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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
"[Romance is] a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. . . . love, especially when sentimental or idealized."- Google

Poems will get comments explaining good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want comments, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before, even if I've commented on it or it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit 3 poems maximum. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed. poems, submitted after the contest closure, will not be valid for this contest.

Please send me a private message with any question or concern, including any about contestants who have entered more than 3 poems, contestants who have posted poems after the contest have closed, my missing comment on your poem, or any contest rule (or detail) that was broken (or suddenly made invalid) by any contestant or me.

Here's some inspiration from last competition:

0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d said:

I've walked away a dozen times
but I come back around to find
that even with out history
there still remains some mystery

I find it easy to forget
she has a lot to teach me yet
so close, but yet so far away
I keep her with me every day

so much remains to be explored
I never know what lies in store
a hundred times I've lost my way
but I still find her just the same

she holds the cure,
she's my affliction
she makes me pure,
she's my addiction
she's that which
cannot be attained
I wouldn't dare
to speak her name

she's that which
be achieved,
that one
that haunts my dreams
I keep her close,
but far away
she'll be the death
of me some day

sometimes it's easy
to forget
I haven't even
had her yet
so close, but yet
so far away
I think about her
every day

Jade-Pandora said:Birds of a Feather

Our first real-life meeting one day!        
Will I be shy (I'm not!), will he?        
To feel unsure, you never know        
Shall I betray a quivered mess        
And suddenly go quiet.        
I giggle as I say those words        
That I just now have spoken.        
He knows how much I love to talk        
And possibly has gathered that        
The more nervous that I become,        
I turn into a magpie!        
Oh!, but how he loves my voice,        
Even scratchy when I'm sleepy.      
Laughing merrily together        
Even if we've been all solemn        
But never for too very long.        
The moment of our very first,        
A dizzy face-to-face-to-lips,        
Will one day be at hand-to-hand,        
Which sounds just like a combat stance!        
I'll get to see his hands before        
He reaches out and touches me,        
Before I see his eyes that grin        
As we shake uncontrollably.        
And then his mouth begins to twitch,        
To hear it start to say to me        
In that boyish way of his,        
"Hi Jadey...", chirping valiantly.        
Our feet will mash potatoes        
As we keep exchanging thus,        
Our little dance as we connect        
One spark, then two, and then again.        
To grow a misty quiet light        
Into a mounting hope between.        
Our fervent thoughts, a jubilee        
Of conflagration's bursting hearts.        
The walk from bus to vehicle,  
Then hold each other very close.        
Where so much almost always does,        
The places that we've gone and been        
In everything of love we've made        
And still become two timid kids.        
You mean tongue-tied? That can't be us,        
Until we finally meet again.

Darkhope said:Dreaming of love

Standing at the edge of the sea
It’s where one world ends and one world starts. Staring at the horizon—wishing you were here
I ask myself—Is there anyone out there for me

Although many live here-Earth is a lonely place
A place where cold and darkness seem to overshadow us
Sometimes I feel this cold that paralysis’s me
I ask myself—in such a cold place does anyone carry warmth.

I look out from a top a tall mountain
Wishing I was an angel-to be closer to God.
A feeling of warmth-My soul which feels peace
Than I realize I’m still on earth-his warmth inside me burning with contentment

What do I do to find my love
I know she’s out there-I can feel it
She’s almost in reach-but still a blur
What will I do when I find her-share my warmth
But until then-I’ll keep her alive in my dreams. My love.

Here's more inspiration from last competition:

There Are No Words by wallyroo92

William Colten Sorrells
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poet Anonymous

William Colten Sorrells
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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Sunrise To Sundown

Sunrise To Sundown
OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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You and me
me with you

never to part
as we walk the Earth;

from now till forever
if forever do exist
our love will remain;

each day, with every breath
we will conquer life
and share the weight of struggles;

waking up to the blessing
of togetherness is a bliss
that we can't compare;

from sunrise to sundown
looking ahead even in cloudy skies
or moonless nights, we can smile;

happiness, grief, fear or wild adventure
we can make it, we will get pass anything
we trust that we are safe in each other's hand.

William Colten Sorrells
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Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
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It fades

I was tangled in your corruption
I remember your rose
It pricked eruption
Then emotions I bled
its thorns...belonging to the flower

Beauty, it may contain
Yet harms
Then wilts

Admired its richness
the color...the red

Passion you had for me
wild flames used to burn

I remember... I remember...

Tis only I can do

I knew
your heart never was mine
weren't meant to be
Gazed into your eyes, stars used to shimmer
Became dull

Words held warmth no more

What was I?
What were we?

Nothing but lustful partners
We were blinded
In illusion
Called it passion

Love...a foreign word it is

I hoped
even after we parted
One day
it could be...

Now I'm certain
'Tis a foolish dream

Goodbye my friend...farewell my sweet

The visions, our memories
Now I let go
Kiss goodbye

Hope your new love isn't the same-

an illusion
Written by SourMelon0313 (H)
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Dangerous Mind
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Who Am I?

Am I bad?
Am I evil?
Am I wicked?
Am I a demon?

Considering how I lust after you
I wonder if I might be the devil

But how can I be,
When I'm in love with angel?

Dangerous Mind
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I hurt so bad
It hurts so deep
I'm hurting so terribly
I can hardly speak
Ever since you said that
You no longer loved me

The pain is so bad
That with every breath
I can hardly breath
I think at any moment
My heart will seize

So the doctor asked me,
"On a scale of one to ten
How how would you rate
the severity of your pain?"

I told him,
"Doc, I hurt so bad
My pain is way our
Of your range"

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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I cry
when I feel you
within the forest
of my mind
I try
but I find
it hard
to define
I'm in love
with the shape
of your mind

Tyrant of Words
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Is it not true
that the words
I care for you
no matter the cost
of my own well being
no matter
the consequences
of the life
that I live
are not these words
far stronger
and deeper
then those sad
worn out
bland words
I love you

Tyrant of Words
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Second hand

It is not the point
how many have dipped
into your well
of desperate dreams
it doesnt matter
how many have laid
close to your skin
the point is
would you
let one climb
under it
to feel
what one believes
within your fractured
you shine
with all the things
that we need

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Love Abides

The world where love abides,
Where sounds of anxious crowds reside,
Your words have pushed aside

Your single glimpse can send
The rest away as we commend
This place our own pretend

The place you tell your tale
And world, whose claims between assail,
Is lost in your regale

Lost time in tiger’s fur
Where laughter fills in, hearts concur;
Like strokes, a kitten’s purr.

Our love those strokes have known,
In every word’s express has shown,
This world is us alone
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Fire of Insight
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We made love; 
syruped with stevia  
& sleepy time tea  
A shoegaze standstill    
something subdued  
from spotify ensues  
Being ushered down  
the yawning black  
enclosed in beryl bands  
Maybe there's dark matter  
stashed in your eyes...  
Climbing you;  
my cedar  
cause' there's nowhere  
to fold my wings...  
Nowhere more home  
for me to sleep  
Written by AtoMikbomb
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