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Upbeat Poems

Happy, positive, motivational and inspirational poetry

This section is for happy, light, positive and inspirational poems that provide uplifting and motivational reading. Romantic love poetry is also included here. All happy poems on a range of subjects are in one place, to give you a big choice of poems to make you smile. This is where DU poets prove that the hard, dark and dirty side of poetry isn't always a tormented place.
Published on 24th May 2015 00:00am
Written by Hydrodgones LONDON-POETS
Goodnight sweetheart, sleep well and...think of me.
Think about you, are you kidding babe?
No one's ever insisted on that before.
Think of you as you sleep?
Think of you as you think of me?
Or just think about you anyway I like?
Yes, your words spoke volumes that humid night.
So how should I think of you then babes?
Please tell me how but don't tell me now,
'Cos that's just gonna spoil everything!
Still, I love the way you leave it all up to me.
Seems like...
I'm putting the smile back onto your face,
You're giving me warmth...
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Published on 23rd May 2015 1:26am
Written by kateA seekingkate
The dampness of the soil assails my nostrils
as I walk through the door.
All is still as a graveyard.
I sit and begin to type.
As if to greet my arrival in their heart of hearts
the clouds stop travelling across the sky,
a cool breeze caresses my bare skin,
the trees become expressive in their greeting,
the birds start to sing, their voices rising to a crescendo,
insects twirl bombarding me with their presence.
I stop what I’m doing to take notice.
Smiling, I think
'How lovely it is to have your presence felt...'
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd May 2015 10:20pm
Written by prestonGibson
Bills that tower mountains.
Debts carving canyons.
Worrisome thoughts provoking tears,
filling depths of seas.
Structures form around me.
Adulthood views as far as they eye can see.
Hidden in my pocket, a voice calls soft and sweet.
"Worry less my dearest friend.
Forget not, smell of lilacs on the breeze.
Spread your toes in greening grass.
Keep close your waining dreams.
Catch the morning sunrise.
Bathe in moonlight gleams.
Wish on stars,
reach out your arms,
to feel the rain that's...
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Published on 22nd May 2015 9:08pm
Written by Jessica Jennifer Ashton Kou_Indigo
- Raptures Without Name -
In a heart that is most passionate,
There is fire, beyond that of stars!
Such passion, one can never sate,
For it either heals, or deeply mars.
In the depths of space’s vastness,
Somewhere, a star explodes hotly.
Beyond sight of human fastness…
It is a ritual repeated oft eternally.
Hot amidst cold, light in the dark,
Followed by darkness and thence:
Miracles occur where none hark…
Cycles turn in eldritch occurrence.
More light, as new stars art born!
Light in the shadows of the voids,
With a dawn that...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd May 2015 8:42pm
Written by fake_reality
Death is the only way to life
Man needs to die
But frist we need to know what man is
Man is a creature of an animal with a mind and dead spirit
A pervert at heart seeking only after himself
Now some would disagree
Man does good
Man has done many good things
Man heals himself
And feeds himself
And amuses himself
So he kills himself
And rapes himself
And abuses himself
To me this man sounds like an egotistical
Uncontrollable self centerd maniac
And he cannot do good to began with
The definition of good
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Published on 22nd May 2015 8:35pm
Written by zoeygirl
Love for a Goddess
I have a love that keeps me strong
A love that keeps me all night long
A Love that rings pure and true
A love that makes all seem new
A love for a Goddess strong and pure
A love that for loneliness is the cure
A love for a Goddess true and Just
A love in someone I truly trust
My love for her fills my heart
And I know we will never part
I love my Goddess with all my soul
And unlike others she has no toll
All she asked is faith and love
Love as bright as the stars above
A love for a Goddess who illuminates like...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 22nd May 2015 3:27pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
more & another
prick'ling of a poom to torment, or
     at least annoy the
 wit yOur wit & pretense of
     having possessed a 'past',
( &
     having 'done something' wit it)

now, one thing after another will be
     adding down to nothing,
     expressly to relieve the so'called
dead weight of a life imagined & pursued
     in diligent excess.

no thing could be closer to the real blood
      wee bled bleeding as bleeders often...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd May 2015 00:37am
Written by SUNLITE refinemind
More than one way to skin a cat
Skinny or fat
White, red, yellow or black
As a matter of FACT
It's as easy as walking on a doormat
Thinking with thoughts
Equivalent to Chess being taught
Floyd Money Mayweather in a Title match being fought
Perpendicular to a angle
If your ready to tangle
I'LL teach the Mass
Cause I'm sharper than Broken Glass
Good at solving problems really fast
Maxwell(coffee) i'M good to the last
Just topped off so NO...
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Published on 21st May 2015 9:58pm
Written by Faceless wanderer
never roam with crowds;  
 go your own way  
yes your path may lead to hell  
which is a grave sadness;  
a dire misfortune  
but heaven's gate was never found  
by those who roam with crowds  
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 21st May 2015 6:49am
Written by prestonGibson
Do you reside there?
In the air, I dare wander.
Do you sneak a kiss to my cheek?
Do you hear the words that I speak;
soft, and soundly sent to you?
Under breaths,
a voice lighter than whispers,
I silence my pleas to become a listener.
I see you when the sunlight paints
watercolored clouds amongst sunbeams.
Colton candy skies catch my ever seeking eyes.
I hear you when the pines glisten and gleam
with dewdrops that invoke the memory of you saying,
"Those glittering globes on the branches are fairies. ...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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DU Poetry : Upbeat Happy Inspirational Poems

Published on 21st May 2015 5:46am
Written by melisha
When I gaze into the midst with my wandering eyes, birds chirping while in hidden disguise, what lays beneath me put to rest. What lies before me... is never ending.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 20th May 2015 8:55pm
Written by wallyroo92
Dare I dream big of things without limits
Of all the aspirations I wish to achieve
And live the rest of my life according to plan
Regardless of what resources lead me to believe
I must move out of my comfort zone to grow
So that I’ll be able to become the person I dream
I must explore unchartered waters so I can arrive
To the imagined places where I can reign supreme
I will face all obstacles that are coming my way
No matter how bleak the circumstances may get
For I alone have the power to shape my fate
And dictate the pages I...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 19th May 2015 9:35pm
Written by bghe4ever BGHE4EVER
Desire in my heart
Each beat cries your name
Restless is my soul
Passion is not shame

Your need fills a void
Only my mind hears
Hungry for love
It is worth all the fear

Share a connection
This love runs deep
Joined at the soul
My life you complete

More than just friends
But never a vow
As two become one
A bond forever now

Accept what it is
Cherish each day
Live in the moment
Seek out a way

Part of my life
Only meant for you
To share in this journey
My eternal soulmate true
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 19th May 2015 3:17pm
Written by Spanker
Flaps up

All aboard
Don't mind me
This is your Captain

Rest assured
You are in good hands
This aircraft is well serviced
And the attendants are first class

Leaving the runway
We will maintain our positions
High above the clouds
Until they tell us to come down

Should things start flashing
And alarms begin to sound
Do not despair
We are insured
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th May 2015 10:48pm
Written by Lady Peninnah Nganga peninnah
It is only when a man allows the pride of his name to surpass the rule of his ego that he achieves unimagiable measure of power and success in unfamiliar territory!
Don't be scared to sail in strange waters
Break free from shackles of fear,doubts and societal limits whose yields are only mediocrity and boredom!
Go rogue try higher heights!
Bike a trail on a road yet travelled
Build a Castle in the wilderness!
You are A Lion;Roam!Rule and Reign the jungle!
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th May 2015 8:40pm
Written by Alenore ScarletLenore
So the healing begins,
With just one look,
One kind smile,
Two kind eyes,
And a heart so big it can't be unseen.
I can feel myself breathing again,
I can feel my heart stop bleeding,
And what I'm needing
Has less to do with control,
And more to do with beginning.
Beginning to see
How people love like You.
How he loves me as You do.
I never want to not feel this way,
I want to be in the way,
Of everything this life will offer,
Because I am no longer hiding,
No, I am a loved...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th May 2015 8:35pm
Written by Alenore ScarletLenore
To me, it doesn't matter if you're gay,
I want to walk with you anyway.
So ignore the crowds,
Ignore the overwhelming voices that scream
Death and dismay.
My love is lost in their eyes.
Listen to me,
Listen to what I say,
You are my darling angel,
My sunshine,
My apple pie,
And I want you to hear me when I say
That I love you anyway.
They shout death in my name,
Their claims throw my name away,
So tune out their hate,
I am the one who keeps your fate.
Walk with me,
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th May 2015 1:57pm
Written by Hashman
What a glorious day
the trees and the grass
and all the flowers
are laughing and giggling,
while the birds and the bugs,
all the animals,are singing in joy
running and climbing
swimming and flying.
we sing as I join in with the chorus
"my oh my what a wonderful day"
golden sunshine,blue skies
green grass,little white puffy clouds
pink,yellow,orange flowers
an explosion of colors.
I bounce and float,jump and twirl
my eyes see,my ears listen,my senses tingle,
Glory,Glory,Glory...what a...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th May 2015 5:36am
Written by ManDeyer
From within the above blue air, crisp smoothe winds breeze through my hair.
Our seeing globes kept locked in  beauty so rare,
whistling smoothly are angelic visions,
keeps us blinded from sight of failed past decisions.
The one bright star will burn those whom nay turn, nor care,
to fight earth's torch is fooling to dare,
our pulsing eyes are locked into a majestic stare,
As earths creater keeps our happiness from stripping  bare.
Two sides, green and blue, the melting colours fill moulds to form our veiw .
The deep blue carries rumbles...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 18th May 2015 4:39am
Written by kateA seekingkate
Whispery beads of rain fall quickly
from hurrying clouds.
Occasionally a splatter is heard on  
an embracing leaf.
I take my time to watch the insects, natures
builders, go about their day.
A gust of wind has the trees talking over
each other, being expressive with their
branches and leaves.
Rain has brought welcomed sustenance
to the surrounding flora and fauna.
While I, eyes closed, face upturned to a burgeoning sky,
sit and count my blessings.
Such beauty and peace surround me as I pray
for this moment to ‘please, stay with me….’...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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