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Twisted Funny Poems

Deep Underground Poetry Community, the darker side of poetry. Read and share funny, amusing, twisted and evil poems.

Published on 17th July 2009 3:43am
Written by _Me
I've sometimes wondered
if ghosts of friends watch
you pick your nose.

if dead grandparents watch
you have sex.

And now,
you will too.

poem was originally posted on Deep Underground 01/12/2000
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poet _Me

Published on 7th September 2009 10:10am
Written by Mitulsa
Cheap penny candy girl
Let me have a lick
Your taste isn't sugar sweet
It's more twisted sick

Cheap penny candy girl
Give me sugar high
Go through my blood and rush
Between my hungry thighs

Cheap penny candy girl
Now that you've been tasted
I don't feel so bad
A penny has been wasted
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poet Mitulsa

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Published on 23rd October 2009 10:09am
Written by dessa may (msdeath)
There are six of us
But we are under only one name.
We may have differences
But we are somewhat all the same.
Richard is the funny one
Who makes all are worries gone.
He wants us all to have some fun
And that brings happiness to everyone.
The second one is Lady:
She is a girl who laughs so easily.
She is so kind and pretty
But she always insists that she isn’t a lady?
Rupert is next in line.
He is a silent type but is also kind.
A man who possessed a great mind
And can be funny some other time.
Next is Ge-ann...
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poet msdeath

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Published on 8th December 2009 9:53am
Written by who_R_u
I’m done with these
False alarms
Broken socks
Twisted arms
We’re surrounded by
Do you see why
It’s funny?
Diggin a grave
As I crush up this rave
Do you feel me?
You saw that I was
Quick to call me out
Thoughts air out the sting
Shallow breathing
I. am. Nothing.
People will
Continue to pass
But how does
Your face blur?
Take your own advice
You are me, am I me, too?
Rabbit hairs
Go to bed, sleepy head...
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poet who_R_u

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DU Poetry : Twisted Funny Poems

Published on 27th September 2010 12:29pm
Written by Lord Viddax (Viddax)
The Owl and the Pussycat spurred on by ale
Started forging some bank note
They thought it was funny, copying money
Such as a noble five pound note.
The Owl aimed for the stars above
And sang in his sports car
O lovely Pussy, my artistic love
You star
You star
What a skillful Pussy you are!
The Owl and the Pussycat went to jail
For forging those bank note
They thought it was funny, copying money
The court secretary wrote.
The Owl aimed for the stars above
And weeped for his sports car
O lovely Pussy, my guilty love
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poet Viddax

Published on 18th May 2011 2:34pm
Written by Paulina Dionne (666gothchick)
Oh how i love my grandad Pete
always likes to dance and sing
always making jokes
always happy to do anything
he might not be the best looking man
with his two yellow teeth
and scruffy beard
but after all its what lies beneath
he also dresses rather funny
with his trousers right up to his neck
and his socks pulled right up
i would always laugh and say' what a right wreck!'
my nan always complains
she always says a tramp would be better looking
even though hes good at gardening
i think my nan should always do the...
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poet 666gothchick

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