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OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Christmas in the Air

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Share a memory, delightful or depressing during the Christmas season
Poem of any length, sharing memories of Christmas Past. Maximum of two poems per poet, please title your poems. No collaborations. Thank You!!

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Dangerous Mind
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The Christmas of Helen

T'was almost two decades ago,  
but the memory stays more vivid,  
than my Christmas from last.  
It was when I was still young and brave and passionate  
about the cause that I struggled to win;  
selfless in my desire to change the world I'm living in.  
It was not my name on my I. D.,  but never have I,  
been truer to myself,  and exposed and naked,  
for everyone to witness how I began to really see.  
Christmas trees in the home of the oppressed  
were made of straws yet,  glittering with the sweat  
of their efforts and with their burning spirit amidst poverty.  
That was the time when I learned how it feels to be,  
ashamed to look at smiling faces as I received something shared
by the people who're evidently lacking in every way.  
The midnight dinner was an anemic saggy pasta,  
but it was the tastiest I ever tried only because  
a hungry belly would eat even chunks of moldy bread.  
I cried that day,  not because I regretted to leave the comfort,  
of my home in exchange for what started to be fad attention,  
but because I was sorry for the insincerity of my intention.  
That Christmas,  I ceased to be a teenage brat that thinks,  
it's cool to be a bad ass rebel who can talk trash against the system.  
Overnight, I became a citizen of my country who cared,  
for the people around me,  for the effect of policies;  
for inflation and depreciation,  for responsible expression;  
for my choices during elections and for the future of the next generation.  
Written by OxyMoronicMe (G.L.)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you Oxy for kick starting the competition.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 25th Aug 2011
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Last Christmas

a quiet noisy day
a meal eaten among crowds
in silence in a restaurant
food chewed and swallowed
tasted like communion wafers
in my mouth


-not an entry-

William Colten Sorrells
Thought Provoker
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When December Ends

It's been a couple winters,
you're hard to even be
you give these wounds no time
to mend
just wake me when December ends

I try my best to stay
or otherwise, the darkness
into the corners
of my brain
and slowly makes me go

but just a little at
a time
so that way I still think
I'm fine
the same way that you
still pretend
just wake me when
December ends

you told me you were going
to sleep
just with that phrase,
the darkness creeps
I can't believe tou tried
to kill
when you chased that
handfull of pills

and I can't say I'll ever know
what made you feel
this way
it killed me when you said
"goodbye", and
"happy Holidays"

each day I'm thankful
you survived
that day within me
something died
into the void,
my soul descends
don't wake me
when December ends
Written by 0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d (William Colten Sorrells)
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Tyrant of Words
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0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d, thank you for your entry.

Dangerous Mind
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The very first Christmas
Was by far the best Christmas
For a Savior was born

Tyrant of Words
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snugglebuck, thank you...that's so true.

Tyrant of Words
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Festive Days

I came from a place
Where Christmas was celebrated with parties,
Music and food,
A huge jubilation of the birth of Christ.
I came from a place
Where the night was filled with people in the streets,
The smell of firecrackers and sparklers in the air,
Waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

And at eleven fifty-nine pm,
Our next door neighbor would light up the biggest firework,
Place it on the middle of the street and set it off.
It would give the loudest boom
It shook the walls and roofs,

At that time all the neighborhood came out,
Dressed in their best,
Giving each other hugs and saying “Merry Christmas”
Smiling and laughing,
Christmas was here.

I remember those festive days like they were yesterday,
Childhood memories of family, friends and neighbors
Joined in a great celebration.

Strange Creature
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Sadness brightened by a kind word
In the sky
In the town of Bethlehem
Peace on earth

Pleading for good fortune
Velvet, taffeta, glitter, trumpet and violin
Another year
We've lived!  Once more!

Tiny toy villages through a window
Childlike wonder
Murmur of conversation in a room
She glides through the crowd

Tyrant of Words
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wallyroo92 and youmustlikemeforme, thank you for your participation. youmustlikemeforme, you might want to title your poem.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Tenacious holiday obsession (merry Christmas y’all)

tenacious holiday obsession
psychiatric help since the age of 11

jolly minded mental patient
white padded room straightjacket medicated

Christmas light strangulation
Intestine wrapped tree for nice decoration

high explosive Christmas present
detonated sleigh ride straight to fuckin heaven

 severed heads for stocking stuffers
no fuckin coal this year from your mother

 homicide within your manger
blood stain baby Jesus death poet slanger

candy cains and mutilation
drinking eggnog severed cunt masturbation

tenacious holiday obsession
psychiatric help since the age of 11

festive minded mental patient
strapped down hospital bed for protection

salvation army santa killer
blew his brains out donations for my liqueur

carolers will be dismembered
can't sing songs with your fucking head severed

mangled angels in the snow
better check em twice no pulse good to go

schzitsofrantic st nick
electroshock therapy didn't help shit

so merry fucking Christmas bitches
jigg82 dead body best wishes ;)

tenacious holiday obsession
psychiatric help since the age of 11

stupid minded mental patient
on death row for the charges that I'm facin:(

Written by jigg82
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Fire of Insight
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Where Was I The Night Of The 25th...?

Gaelic groves          
shawl your swollen            
irises - dense - dead          
& darkly deep;          
Wintered Zion          
polar nights          
of pine          
wreath like ice          
'round a new solstice moon          
Matching actually...          
My mom's fake tree,          
no spruce-y          
scent for me          
I'll wear            
'cept your emerald T...          
...make it easy...          
Sloe & honey hair          
spike 2 shots          
of gin            
gumming my mousey          
each time you walk near          
Gutter lights          
trace the house's            
rambling ranch frame      
like some kind of      
flaxen lace    
Your palms            
line these  
tenderly clammy       
flushing in company          
with the wallheater's            
when we become bare          
It was not          
& entirely was          
the end of nights          
that you weren't            
Our anniversary is on the 26th, and I remember Christmas...so well.
Written by AtoMikbomb
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Tyrant of Words
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jigg82 and AtoMikbomb, thank you for participating.

Dangerous Mind
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Good Christmas Memory

Family gathered around the Christmas tree,
Admiring the ornaments and icicles that
Sparkle within the lights, feeling free
As it will no longer fight or combat
With feeling alone or sad. A smile
That does not disappear or fade,
But shines with no long mile
In between. A love that stayed.
Written by eswaller
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