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Sensual Poems

Sensual poems at Deep Underground Poetry, the dirtier side of poetry. Read and publish sensual poems. Share your sensual poetry.

Published on 14th November 2013 5:36pm
Written by tornado
Watching you lift your panties
your long fingers delightfully at work
enjoying your slippery wonders
causes my tightened arousal to jerk
Lace sliding slowly over knees
past slender calves to painted toes
kicked in the air by wiggling feet
landing softly around my nose
The perfume that is all you
sweetly swirls around my head
intoxicating my mind
reeling sensually drunk for your bed
Wind washed crisp white sands
reveal the tan beauty of bare skin
the full moon and ocean currents
draw me deeper within
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poet tornado

Published on 1st June 2013 2:00pm
Written by Tommie Lynn (tommielynn)
You drift over my vivacious hips
whispering on my skin,tempting,
tasting, licking, our journey begins
Awaking every part of my delicate
flesh with your soft beautiful lips,
our bodies drift gracefully
You cover my valleys gently with
burning passion leaving nothing
untouched enjoying my hills
Entwined in your softness hearts
beat in rhythm with every caress
you give to me I give back to you
Our bodies tremble, quiver, shake
underneath you I rise and fall with
each thrust, probe, kiss you give
Lacing our hands...
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poet tommielynn

Published on 12th August 2011 5:41am
Written by naturemithya
O! Mysticism will you ever be mine
The lips cherish the talk, only of you
Lovely smell infuses sensual aromas  
Your shadows too I would lock within
Eyes as they swing in profound beauty,
Captivated love, living in enamored lust.
Each moment sweet silence speaks out,
This lover wishes only to live with you.
Hide you in a liar, clock time with you
Thick tresses unlocking shadow caress.
My heart wavers in delicate fascination.  
Truly I have loved calm cuddles to hug.  

Awake In my embrace to kisses of love
Pincer moves...
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poet naturemithya

Published on 11th May 2011 6:24am
Written by ariane
Laying on the couch
Hearing you playing the piano
So soft, so unreal
Touching the cord of my soul.
Each note caressing my skin
Each vibration making me shiver
Your music takes me into paradise.
I feel your hand caressing my hair
In the same way you touch the piano
I close my eyes and I feel you
Your song is your body
Each solfeggio is so sensual
Touching my lips
I'm lust.
Looking into your eyes
The melody is your feeling
Your gesture, you say everything
Touching my breasts, my arms
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poet ariane

DU Poetry : Sensual Poems

Published on 31st January 2011 8:13pm
Written by BeautifulManiac (Blood_Merchant93)
a natural composition of moans fills this erotic atmosphere
as your body fits perfectly into mine
and we become one
our love song may only be porn sound to your ears
but to us it is more beautiful than a symphony of destruction
yearning our orgasmic release
heavy breathing melts into kisses of sensual passion
and sweat becomes perfume created by our passion for love
an everlasting fragrance for the gods
once you're inside me i know you long for more
and more is what you shall get as our souls are destined to be...
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poet Blood_Merchant93

Published on 16th January 2011 8:28pm
Written by Crook
Standing within the Genesis
Of your essence, I bare witness
To this strange fruit that administers nectars
Of hypnotic aphrodisiacs..
I stand firm and barenaked as truth
Revealing all that I am
Nothing can deter this moment
Nothing can be grander than
Standing at this erotic arrangement called you..
This once, I'll shed away from all concepts, bullshit, and lies
Just to lay one night with the truth
Making love and romancing
To grooves of proverbial exodus
And living amongst the star dust..
It's you that fuel the fire of my...
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poet Crook

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