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Self Poems

Personal poetry about the way you feel about yourself

This area is for personal poetry: poems about yourself and your feelings about who you are. Poems here focus on identity, ego, self confidence, insecurities and personality. For readers it's a chance to get to know the poet better and for writers it's an opportunity to analyse themselves by poetic means. The self poems category encourages the poet to lay themselves bare for all to read about, it can be both a frightening and empowering experience.
Published on 2nd September 2014 2:55pm
Written by jemac
she was caught in
a web of lies
holding her captive
to free herself from
strangulating bondage
which only made matters worse
trapped in
to learn how to
get free
or be eaten alive
by the mere tragedy
of it
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 1:06pm
Written by Imperfect Fallen_Angel_194
The Broken Girl,
She hides her Pain Away,
And Makes Everything Seem Okay..
But What they Really Don't Know Is..
She Carries a Blade..
Cuts Become Scars,
The Broken girl,
She Carries a Blade And Cuts Away,
She Just Wants To Escape all The Pain..
He Left Her And That Killed Her..
She Wasn't Ever the  Same..
She Cried all The Time And Would Lick Her blood From the knife..
No One Knew How Much She Wanted To Give Up Her Life..
She Took All The Pain Away,With the Simple Pull Of a Knife
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 11:18am
Written by kateA seekingkate
i had a lightbulb moment the other day
how my life could be, if i was brave
brave enough to live a dream
that's been a part of me for two decades
a dream that i had forgotten then remembered when i heard a particular word
it'd mean selling, moving from this paradise
to living across the seas six months of the year
returning to oz the other six
to quench my need to see my beautiful country
i had always said once free of the kids
i would travel more and live overseas
i wrote this desire down two decades ago
it could now be...
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 11:04am
Written by BeyondSalvation Shadow1600
I am just a lost cause
Cursed with these haunting images
Images that can lead a man to the brink of death

My friends and family don't understand me
But i understand them
Am i burden?
Forever trying to find someone who understands?

I am tired of living alone
Tired of being an outcast
Tired of being a loner
But sometimes i think
I am better off being alone.
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 5:14am
Written by sArAhMaE Juliet_Disguised
You say I'm okay
You say I'll forget
Do me a favor
and picture this
You 10 years old now
Still a young child
And you hear the door creak open now.
You start to cry
But silently because you know you cannot make a sound.
He slips into your bed and plays with your hair
Says baby girl I don't know why you're scared
I'm proud of you
You remeber not to wear pajama pants
Now I need you to take off those panties
You understand if you don't he'll make it worse.
So you do as you're told
Lay there and comply
As he starts to touch...
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 4:26am
Written by Maenad
Hum a little tune
to me
and you
a ditty
of love
and truth
so simple
no lies
just for a second
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 1:29am
Written by pretty_normal
I'm sticky

one leg juts out on the defensive
and one curls slipping under me.

Toe under the crook of my foot
head balancing on the flat of my wrist
yawn reaches my nose but my eyes are shut

open them

my scalp flakes slightly under my nails
fingers force through matted hair
I pick my scabs but everything is clean

bleed me

spit catches in my throat
lips poise to meet the cough
it's dead and still it breathes

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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 1:05am
Written by chriswwriter
You have found you are as only sick
as your secrets, kept deep inside;
away from those who love and accept you
and her, childlike in outlook, believes
Completely and unreservedly in you. You.
Like past hurts seen through clouded vision
it never was what I thought, rarely the worst.
So today I told on myself, and I hurt her.
And she did exactly what I thought she would
and the thing I need to do most... She forgave me.
Unreservedly, completely, and in good faith.
And I never need to hide my fears again.
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 00:59am
Written by LongWinters
Tempted you with my vulnerability, desperateness, weakness and ignorance..
Awoke the cunning villainous monster that slumbers in you..
Hypnotized by your hypocritical compassion.
Choking on my own breath as you haul me out of the light i belong.
No longer do i behold the sunrise with a cloudless conscience.
Swiftly decaying and fading in the darkness.
Viewing life from the side i never saw myself heading.
Through the weary eyes of a spider being strangled by its own web.
Through the window of the basement confining the soldier, remorseful over sheding civillian...
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self poem

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Published on 2nd September 2014 00:51am
Written by shannonJane
Problem over problem going round in my head. share with others?
Nah id rather stay in my shell,id rather chong a bong and sing a fucking song. i wont be a prong along whatever you call it anyway..your just a day away ...okay lets go back to the major crack. a girl touched my rack. what the fuck was that!
i pretty much hate you in fact a fucked up girl in a fucked up phase.
I don't want no guy .
I don't want no Dike .
in fact I've been asking my mum for a bike.
That i would definitely like.
Hmmm bike , Might go on a hike
      Forget for the night...
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self poem

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DU Poetry : Poems about Self : You and Your Self Awareness

Published on 2nd September 2014 00:49am
Written by Rosedd13
No one can hurt me
Is it insensitivity?
I've grown to feel nothing
Maybe it's all those years of silent secrecy
I can live like this for an eternity
If only the emptiness didn't tear a hole in me
Or the bright sunlight to throw light on my sins to see
Me for what I've grown to be
A masked facade, a dancing ballerina with broken feet
But wounds can heal, and I can get back on my feet
To dance again and walk through this grey eternity
Till I find the red monster lurking in me
Fighting to get out, demanding to be free
And that's the only...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 2nd September 2014 00:05am
Written by kateA seekingkate
I've always had the ability to see
Things that others may not see
I don't mean psychic though am sure it'd not be too hard to venture to that shore
I mean I can see faces, figures, entities peering out at me from my environment
Weird...well, that's just me
I try not to question it anymore
Sitting on my verandah drinking my chai tea
I look at two of my favourite trees
They're so close they're like lovers locked in a passionate embrace
Now what I see which I never did before etched into the trunk of one
Is the body of a lizard climbing up the...
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 10:44pm
Written by Pigeon Nameless_Traveler
...Never before have I been so alone

Even my shadow has left me now

My best friend has gone silent

And even I am without words left to say

I feel as though the world itself would stop if I were to cry out now

Written and published by Nameless_Traveler   -- Andrew Frans Robert Kerklaan
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 10:12pm
Written by lonely-soul addictedhelp
They say that times a healer when a loved one passes away..
And time will heal your heart and get easier every day...
Some times my heart still breaks and its harder every year...
Why did they take my grandad who should be loving life down here...
To young to understand when mum said you had died.. I was with you right before I told mum has I cried...
Was hard for me back then cos I was just a kid...
Who constantly missed her grandad no matter what I did...
now im 25 and still it breaks my heart...
Cry like it was yesterday wen 11 years we've been apart......
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 9:56pm
Written by PerilousKid TheWayItIs

adult poems
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 6:55pm
Written by PoetSpeak
but maybe not wiser
wiser would be boring
more boring than I can handle
at the moment
I say things in reflection
given myself the right
as one of the elder wordsmiths here
breaking my own rules, does that make it right ?
I don't believe in god
I believe in self
I'll want to fuck you today
and make love to you tomorrow
timing is everything
black lingerie please
I'm good from far
and far from good
I like the way you make me feel
we share the indefinable
I'll be back again
don't wait up for me...
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 6:10pm
Written by seascape
I just want to say:
You know I read your words: sexy I wouldn’t let the door hit you
I would stand in the way: if you needed me to

I am sorry if I am too sexual: I am just being me . . . I cannot change
I do everything in passion: if I love - it’s in passion, if I eat - it’s in passion, if I hate it is - in passion
If I write, paint, sing, swim, read, think… If I hurt, it is in passion

I think I understand; then again maybe . . . I do not
I write about what touches me: I just happen to relate to things . . ....
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 5:12pm
Written by Astronomy
This is my achievement,
This is my goal,
Past every disagreement,
Risen from every fall.
From lack of endurance,
I may have failed before,
But this is my best performance,
A me that I can adore.
Every second,
Every hour,
Every day,
I know that I'm on my way.
The clock started five weeks ago,
So for you a pinch and a punch,
Because today is the day I continue to grow,
And of course a new month.
Pride is my name,
Determination in the middle,
Because now I have changed,
I'm less of a cello and...
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 4:54pm
Written by winter _shadoe_
you fist fuck emotions from me
wringing me out from the inside
to watch the filth stream
from my lurid cunt ~
& i can no longer find the words
unless i've lubed up my tongue
to ease the flow of vulgarity
that keeps the cuntpunters
pounding my backdoor like johns
jonesing for a little distraction
from their humdrum run of the mill existence
my fault, yes
your mistake, definitely ~
it's all been
cheap thrills
pussy spills
& beating off
to my mistakes
this was my...
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self poem

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Published on 1st September 2014 4:30pm
Written by Ennui
I wish I could stop wishing for all the things I can't have!
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self poem

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