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Upbeat Poems

Happy, positive, motivational and inspirational poetry

Published on 24th January 2015 1:28pm
Written by flowergirl
deep within myself is where I dwell at times
a dark place where no one but me enters
only dark tears of illusional loneliness exist
filled with emotions that aren't realistic
talk my heart into believing I'm not luved
blindness led by haunted foolish thinking
only laughter I hear is evil chanting of a devilish me
trying to over power myself with negative weakness
oh how the devil in me happily corrupts my mind
close my eyelids to conceal bloodshot greens
hold in a tear that shouldn't even exist ...
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Published on 23rd January 2015 5:57am
Written by Inetta Adjir-Toure Blacklillies
We linger in gloom, collected by thought, separated by strength..moved by love. Still whole and competent
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd January 2015 5:13pm
Written by Ghosts Shadow Eidolon_Ghost
gazing through the mirror i see my reflection.
inside the mirror i see the real me caged with intention.
this mirror is some house of correction.
chains wrapped in barb wire that keep me ensnared.
i'm blind to the pain as i'm visually impaired.
am i even alive now a days? its unclear.
i endure peoples shit as if its a full time career.
but what of it? i hang myself to them as they stare in amusement to this gleaming chandelier.
they will never understand they're deaf in both ears.
i draw and paint far and near and every day of a calendar year. ...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd January 2015 12:29pm
Written by Morrison Jusu Emjay
How are you doing
What do you do...
...I dont mean your boring job, i mean what do you do for fun
When was the last time you did something for the first time
How often did you laugh, a good heartfelt laughter
Are you doing the things you love
Are you living your true dream or your parent's dream
Are you Happy
Are you living your life or merely existing
Do you sometimes wish you can go back in time and change some things
Do you go to bed every night with your mind stress-free or is the bed just another place...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd January 2015 9:45am
Written by lanapoet
Come join me in our world
The world that is us
The world I want only you to see

Come join me where the sun shines upon your face
where the birds dance as the music plays
Come join me here where the heart beats
The blood pumps and our souls get lost in space

Come join me in this warm embrace
Where love is never lost and distance fades
Come join me for one day
A day that no sun can set upon

Come join me in our world
In our world
Our own secret place
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 22nd January 2015 7:04am
Written by Cruel world SakuraSlowly
( Im trying something new for this one tell me how you hate it or like it please)

I am your star shining bright. I am the vanilla twilight look into my eyes you see something new. When I get mad my passion shows through, canít you see the uniqueness around me? I donít stay high up am all around you now shining bright with my head held proud. No one gonna determine my fate and no one gonna take my life. †I will live how I want and shine high in that vanilla sky.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd January 2015 1:51am
Written by whitegirlunwrapped
First kiss is all you need to put your mind at ease, the anticipation drives a girl insane, when you know nothing will ever be the same, his hand wrapped up in your hair pulling you in slow, your eye to eye, nose to nose your lips really close, that moment fireworks start to explode, as you touch his lips you become a lost sole, a taste of heaven, butterflies take control, my hands on his face, I hope that I will stay in the presence of his eternal grace
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Published on 22nd January 2015 00:43am
Written by Scot Powers scopow77
Lightly you did enter
at first merely a thought
but steadily each day it seems
you are closer to my heart

what is this fascination
that has me in it's grip
fighting to keep my balance
as my deck begins to tip

tossed about relentlessly
the loving waves begin to crush
all the weight pressed down on me
oh it's such a rush

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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd January 2015 00:16am
Written by Smookdhapoet

adult poems
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st January 2015 12:32pm
Written by Colten Sorrells SirCreepy
I don't like to let it starve
But when you overfeed it
It soon gets out of control

I feel like I've ascended the highest peak
The sky is the limit
But don't encourage me

For if my head
Were to inflate any more
I would achieve liftoff

It would surely be a mess
Bad for anyone involved
So I'll just take a step back
And place a few bricks in the basket
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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DU Poetry : Upbeat Happy Inspirational Poems

Published on 21st January 2015 12:00pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
ing from a long line of
† †longlines
† †cut short,
†some † body's
† † †toe †n'ails ),
been endowed an arti
† † † † † † † †face †heart [ o f 'sorts' ]
wit'which to carry out
† † these plays of pretense wit'out
ing to cons'ult a 'will-to-live'.....a
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † luxury
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † far beyond
† † † † † † † † † † † † (unparalleled ! )
† † † † † † † † † † † †my'own mortal-man
† † † † † † † † † †...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st January 2015 9:48am
Written by oskar
French, the People
I went to a wedding in Paris that was some time ago
when the lily white French in their cotton packed
arrogance thought the Arabs they had pressed to live
in cheap housing, was a happy lot.
The wedding was conducted on a barge that was going
down the Seine and up again and on the voyage we
could see the Eifel tower in all its garish colours.
To work on a wedding barge is well paid only white
French waiters, although the kitchen staff, was foreigners
I mean those who wash pots and spits in your soup.
It was a grand...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st January 2015 4:44am
Written by Jessica Jennifer Ashton Kou_Indigo
- An Eden for a Lily -
Oh heart of mine, what caused thy beating?
Like drums across the fields and the valleys.
As thunder it is, across a sky full of storms!
For such is the passion I feel, like a greeting,
Betwixt lovers who share kindred destinies!
Even on a chill day, such fire hotly warmsÖ
The depths of my soul, raising me to heights,
Beyond the mountains of heavenly paradise!
Above: all Elysian splendor and starry lights.
And I know well the flower whose deviceÖ
Whose art so inspired in me: such devotion.
When didst I realize it was...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st January 2015 3:33am
Written by KittyFromHell
I feel alive
When an erotic hour draws nigh
Nothing compares to
The dirty little deeds I do
To tease and please
Snaps something within me
I am at your mercy, sir
Would you command my knees to the dirt?
They say I've swallowed my pride
But when you shove me down, I'm high
Something so freeing in losing control
But the whispers of bigotry take their toll
Kick me to the ground
To scatter every piece of me I've found
Slander me sore, I'd love nothing more
Welcome to Yankee Doodle reincarnated, bitch
...I'm a...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st January 2015 1:55am
Written by Sebastian PhilipWardlow
Why oh why Mr. Moon do you walk
hands in pockets, eyes downcast,
as the stars sit in there satin blue sheet,
Don't you know it's all for you?
No eyes but yours can see
all that the sky can give.
Feel blessed in this.
Earthly trappings are not the
core of your constance.
Nor the phases you
endure in your
soul's search
for permanence.
Even in shadow,
yet you are still whole.
Even though no others
may see.
You will always...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 20th January 2015 9:03pm
Written by Miss Chi Chiyo
Blurred - no horizon
Snow White's soft winter duvet
Symbol of virtue
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 20th January 2015 6:29pm
Written by Firebyrd
I have found...
That evidence of healing
can be found ...inside the thickness
of the scars
Even though some wounds look painful
Even though some scars seem hard
I reflect...
As I run my mental fingers over
the outline of some of my wounds
Allowing the itch of the memory
to come alive ...
No Longer am I an open wound
Allowing the essence of my Life Force
To Spill over and out of me...
No Longer is My Soul in danger of
Becoming infected
with the rejection
Of Acceptance
I am at peace with my...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 20th January 2015 9:51am
Written by Franko76
Alone in your directed wealth
You will find the secret to your soul
And unlock the door to happiness
To never again loose the keys
Whilst your strong legs carry you forward
Friends will gather in your wake
Whispering words of encouragement
As you straighten spine and lift chin
For no matter the shadow cast
The light will always come
In the smile of a stranger
In the laughter of a lover
And when all seems most bleak
Thoughts clouded with self-recrimination
Swirling with hare-running fear
Your tears...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 20th January 2015 6:14am
Written by LynetteChiamakaOkoroike LynetteOkoroike
Crying is not a sign of weakness.
Itís a sign of strength.
Itís a sign of letting yourself go
and not holding yourself back.
Itís a form of expression
a silent expression
an emotional expression
a vulnerable expression
a brave and strong expression
letting everyone know that you canít
take it anymore.
Small drops of water
coming from your visual peripherals
come tumbling down
the sides of your face
like an overflowing waterfall
From eye to chin
each watery teardrop
represents and symbolizes
you breaking free
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 19th January 2015 5:39pm
Written by skinnypins1972
Enigmatic, her petals fall and rise,
As tho reaching forth,
To the bluest of skies,
Arched her back, outstretched her fold,
Unleash the beauty,
Once held static away from cold,
Light brushes amid her bloom,
Unfurls her tendrils,
Summer will be here soon,
Colour akin to melting sun,
Beauty pure, innocence,
Her presence is next to none,
Flashing her stamen smile,
So briefly here to admire,
Let me glance upon her awhile,
Enigmatic, her petals rose then fell,
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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