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Self Poems

Personal poetry about the way you feel about yourself

This area is for personal poetry: poems about yourself and your feelings about who you are. Poems here focus on identity, ego, self confidence, insecurities and personality. For readers it's a chance to get to know the poet better and for writers it's an opportunity to analyse themselves by poetic means. The self poems category encourages the poet to lay themselves bare for all to read about, it can be both a frightening and empowering experience.
Published on 1st August 2014 10:05pm
Written by dkruie
The mootness of my life
A playground of demons
My soul's in transference
Journeyed through this vessel
Maddening of the mind
Everyday occurrence
Processing cathartic
Through mind of invention
Torturing consciousness
A PHD in Whack
Gaining comprehension
Of enlightenment sought
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 9:25pm
Written by chriswwriter
When releasing the daily rigor and beat
the jazz of my life slides down tempo
and I find solace lifting my spirits feet
with Miles, Monk and Mancini to let go
dancing off-time moment's language...

Respite is a cold soda, a fresh smoke and music love.

Chris Whitenack © 2014
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 7:16pm
Written by Steph Elvira
twisted like a seed in the ground
why does the world have to be so round
is my heart really found
i'm in a deep sleep
where i am happy and smiling
but now i'm sick of  being
alone for the rest of my life...
this church can't keep my head
above the ground it
keeps making me feel like a
i'm moving so much that
my family
doesn't want me anymore
i'm so twisted
i begg for help
as this is the only thing
i have left to kepp my together
please help me
i want to die
but my friend...
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 6:17pm
Written by Lonelygirl06
I'd do anything to stay awake,
and not have to dream about my fate,
I'd do anything to make these thoughts disappear,
and empty my head until it's completely clear,
I'd do anything to erase,
the haunting images of this scary place,
I'd do anything I'd take any pill,
to erase the voices and memories that haunt me still,
I'd do anything to be free,
from this hell and cursed city,
I'd do anything to see,
the hero inside of me,
I'd do anything to forget,
about everything I regret,
I'd do anything to snap out of this trance,...
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 5:57pm
Written by MadameLavender
I asked for freedom,
And the Lord said
“I shall open up a path before you
Upon which you will walk.”
I asked for change,
And the Lord said
“I shall open up a path before you
Upon which you will walk.”
I prayed something for myself,
But I know not if it was selfish,
And the Lord said
“I shall open up a path before you
Upon which you will walk.”
I have ridden to the end of the line,
Where the rails run into the sand
And the Lord said
“I shall raise up the tracks into the new,
For the former season has passed...
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 11:56am
Written by Goodknightpoet
Sometimes it is difficult to realize all men were, one time, little boys
And as a little boy we were greatly influenced by our mothers.
We ask our mama’s where did we come from?
And, what is love?
Very often we tell mama we want to marry a girl just like her.
Then, just like that, we are no longer little boys
But grown up men,
And yet, we still are little boys in our heart
Especially when we want to be the hero for the woman we love.
It seems almost impossible, to us men, that a woman can say,
“I don’t understand men.”
Because, we men are very...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 1st August 2014 10:42am
Written by absinthe
I had been sick but
I knew I would get better when
the sea appeared in my dream
the other night because you
see I spent too many moments
with my father from whom I
acquired the gift of seeing and
thus the curse of melanchioly
and he often sat alone looking
towards the direction of the
sea many, many miles away
he was pensive and could
never reconcile happiness with
the greed and selfishness of
the world he chose to live in, so
he sat and looked, as the sea
appeared in my dream, I
choose the sea where I will
drown my...
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 8:56am
Written by screams4you
He tells me he loves me
When I don't feel anything
He tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me
How will I anwser?
I can't break his heart
But I can't stay with him either
How do I tell him, I am not interested
Without crushing him into pieces
Each day I see him
I feel so bad for him
Knowing how deeply he loves me
I can't bare to look at him
someday I will tell him
Just not today. .
He seems so happy
I don't want to break his heart
At least right now
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 6:34am
Written by Esoteric SickSanityJenn

Everyday I find I'm more afraid
So I take my pills and face the day
Pretending that it's all gone away
I must confess
I do my job same as I always have
Smile my smiles, laugh my laughs
Nobody can tell that it's all an act
It's a lot of stress
I watch my kids with hope and love
Rowdy boys that push and shove
But in the end they laugh and hug
I know I'm blessed
But even when I'm not, I feel alone
Whether at work or at my home
At night I feel I might come undone
Nobody can guess
What do you do when nothing...
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 4:43am
Written by Lonelygirl06
I'm incomplete I've been this way for a while,
I'm missing pieces of my smile,
everyone always says I look sad,
joy is something I've never felt or had,
my life is a puzzle with several missing pieces,
I'm incomplete I've been defeated,
nobody understands how I feel,
nobody cares to them I'm not real,
I'm incomplete it's a damn shame,
that my feelings of hope have been burned away by a flame,
I can not seem to put these twisted thoughts to rest,
I'm incomplete I'm a hot mess,
once all this craziness is suppressed,
I'll defeat...
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self poem

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DU Poetry : Poems about Self : You and Your Self Awareness

Published on 1st August 2014 4:34am
Written by BlackCarol
Im just your average country gal
From Louisiana
Probably should have been born in the city
I dont like to get muddy
Hunting and mud riding are the norm
But they're not my forte
I prefer to read or write
Im mean, what csn I say? :)
My family is awesome
But we have our days
I have many chronic ailments
That keep me down and out
Thats were my depression stems from
Sometimes I just wanna shout
My heart's bern broken quite a few times
Ive only dated 5 guys
And im 25
Each one has broken my heart
Im just too nice I believe...
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self poem

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Published on 1st August 2014 4:28am
Written by WriterMoe

drawing bow
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 31st July 2014 10:35pm
Written by kateA seekingkate
I like my own space

I'm looking forward to being home
In control of my space
No one in my face
Unless of my choosing

I've done well this trip
Been with people mostly 24/7
Had moments, sometimes a few hours
When no one was with me
It saved my sanity

The thing is, this is all about to change
Gradually I hope
Or I might not cope

Can see this trip was a forerunner for me
To slide me in gently to what's meant to be
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self poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 8:14pm
Written by Jack Tex Jack-Tex
I decided to take a breather      
and look at writing from PoetSpeak Vantage Point,
Translating immediate thoughts into poetry
and I'm liking the view,
It's like brother Poet says:  
Live by the 24-hour rule, only feel bad for 24 hours, then move on,
What you did yesterday is the wreckage of then (1).
But my afflictions run dark and deep,  
Trapped between two rooms: Chinese (2) and Mary's (3)
with a turning point so laborious and a learning...
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self poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 6:43pm
Written by Lonelygirl06
Before I die I wanna know,
if it's heaven that I will go,
I belong with the angels I've got a good heart,
I had a bad childhood and a bad start,

before I die I wanna find,
a beautiful world that I can define,
alone I stand,
alone I am,

I'm secluded,
completely deluded,
I'm drowning and I don't know how to swim,
but I'll save myself I won't let death win,

I lost my heart and I can't find it,
it's way too broken to bind it,
before I die I wanna see,
life's obscured true beauty.
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self poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 1:49pm
Written by DeepestDarkSpaces
Just rip out my heart.
Stop my breathing.
I'm falling apart,
my heart isn't beating.

Slits on wrists.
I keep watching myself bleed.
Lick off the blood,
tastes so refreshing.

I'm falling apart,
my mind is a danger.
Watching my dreams get ripped at the seems.
 Just give up, all hope is lost. Why keep trying, if I'm falling apart.
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self poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 6:37am
Written by Familiar flystaar
Temptation has its sweet revenge like ice.
I'm punching my skin hard, don't treat me nicely.
See, they're telling me I'm big then I'm a skeleton,
Saying I'm not good enough so I lower my chin.
I stand out, but that's frowned upon.
I'm never the same color, not your price.
Smoking the green to avoid time.
So I can savor this moment.
Baby, I'm on it like air.
And say, "Hello, flamingo" (hello, flamingo)
Like flare.
Now who are you to say I'm undeserving?
Love's petals are not to be plucked like leaves.
Now I'm falling, I'm falling...
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self poem

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Published on 31st July 2014 5:28am
Written by WriterMoe
My name is an ending,
derived from the Latin
(A gift from a father
failing beneath my
powerless hands).
I am dedicated to war
not poetry
not that, not some
at keys,
rather, clinking
at bullets,
slotting them into clips,
ready for their magazines,
not ‘zines,
not some dumb rags, covered
in words…
not this dumb, unread blog.
this unwatched missile.
rather, I should shoot
metal that pierces skin,
actual hearts,
yours. Not your...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 31st July 2014 4:06am
Written by twiinarmageddon2
I used to love my own eyes so much
They were the ocean and the clouds
They were the sky and the waves
No day was the same
My eyes used to be blue.
Oh, so slowly
They began to lose their color
They began to grey.
Lakes of jubilation became puddles of comtemplated apathy
The vast sky shrank into the confines of a snowglobe,
One you would find in the back of your closet now and then
And shake, letting the pure white encase the tiny world within its space
Everything else escapes you for a moment
That snowglobe has been...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 31st July 2014 2:45am
Written by MortiferumCantet
If I was to disappear
and die
Would I be missed?
Of course not.
What name would they mourn for?
For I have been left
I will forever remain so.
when I go
I will simply disappear
as if I never existed.
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self poem

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