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Published on 10th October 2014 6:16am
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh (husiashayheh)
Can't wait for another instrument and yo..yo i need upright bass and that original 22 string harp from muthaland cause the keys is cool but i got fingers so who needs a hammer? Eh when i walk to the other pyramid in Illinois it's going to be great!!! Like Dru Down's Can You Feel Me?
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Published on 10th October 2014 6:00am
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh (husiashayheh)
The album of Eulogies dedicated to myself....i love to swing offbeat to the point of i just pick which hit is going to hit that corresponds to whatever hit within the rhythm...and it's all innermost to tell you the truth. Since a kid i been on this walk by myself....
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Published on 4th October 2014 9:22am
Written by Easydrops
Don't you think its time to let this part go
to leave every doubt behind and let your heart grow
beyond the do's and don'ts that limit your souls vision
to break the silent voice shaking all of your decisions
Oh I pray that you would see
just how much you mean to me
put off your doubt open your heart
a leap of faith, the beauty of a new start
But every time I look into your eyes
I wonder if you really want to pay the price
of sharing one and the same path
a journey leading into the deepest of your heart
Please listen!
in my arms all of your...
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Published on 3rd October 2014 3:08am
Written by Rag_Brother
Stuck in afternoons
And memories
Him and you, me and her, they and us
It was a California dream

I'm sweet on hazel eyes
Don't you remember
But the rain its comin' down hard
This September
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Published on 25th August 2014 5:20am
Written by Tony Pena (Quill-in-Heart)
A boy a billion †miles from cool
98 pounds and catholic school
Swallows his tongue, lunch money and pride,
jocks and greasers raise hell on his hide.
Blood circulating from brain to cheeks
Till a voice from hell inside him speaks
Big dish of revenge delivered cold
Like cadaver hearts to satan sold
13 ain't 13
13 ain't 13
13 ain't 13 no more
Pop a cherry on a bicycle
Middle school boys can be so fickle
A box of tissues in lace bra cups
Gets the boys drooling like pit bull pups
Been blowing more than just bubble gum...
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spoken word song poems

Published on 18th August 2014 3:06am
Written by The Enemy (SakuraSlowly)
 (when u read this lissen to this song --> the parting song by kajiura yuki)
When i am in this room. was everything i thought life could bring. It's what i wanted long ago back when i had a father. I wanted to talk to him an be like a real family. But now everytime i see a firefly I wonder why did he go.. Then i keep saying one thing in my mind an then i realize..Maybe i wasnt meant to have a family to begin with.....
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Published on 7th August 2014 4:24pm
Written by deadwolf
Very Rough Draft, is an experiment of sounds and words; Chords comin later how plays it on me acoustic:
Uncontrollable flesh full fantasies
Irrevocable cosmic harmony flowing from within
†Imminent nexus of want and desire
Harmonious perfect symmetry
Lustful want and desire made flesh, † † †
Waves of joy waves of love swimming through pools of open conscience
Bitterly sweet born a slave unto death that is from life
Evoke soul deep feelings love emotions made alive by touches deep from within
Intoxicating words and kisses given from your...
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Published on 6th August 2014 6:39am
Written by Deafinition
Vices are my spice of life, need booze for assistance
Fuck the pain away, I'd rather fuck it into existence
So I kill myself day by day, passive aggressively
And master crafts of backstabbing friends not enemies
No family or friend to me will swim near my anemone
Nor not a fucking one are necessarily necessities
The best of me's been swallowed and digested into grime
I'd be a dime a dozen if my sense inflated over time
But I'm no diamond in the rough or even rough around the edges
So instead of hedging bets best invest inside the hedges
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spoken word song poems
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Published on 2nd August 2014 10:49pm
Written by deadwolf
Sonata of Flame of Loves Ascension †
Oh my love, drifting inside more each day, I started dreaming of things long past
I donít know why I donít know
Amor I know you wait for me, I know you yet wait
Somehow, am found lacking the strength once thrown around so easily,
In a malaise am tied up, dragged down by the stone
If I can close my eyes forever, an lay with you, will that break the spell an lift loves weight
I say thee nay, Love flows it grows, knowing no bounds governed by laws of human science,
I love you freely and blind as a child
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spoken word song poems
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Published on 30th July 2014 4:18am
Written by deadwolf
Counting the years, your love made me think of nobody else;
As early dawn crept in the room, always knew waking with you was best part of laying with you
For not to sleep with you, but to be there first and last thing with you,
That fills my dreams on its own an my days with wonder;
You have become the Eastern and Westerning Sun,
Beginning and ending with you, my world rises and sets,
Light of the stars and the dark of my moons revolve around you like gravity;
Where would I run to, in a revolution my world rises and sets in you
the radiance of your light...
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Published on 21st June 2014 2:13am
Written by Tony Pena (Quill-in-Heart)
I was following a train
On a light less valley road
When my car began to strain
I thought again about my load
I pulled of by a swaying
Thicket of black locust trees
I wanted to get praying
But I couldnít find my knees
By cloak of the moonless night
Can a ghost shed his shadow
In the absence of a light
Or does he choose to follow
The darkness as she scatters
Between whatís wrong and whatís right
As if not a thing matters
By cloak of the moonless night
As a boy I loved the moon
The sea of serenity
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Published on 12th May 2014 8:01pm
Written by Dono
Like She Killed Me
**Stop saying you love, you don't love me. Bullshit, stop fucking saying it**
They say a picture's worth a thousand words
Actions just a stream of pictures, lets pull it down to earth
I don't feel an ounce of worth, to reveal the scars
Gotta skip the chorus cause I need about a billion bars
It's really hard to admit I was even part of this shit
Pardoned you with my heart till it split kept bartering with
Every ounce of my soul but any answer was cold
After each divide inside me then the cancer would grow
Til I was about to explode...
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spoken word song poems

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