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  Sexy Poems

Published on 30th January 2011 9:51pm
Written by Lance (Sir_Lancelott)
The pleasant presence of sexy you make my mind go wild by the wind whispering your sweet name in my ear. The sexy look in your gorgeous eyes melts me with interest, like you know what you can do to me. As I look back, no you don't. Precious breasts stick out proudly as I lick each nipple one after another. I lick one then lightly suck the other. You inhale deeply while you catch feelings you would have never thought possible. A moan escapes you. Nipples are now hardened tips. As I raise my head to kiss pretty lips, you meet me...
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Published on 18th March 2011 3:28am
Written by GlennMcCrary
As I lay awake gazing into the elegant beauty of her eyes
The seductive shape of her luscious body dawns before me
The euphoria of her sexy lips takes my breath away
Massaging my forehead with an ocean of amorous kisses
Together in this bed of fornication and roses we lie
Skins rubbing against each other in mutual ecstasy
She whispers sweet phrases in my ear
As she passionately sways her hips
To the bizarre and rhythmic nature of this sensual disco
Her precious scent arouses my ever growing desire
Sensuous moans echoed throughout our hearts
At the...
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Published on 15th May 2011 6:59pm
Written by Wendy (rainbow_sunshine)
She waltzed into the room with a cockeyed hip swagger
summoned by too many nights
spents with the boys.
It was still slightly too sexy to deny
a lingering eye a little pleasure,
but there was only one thing
she gave herself up to
during late nights spent
in grungy basements
littered with broken glasses and far less
enthusiastic hopefuls
looking desperately
to not have to go home
Tonight she needed it badly.
A quick fix for an hour or two
before slinking back into her studio apartment
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Published on 24th July 2011 3:41pm
Written by dapoet59
The Poet’s Mentor
Alone within the
sanctuary of her boudoir the raven haired
sexy maiden stood
crooking her finger at the poet as he walked by
her open bedroom door
With a come
hither smile dancing upon her lips
with her eyes
she cast a spell upon the well-hung
poet’s wayward heart
Caused his feet
to stray into the web of her sexuality
as the door
closed behind him the poet soon found
himself entrapped
Within the arms
of the ancient goddess of love now
in human flesh
who taught the poet how to...
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DU Poetry : Sexy Poems

Published on 5th June 2013 12:04pm
Written by Gypsy Red (marielavoue)
There is something sexy
about sipping wine
and wearing my red stilettos;
it inspires me to write
a magnificent poetic libretto.
My stilettos make me
feel ten feet tall,
a powerful fancy
even though my frame,
is only five feet four.
It sets my metal wheels to turn,
writing in increments I devise,
a sexy silhouetted curve
and a languidly gentle rise,
excitedly captured by the eye.
Just like my shoes,
my verses create
a gentle upward slope
and elegant climb,
a sensual hope,
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