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Self Poems

Personal poetry about the way you feel about yourself

This area is for personal poetry: poems about yourself and your feelings about who you are. Poems here focus on identity, ego, self confidence, insecurities and personality. For readers it's a chance to get to know the poet better and for writers it's an opportunity to analyse themselves by poetic means. The self poems category encourages the poet to lay themselves bare for all to read about, it can be both a frightening and empowering experience.
Published on 29th March 2015 4:45am
Written by Bossarella
Child of the night,
Daughter of the day,
Hair as dark as the night,
Eyes as bright as the stars,
Skin golden brown,
Body soft and warm to the touch,
Voice soft and calming yet loud and filled with emotion.
Heart full of love,
Selfless yet selfish,
Afraid but bold,
Scared but courageous,
Happy but broken,
Surrounded by many but yet alone,
Spending her life in a dream
Not afraid to love but scared to be rejected
Hurt so much but still able to stand,
Smiles without a worry to keep others strong,
Caring nature by heart....
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 11:05pm
Written by Magdalena
Heavens were just picture frames
holding the ghosts of eyes now closed
hiding the empty sockets that used to see
me, as i was, before the world closed in

my breathing feeling anonymous
a stranger to myself, wading through days
sacrificing personality to the stalking defeat
in a time when i no longer belonged to me

morning face, tear tracked and vulnerable
exposed to the judgmental reflection
in the glass of a cut throat mirror
where my epithet was written in blood

nothing stayed in my tumbler for long
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 10:17pm
Written by candycrier
today she wore big curlers in her hair †
like cannons aimed ready to blare †

her lipstick and powder †
looking like bouillabaisse chowder †

and when she demanded a goodbye "peck" †
i said no way †

which made her rear back in her chair and bray, †
"go home then and kiss a stingray!" †

she cackled and cackled †
raising my hackles †

thinks she is the second joan rivers †
but she only gives me the shivers †

now i was fearing...
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 8:06pm
Written by AliceMayJones
Sometimes I wish,
That I could redo my life,
I have made several mistakes,
I hurt those that treated me well,
Only because I was hurt,
By someone I trusted,
By several people I trusted.
I canít trust my friends,
I canít trust my family.
I wish I could,
But I canít.
I can only trust myself.
I wish that I was never born,
I have wasted this life,
I am just wasted space.
My body is covered in scars,
Some mental,
Some physical.
I lie to everyone I see.
ďAre you okay?Ē
ďYes, Iím fineĒ
I always lie. ...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 28th March 2015 7:24pm
Written by DeathnoteWhovian
My options
Do I need to tell someone?
Do I want to tell someone?
Definitions from society and peers:
Need = Desperation & Attention seeking
Want = Need & Attention seeking...
Surly I'm not the only one noticing a pattern...
Telling someone about the stupid 'marks' I inflicted won't make the ugly picture I carved go away.
Telling someone can't make me feel better, right?
So why do I want to reach out - I'm such a fucking idiot it shows.
Regret and other emotions have suddenly arose.
Conversing with mother,...
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 3:21pm
Written by FindingZoe
Was it the way I cast my eyes
To the side when you looked at me
Or the way I protested all your pretty words?
What pointed you in my direction?
How did you know I would not run?
That I would freeze in the headlights
Only a brief protest and then compliant
With your destruction
It must have been the sight of me
Too tempting to resist
A new prize, stuffed and mounted
Arranged precisely in your memory
Tell me, how did you recognize
My presence, my vulnerability
And why did you keep driving
Into me as I †lay flat
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 2:22pm
Written by sammy4444
The fever finally breaks
as anxiety and restlessness
condense against the edges,
forming dewdrops
onto the surfaces
of skin,
peacefully separated
beyond the beautiful barriers

of lasting sleep.
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 5:39am
Written by Artist Behind the Pen Nightcore14
Seventeen years; Seventeen weeks; Seventeen days; Seventeen hours; Seventeen minutes; Seventeen seconds; until the big day finally arrives. Quickly the Time flies by; no time to waste. Soon it is time to grow up like the humans we must. Passing days and passing years, the Moon blesses her child with moons. For each year, she lives another hundred- for it is her last year as a child. As the Black Cat-she is- she gazes at her mother. Awaiting to blow out the lights to the candles for her wish, the wish no one knows but the Black Cat.
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self poem

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Published on 28th March 2015 1:36am
Written by blessing williams berzerk
oh yes i knooow
i love it hen you get nervous
when you get so close to me as if you have something to say
but you the panic courses through your veins when i gouge your eyes out with mine and you bleed
and you feed my filthy imagination with the sweet honey of intimidation
can you love me to the core? i hope so
for both your sake and mine
because if i get much closer then i will enjoy this a little too much
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 8:05pm
Written by Celine Belli 3ampoems
the beauty of nothing is when you catch yourself
at a dead stop,
when your mind is completely out of phase with your body -
that is when you listen hard because their voices are clear.
i have mastered the unfortunate skill in becoming nothing,
non-existential like traffic hum we learn to block out,
the nothingness that drives a man crazy when he hears it all.
i donít need this.
i donít need much;
the shimmer at the dent of young eyes, that is all i need.
there is cotton in my mind,
the purple sky chokes, holding back
the cold...
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self poem

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DU Poetry : Poems about Self : You and Your Self Awareness

Published on 27th March 2015 6:15pm
Written by BadPoet
A sample face,
Body type: F

Detail scratched on later,
Left tarnished.

No colour added,
"Not worthy".

Printed last,
Among the other rejects.

Last printed,
Last picked to play,
Last loved,
First to hate,

For hate of self comes easy
For those unloved.
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 27th March 2015 3:59pm
Written by BloodyTears
Broken hearted churning stomach
clammy sweat dripping
dizziness unfolding
All at the question you posed
A decision made so long ago
I tossed aside the repercussions
They had no effect on me
Iíd known what would happen
It wasnít wrong in my eyes
Was evil in theirs
I shut out their whispers of evil
But you broke it all, killing my soul
Profess coercion
Swear you have no regrets
Visions of tear stained girls
They invade my soul
Screaming at me
How many could have been...
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 3:57pm
Written by GoldfishYum goldfishyum
I keep dreaming of people I no longer talk to
These tough parts of life I wish I had a walkthrough
How to deal with self doubt and lack of motivation
This won't be the first time I've slept at the station
So I'm asking myself why the hell do I do it
Lately Me and Success just don't seem congruent
But I'm hoping tonight the temperature rises
So that a frostbitten anthem includes no suprises
I'll keep thinking out loud in rhymes and mathematic structure
Some might call it sublime but I've had quite enough sir
So next time I pray I'll say take me away...
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 10:42am
Written by FindingZoe
There is a lady inside our refrigerator
She crawled into it one day
When the guard was upstairs watching
The microwave display
The Others put her in there
Because she was different
Her blue eyes had silver flecks
And when she was little
She dreamed of racing cars
Once she had music inside and she sang
But the others shut her up
She sang of love
And they wanted to forget
Now she is cold, †lonely, sad
Preserved in metal
She groans and spits out ice-
I can hear her
She isnít totally frozen
Her heart is warm...
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 9:52am
Written by SabrinaK
Today was like any other day... Yet, my heart was racing... Aching, longing to hear from Him... To know how His day has been.... i miss and love Him daily. And know that its just †a set back in us being together... For we are meant to be... You know, that feeling you get when you've found that one that you can't live without... That just the thought of them brightens your day... the sound of their voice let alone if they walk into the room would take your breath away... Surely it wont be too much longer... True love isn't meant to be kept apart... †Even though we just met a few months back......
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 9:24am
Written by oskar
Do not Push It
Iím like horses do not like the wind today it is northerly and
the sun despite shining free of clouds cannot warm my chilled bones.
Horses turn their considerable behinds against the wind and keep
their heads low. My behind is skinny and does not protect my neck,
but a scarf does. I used to have strong fingers now they are thin look
like a Bangladesh river delta .And to think there was a time I laughed
at the face of frost and if needed would run bare chest across
the unfriendly of plains of opposite Poles, me, the leader of the pack ...
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 7:36am
Written by DeathnoteWhovian
('Friends' if you're reading this then you have not respected my wishes)
I am the biggest liar I know.
The most shocking hypocrite.
My own worst critic -
Enough to hide the show.
My new found favourite pass time,
Gazing at the story.
My tools hidden at the moment,
Awaiting their moment of glory.
I'm so fucking ashamed
Confusion added to the mix
Research states many don't know their motivations for the act.
I need to know mine.
Emotions, lack of control even an escence...
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 6:34am
Written by Bossarella
I look up at the night sky,
My wings are as bright as the moon light,
Though now they are the color of the night sky,
Once they where a white as the full moon,
Shining whenever I would soar,
But now they cover the night sky..
My pain and agony,
Not to mention my sins,
They have tainted my wings,
And have broken my wings,
Big and brightÖ
Light to the touch,
Graceful and silent in the sky,
Loved by many who seen them,
And now shocks them to see the change,
The change in my wings.
To others they were their hope and dreams,...
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 4:50am
Written by Bushido
As I scream on the battlefield,
I twist and pound my sword to the ground,
I shout and lift my sword as as a shield,
And to strike my enemies down.

My enemies, they surround me,
My will to fight to the death,
It screams within me,
My sword is drawn from it's sheathe.

A midst a raging battle I stand,
We march into the setting sun,
I'm a soldier under command,
Into the darkening sky I'll carry on.
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self poem

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Published on 27th March 2015 1:51am
Written by girlinthedark
all i wanna do is use
the razor i wanna see the
crimson blood run down my
wrist again its all i can
think about right now
but i cant cant i cant do
that again i cant get addicted
again but i want to sooo bad
i think i might actually do it
my mind keeps telling me to saying
it will be okie now one will notice they
didnt before but my heart is torn if people
find out who will be hurt what will happen am i willing
to sacrifice everything to cut maybe i will
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self poem

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