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Upbeat Poems

Happy, positive, motivational and inspirational poetry

This section is for happy, light, positive and inspirational poems that provide uplifting and motivational reading. Romantic love poetry is also included here. All happy poems on a range of subjects are in one place, to give you a big choice of poems to make you smile. This is where DU poets prove that the hard, dark and dirty side of poetry isn't always a tormented place.
Published on 25th July 2014 5:49am
Written by VegasPoet
† † † † †
† † † † † † †
Her talents unmatched in pen and petal
Poems and prose flow, guided
By an intellect in excellent fettle
† † † † †
Flowers arranged in glorious designs
No other word but artist
Could describe a flair so fine
She has strength of spirit, a heart beyond compare
Compassion on display, a pleasure to behold
Never a friend so loyal, I stand and declare
Creating gifts of beauty, more pristine than a pearl
Always humble, quick to deflect...
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Published on 25th July 2014 4:36am
Written by Dillon Nickerson ConcreteMoon
This lost dark feeling of sin
Like being dropped in a vast ocean
Everything splashes around me
I float down, unable to see
The place I want to be
Is this gods will or a test?
Because if it is
I'll prove the best
With an earth shattering roar
I disperse the water
Able to see the shore
Claw my way through the mud
And pick myself up from the rough
I control my life
No matter how much stress
No matter how much pain
The aura around me repels it all
Blowing winds from my soul
Widening my eyes and heart
Covering my skin in...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 25th July 2014 3:34am
Written by IminikaLithLaw
Truth be told, one couldn't have understood it if they tried;
Hours of bold, colorful lines have yet to be dried,
Extra clay for these words, it will have to do;
Perhaps the portrait needs green, or perhaps blue;
Eternities of excellence stand on their peaks,
Taller than the sun, the masters paint their creeks;
All around me sits the silent workers,
Lecturers turned to lurkers;
Somedays I want to set down this bristled pen,
Or wash these skilled hands of their artistic sin;
Fortunately, the thoughts inside my head are there,
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New Member
Published on 25th July 2014 00:58am
Written by the-killing-fields

adult poems
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 24th July 2014 9:19pm
Written by labruixa
As always, †I choose the best perspective
For our astray reality.
Rotten as logs
Pushed gently by the waves
Addle of iniertia and joy
Leave the ended feast;
Coming back, maybe,
To when everything was simpler
Iíd like and Iíd like to
Be dragged offshore
By the stream.
Help me keeping †stretched and steady
This rope
Me at one end and you at the other,
Donít lose my eyes
In the crowd.
Vacant smile to me
Smile I always repeat it
And keep with you this sight
Because just as in
The blink of an eye...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 24th July 2014 10:46am
Written by Tommie Lynn tommielynn
There's a chill in the morning air
Birds singing in the distance
Bats floating near the pines;
Cream in my coffee tastes so sweet
Warming my mouth
Sunrise peeking above the mountains
Just a pinch; a golden glow
I'll wait for the earth to give birth to it all
Hoping that ancient ball of fire
Warms my body like a flame;
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 24th July 2014 6:59am
Written by Kasupuu
Tired of living yesterday today,
Under the taunting shadows,
Soft heart ripped by heartless ghosts,
Bleeding, struggle to face tomorrow
From beyond the hidden horizon,
I crawl, pain not deterring
Fighting to see the light,
Longing for the promised heights,
Not sure how long, war bells ringing,
Wiping clots off my face,
Broken but not defeated.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 24th July 2014 5:43am
Written by Soulles_Observant Soulless_Observant
Translucent memories
Thoughts of the past
Times that have come
That could not last

Something small
And benevolent
A gift from me
The price, irrelevant

I don't remember what it was
I don't remember the price it cost
I don't expect anything back
For with this memory nothing is lost

I don't remember everything done
Not every time that's good or bad
But the memory of joy can't be reversed
A friend like you, the best I've had
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 24th July 2014 4:34am
Written by absinthe
when I was very young
I was very sickly
I remember lying in bed looking
through the mosquito net
amusing myself with the
shifting patterns as my vision faded
funnily enough
I saw a lot of faces of
men wearing turbans, like
the Sikh Gurus
I also loved to count and maybe
counting helped me feel better
whenever I was sick
I didnít count to great big numbers
but just a few, like one to five
so maybe it wasnít the numbers
that entertained me but rather
the patterns that counting made
because I wasnít really counting anything...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 24th July 2014 3:58am
Written by Law_Lith_Iminika
A poem a day can help keep the darkness away;
When one lights up the moon with its purple fray;
Something will come of it in those passing days;
Lovely little truths in every syllable and phrase.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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DU Poetry : Upbeat Happy Inspirational Poems

Published on 24th July 2014 3:57am
Written by Law_Lith_Iminika
The voice that is Markiplier
Could not possibly rise any higher
Until we are able to banish
That fear he has of Vanish
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 4:29pm
Written by Savior_Ritual Nightcore14
She fly in the open night sky-with wings the color of a Raven.
She may seem free up there but that not it she feels trap-like any other angel trap in a bird cage
She can never fight the tears that rain down from the Heavens
She not weak like some will think or say
She all alone in the sky until one night a white dove appears on her lap
The white dove coos for the Angel-known as Tamaura- and fly around her head like a halo
It was as if Tamaura was the closet thing she had to Heaven
Because we all know life can be a real Hell and the White Dove didn't want to leave...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 1:07pm
Written by Lady Peninnah Nganga peninnah
Grandma once told me
Baby even in stormy nights when ugly dark clouds cry,Mr Moon is still out there somewhere,still shinning bright.
The reason you cannot see his roar and glow,is because,it is Miss Rain time to pride and so she happen to be more overpowering than his highness.
However,as times goes by,Mr Moon develops resistance to her dripping wetness and start to fight his way out to his anointed position.
His first step is usually shaking off the dank and re-invention into a brand New Moon.With each day,his brilliance start to pick and his first show is as a...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 7:17am
Written by 1with_world
Loving life is not,
a simple or easy task,
One must come to appreciate,
all the moments in the past.
The regrets, the failure,
the decisions made in vain
in order to love life
one must rise above the pain.
The goals we set for ourselves,
however big they may be
lead us to our happiness
and eventually set us free
But the true key ingredient
to a life loved much more
is to be happy with who you are,
Be a person you adore.
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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New Member
Published on 23rd July 2014 6:04am
Written by Broom1692 Zazzles
I saw a sailboat in the harbor
Above the fog †
and further west
I saw the lighthouse
at it's best
A Hanging moon
was out in sight
Across the ocean
pure delight.
I saw a mermaid
come up to see
right there she was
in font of me.
I watched two whales
play hide and seek
a hermit crab
was off his feet.
Made out of stars †
and moonlit rays
a rainbows shines †
it's like a maze.
A pleasant smile †
was on my face
alive with nature
I found my place.
The sky was bright †
the moon hung low
The air...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 5:52am
Written by Savior_Ritual Nightcore14
You lock yourself up
You keep your emotion hidden
You say, everything is all right
I can see through that fake smile
I know, you hurting
Darlin', I know things are going dark
Let me guide you like a torch in the night
You may be losing yourself
But you're still that girl
Stop locking yourself up let the light in
Stop hiding your tears and set them free
Please beautiful Darlin', face the darkness as if its the light
Deep down, I know you're still that girl
The one I am grateful to call my sister
A kind hearted and sensitive yet strong...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 4:44am
Written by Somebody Useless kissofthedevil
She makes me smile
She make me laugh
She makes my days bareable
I can't wait for the day that I can hold her
I can't go a single minute with her in my mind
I love her to bits
I want to hold her for an eternity
I just want to be with her
I want to call her my wife
I just want to make her happy
I want to be her man
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 3:07am
Written by MC Scenario
Take a breath,
Just breathe.
Focus on the way the wind moves through the trees.
Make a cup of tea,
Sip it and listen to all of the people down on the street.
Watch the waves crash against the rocks by sea.
Close your eyes,
Remember that you're human and it's okay to cry.
I know that you've tried your hardest.
It doesn't matter if you've gone the farthest in the rat race.
I'm only happy if you're happy at your own pace.
Don't forget to rest once in a while.
Appreciate what life has,
Or don't.
I want you to do whatever...
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 23rd July 2014 00:13am
Written by Firebyrd
I'm... all rolled up ...
into me...
Vibrant shades
like silk rolling over me...

I feel so..
Like Oceans be where you'll find me
Sunsets..and sweet sunshine
is all that's on my mind
Like Jazz notes... float
Like caramel coats
My favorite treats...

Sweet... is resonating
on the inside of me...
And Laughter...
Like 5 year olds
eatin ice cream
You know...
how they eat..
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upbeat-inspirational poem

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Published on 22nd July 2014 11:05pm
Written by grin anna_grin
things reached a chin level of shit
when i found maggots in the laundry

i could not fucking take
my mothers tuneless humming

and i slid further and further
from the second i said
very low
not quite level
'shut up'

and maggots squirmed out of my mind

ever since she spied
the light glinting off me bare arms
she has been pushing for a suicide

my mother the fucking martyr
says she is tired of me shitting on her

shit hole

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upbeat-inspirational poem

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