was a naked woman on the side of the road. She seemed to glow an iridescent green and was beckoning them as though she were pleading.  Though they thought in not wise to stop for this strange naked stranger, arriving at the nearest town, the couple reported the incident to police.  That night police tried to find the naked woman where she was reportedly seen, but they failed to find anything. The next day, in the morning light, a local deputy investigated the spot a second time and found Christine dead in her wrecked car at the bottom of a steep ravine.   It was obvious she had been dead for days but miraculously Christine’s son Nick, though  terribly dehydrated, was still alive.

Whether ghost or guardian angel, Christine’s spirit can rest in peace, because a couple chose to risk ridicule and believe in what most would call, unbelievable.

Fire of Insight
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Nothing, We Used To Know

The secrets are gone when you look away, prepare;
they''ll whisper you your fate.

Was a time when I knew the air you carried upon,
how the touch of life came from the beauty in your outstretched feelings.

How a figment will bury itself in forgetfulness,
entangling the parting lips with poisons.

We clung to each other in those last moments,
even as we felt our estrangement pulling us in opposing directions.

No familiarity bore consciousness in bare eyes,
forgoing the kinship of hearts in tomorrows.

Your back refused to turn your face to my pleading,
realised in that fractured movement that you no longer existed.

We no longer existed in unity,
just two strangers that shared nothing...

I can't remember what beckoned the tears to leave my eyes, but I remember nothing....

Our secret...
Gone when we looked away...
Something, we used to know.
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Thought Provoker
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Much like the sun paints the canvas
This reality indifferent to our senses
She, stood there as the arboreal stand
Unimpressionable vibrance amongst the bleak
Her dress wafted ever gently, slowly
As leaves falling upon a familiar shade
With hair like the river upon stone
And a voice, tangible as the current

Vague silhouette, such is my nature
To chisel the marble to pearl
A puzzle I must solve
I converse, to unfurl

An anomalous experience, déjà vu

Our lives were as tangent waves
From our fears, we could escape
Ebbing away, tallying days
In the sparsity of a second

Even still...
One question remained to spill
Her expression was a poor façade
And I hid my own beneath a nod
I felt I knew her as my reflection
Quite crystalline, the inflection
Behind the eyes that gripped my soul
A penumbra of what was once whole

She was bereaved, this much I knew
Just after she adjusted her wit
Saw me there, her anxiety grew
And her attention I'd promptly requite

Why was this all so familiar?

The true sadness in her heart
Was displayed as a still life painting
Brushed with the most joyous scheme
Is this what it is to be melancholy?

Out from my head, the dream was dead
All that remained of her face
And the train set off, she was gone
Before I could ask her name

Despite this, an impulse arrived
Beside myself, I'm urged to sigh
Only then, clarity, I knew her well
As the texture of that headstone, felt

She was me, and now I grieve
As the train disappears
Into the sunset of acceptance
Written by UbiquitousVoid
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Fire of Insight
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"Light dawn at you,when you make sense from her rule"

1)Dressed in a boxy suit,
Darkened specs and pompous snickers.
Dread locked hair,dangling in pride.
He picked his way with indecisive motif.

2)The Nightingale flew past the dale,
She pushed of her feaces into a pale.
The hunter made an effort,
But the Nightingale merged with the air.

3)The street seemed tiled with marble,
Words his ear has been whipped for,seem not a fable.
Crystal ocean and harmless feasters,
His mouth wouldn't co-joined any longer.

And he....

Lost in my lines?
Do you get my point?
You see! You're a stranger.

"A stranger does not know better than the soldier ants."

Let me show you the way!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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No Longer Strangers

We were strangers when we first met, becoming well acquainted
With each other over time. We still might be strangers, but we
Know every detail of each other like something we have painted
A thousand times across the sky and on our canvas. We are free
Souls just trying to find each other in the darkness and hanging
Onto the light. We have an intimacy like 1 am conversations and
Talking random thoughts. Nobody said it was ever easy banging
Our hearts against the door, praying for an answer. Your hand
And touch firmly reminding me that everything about us together
Is not so strange or unfamiliar anymore. A promise to get through
All of the seasons and a pact to get through every type of weather.
Life is better getting to know everything about me and you.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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Déjà Vu

Deep reverberations are felt throughout
as heart immediately begins pounding
like an orchestral bass drum

Ears are muffled as I hear him say every word

Tones press down heavy
like the storm clouds hovering
colored in shades of only black and grey

In the end
it's just as it was
in the very beginning

After giving someone every part of me
he and I are only strangers
Written by Taryn
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Twisted Dreamer
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Night Walker (Written by: God is in the Rain)

Apears shadow....
From nowhere and nothing....
Walking slow....
Sound of silent steps echo through thick air....
As dark as his eyes....
Heart with Mind - naked and bare....
Time in the moment drowned....
Walking from unknown to unknown....
With mysteries all around....
Withering cold shakes his body....
Hands hiding deep in pockets....
Simple and Modest somewhy seems Gaudy....
Just as world itself, dressed in finest shades of black and dark....
Full of emptiness....
With nothing to remark....
He's all alone, even moon is not shining....
Stars were forgotten....
Wind isn't whining....
Silent and cold....
So lonely, even despair is missing....
With name untold....
Is it cold winter? or is it just his cold sadness?
Whole wide world rests in the void of his eyes....
Whole wide world is only him and darkness....
And all is lost within him....
As he is lost within all....
Through this night of downfall....
Fast yet calm pace....
Walking through vast emptiness....
And disgrace....
Where is he going? and once he'll get there....
Who will be waiting for -
                        the Night Walker

Fire of Insight
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Saw Her Standing There

Saw her standing there.

I’d never seen her before.

Saw her standing there.

You are beautiful.

Nothing else.
Just that.

Turned to walk away.

She said.
What did you mean by that?


She said.
But I’m black.


She said.
You’re white.

Again, so?

She answered.
So, I’m beautiful,
For a black woman.

I answered.

She answered.


She said.
With a touch of tear in her eye.
Thank you.

I answered.
You are welcome.

Turned to walk away.

She said.
I mean.
I really, really thank you.

I answered.
You are really, really welcome.

She smiled.

She said.
I could kiss you for that.

I answered.

She froze for a moment.

Took my face between her hands.

Kissed me.

I kissed back.

Saliva was exchanged.

Tongues touched.

Her body closed with mine.

Arms around her back.

Hands cradled my head.

We kissed.

Kissed some more.

One long kiss.

One very long kiss.

Our lips separated.

Thank you.

She smiled.
Thank you.
Smiled wistfully.
Walked away.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
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There was a man born in a manger
Who's life got stranger and stranger
'I'm son of god
I'm not a fraud'
Not realising his life was in danger

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