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Upbeat Poems

Happy, positive, motivational and inspirational poetry

Published on 25th June 2015 8:48am
Written by anandosen
Boat of sorrow sailed away
in my rain of tears
Boat of sorrow washed away
my bureau of pain & fears.

Boat of sorrow made of paper
that writ my tragedy
Boat of sorrow had some taper
and gave me remedy.

Boat of sorrow sank down one day
in my waves of laughter
Boat of sorrow drank down one May
my tears that caused disaster.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd June 2015 8:59pm
Written by slowgasm
Against many million
we had to outrun
fortunate for us
we came in number one.

'the spermazoa race'
congrats to the winners!
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Published on 23rd June 2015 3:23pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
"A 50-year-old fetus was
found inside the body of a 92-year-old woman.
According to NewsOXY"

ding to (a( poUm     eye
                     e r
possibly hav (w(rit no thing[k]
                   of a sort........

A womb as her/his tomb!
Luck'lucky little...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd June 2015 2:38pm
Written by vcsawyer1
Not everyone can do what they do
Seems endless and takes a toll on you
To the night workers I tip my hat
The graveyard shift isn't where it's at
That eleven to seven almost every night
While you're sleeping, they're putting up a fight
Exhaustion and fatigue can wear them away
Yet night after night they find a way
Most don't complain or shed any tears
How the lack of rest takes away some years
Or trying find a way to sneak in a nap
For these night owls there is no night cap
Whether you're young or old it takes a toll on you body
But they do...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd June 2015 7:29am
Written by oskar
Horse Story
Whatever you do a horse will not be accepted in
bar or an inn, our horse after hours of ploughing soil
was give beer to drink, this because the home made
beer the farmer had brewed wasn’t any god.
The horse drank deeply but after a rest it got truculent
and refused the harness, The farmer gave it more
beer to mollify the horse, but no this was a day when
it said no. The horse trotted to the nearest town
found an inn and asked for a beer, deep silence, drinkers
joined AA, no good for business the innkeeper called
the police and got...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st June 2015 11:17pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX

shal'low in the shadow/shadows
               in shallows /
what word? what care?
        go     letting
                g o /  
set free let free
ever y body free
      to delude as free
       as free belief
      can possible be,
    over ever y
                  gestures, bounded
        & gagg'ed to really true real
              freedoom de dumbdumb/...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st June 2015 4:28pm
Written by kateA seekingkate
I've lost it
And it feels good
Woken from my dreams
Strange they were
A poem going through my head
Though this isn't it
A song playing in the background
It's on my iPhone
Music time
I hit the wrong track
The beat starts
The body moves
The arm is raised except I'm horizontal
Up I get
I'm on my own Ibiza dance the dark
I'm beaming
The song's on repeat
It's the dead of night
I feel like I've had some happy weed
Fuck knows how many times it played
It's still making me move
Ah, that's it
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st June 2015 3:00pm
Written by candycrier
The gentle Indian man disliked flyswatters
He would let an imprisoned fly find an outside exit
Helping it escape on his mantra which
Seemed almost holy, "Dear Fly, Fly!"
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st June 2015 6:34am
Written by kitkatmadina
Look up there. Can't you see?
The sky is full of wonders and mysteries
Full of escape and places we all want to go
Where the world disappears into the unknown
And we all lie down and falter into our demise
As we look up to the heavens, to the baby blue skies
Of this earth we inhabit that we ruin with sin
And sweat those sins off our backs with a devilish grin
Where we lie and we cheat as we love and we lose
And the world returns with kicks and we scar where we bruise
But I don't want to live in a world full of hate
Where our futures are...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 20th June 2015 5:20pm
Written by mojado-123. mojado123
Dear dad
This isn't just poetry
A play of words that am good at. No
This is my intense appreciation
For a life well lived with you.
This isn't just a letter of praise
Use of words that hide the truth. No
This is my time that I have put aside to say thank you.
This isn't just words
Written to be read and put aside to be forgotten. No
This is me speaking to you in words Written especially for you.
Dad, I have lived to grow
            and Respectable...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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DU Poetry : Upbeat Happy Inspirational Poems

Published on 20th June 2015 4:13pm
Written by Namyh
A Bigfoot Tale  
First of April on a hill in the mountains  
-and the branches did break  
-and the trees did shake  
‘cross a path where the forest lost light,  
-while coming his way  
-even air moved away  
two lovers set up camp in a clearing  
-even fog made a sound  
-when his foot hit the ground  
and they kissed in the quiet of the night.  
Then, they sat near the glow of the campfire  
-and his breath was a fright  
-at his twenty foot height
where the food on the...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 20th June 2015 2:43pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
** an'other foray into the realm of garbagian throwaways best
  throwed-away before gaining any mass

bare         thy dirtyword,
No Thing here
that an'other dream can't fix, or
     'fix better' as
consciously contriven 'bright idea'
     as alluded to
in our sub
      id'd  securitySystems
secured to kill th'swill of honesty that could
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th June 2015 11:50am
Written by kateA seekingkate
rolling hills like an ocean of breasts
the sea breeze soars in and around them
an explorer, exploring

a quietness lingers on top of this world
my face upturned
a sunflower, waiting for a kiss

life, an enviable tapestry
weaving a complex pattern
rich in hue

freedom, is but a state of mind
it’s always there, never ignore it

my life, unfolding, as it should be

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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th June 2015 11:06am
Written by Kexby
It is late and time well spent
proceeds its way to night,
star-lit sky no moon to
chill with cruel shadows,
vicious shapes of topiary
yews clipped and sinister,
nudes, their arms outstretched,
bolder now than in the sun,
no longer to excite the eye,
only the sound of dusty moths
clashing with a lonely lamp
and  fountain in the oval pool
peppering water's golden hordes.
Frogs and toads serenade the stars,
gentle on the ear calming
those who listen. . . . . .
Breath deep the midnight air,
sink in sleep the angels sing.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th June 2015 8:52am
Written by UnhopefulHopes
Sweet black sky's
And moon so bright
days end as tomarrow begins
And yesterday is but a thought
Still water and soft wet wind
Suger filled water in this sea of life
Hope is there. Its just unseen
dreams of a good life will be,
But only. only if we try
See out and touch the horizon
Sit but think. Lay down and fill this world spin
This time. Is is ment for you but you alone
Why hurt? If pain is short
Why pout? If all will be fine
Why cry? If tomarrow will come
Wake knowing you alive
Wake knowing you are more ...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th June 2015 1:24am
Written by thelovepoet
Two young lovers
sitting together
on a park bench
watching them
makes me think of
beautiful memories
yes I can see
these young lovers
intend to have fun
as I once done when
it was my turn

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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 8:18pm
Written by Poetikmind

Listen to dis tale I bout to say
Me no come like clod, stumblin...
spare me oh lord have mercy...
Take a peep deep into your 'mirror'
then, steer as far away
from Da naysayers
you been hearin' of...
Literally, language is oft a barrier
but what's often lost is the cost
of prejudgin' if intellect ever came
or went...Intelligence, I'm a carrier
Lest one be deceived,
there's far more to thee
than ever conceived
see, we won't even concede
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 8:04am
Written by angeleyes322
June Twentieth,
Two Thousand Fourteen.
A day completely
Our love grew strong
Right from the start.
You captured me
As I gave you my heart.
Our walk on the beach
As I touched your face.
I miss our talks
By the fireplace.
Our first date
Just a kiss on my cheek.
Made my heart tremble.
Made my knees weak.
One year
Feels like eternity.
Your life became
My destiny.
And though you're still
A bit too far,
I've finally found
My shooting star!
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 4:08am
Written by bcpoet
in a vision from the one
who sailed the endless sea
water water everywhere
but none for you or me -
liquid lapping soul entrapping
rhythms felt today
micro- macroscopic rapping
beings here at play -
in Xanadu a pleasure dome
decreed by Kubla Khan
shimmered in a vision
from a poet now long gone -
in Xanadu the waters flowed
through incense bearing trees
flowers filled with butterflies
and buzzing bumblebees -
time was measured by the Sun
and by the Moon at night
by the stars so far away
shining oh...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 3:24am
Written by Belial ButcherScraps
~Feb 2011

One for roads
forever motion.
Wires inside
shock the sleep.
Curious hunger
source of rivers.
Forgotten passing
burns it deep.
From the well
a babbling fire.
Iron essence
Engine stoking
soul transition.
Amnesia act
is memorized.
Dead & fresh
upon the slab. ...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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