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Self Poems

Personal poetry about the way you feel about yourself

This area is for personal poetry: poems about yourself and your feelings about who you are. Poems here focus on identity, ego, self confidence, insecurities and personality. For readers it's a chance to get to know the poet better and for writers it's an opportunity to analyse themselves by poetic means. The self poems category encourages the poet to lay themselves bare for all to read about, it can be both a frightening and empowering experience.
Published on 25th May 2015 2:03am
Written by heart1of9war
I look at You
Your hollow eyes
Pale gray skin
Lips sown shut

I look at You
Your demons control you
Heart empty of life
Soul long sense forgotten

I look at You
Searching never finding
Panic constantly lurking
Pain always clear

I look at You
I reach to You
I touch a mirror
a tear falls

You are I
I am You
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self poem

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Published on 25th May 2015 1:31am
Written by Soulles_Observant Soulless_Observant
Before the present was the past
Lost and lonely I could not last
But in new light I see a path
Free and uncondemmed by wrath

My bad habits are going out
I rarely feel the urge to shout
A blessed life is all I see
A wonderful gift you've given to me

No longer do I feel alone
I've taken control and called it my own
This beautiful treasure never known
Now so real my mind is blown

Confused by my thoughts so recently
Decaying and rotting from under me
Yet in this light I've come to be
This man you see is truly me
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 8:48pm
Written by darksighs

As crystal falls-
from salt-fed eyes,
a burn to melt the breeze
Drop to liquid-
heady pool
A duct...
for Bold and Bleed.
A shard of "been"
in white-stain pour-
alloyed with silver fear
Belated are the pardons
that splay like lover's years...
The aches of time, material-
(dust on bone on dust)
Are consecration of a slice-
when fear stems stark with lust...
Iron stays suspending will-
in fits of palish pink,
To rise above a ceiling, torn
chagrined, I stretch my wings...
Behold! below......
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 7:44pm
Written by SparklinBurgndy
You like my body.
It excites you;
My large breasts,
My long hair,
My thick thighs
You like my body.

But you don’t like

My words
My mind
My soul

But you like my body.

The door is that way.
Go find another body.
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 7:17pm
Written by SwampEyes
(An Old poem from an old time)
One finger
She's feeling worse make it three
Down her throat
She's gotten used to the burning
The violent shaking erupts through her body
She felt hungry again
Always so hungry
To be beautiful
She knew the cost
She cries herself to sleep
When you look upon her face you see a ghost
Her cheeks are sharp
Her eyes are shadowed
Her hair is brittle and weak
Her nails are cracked
But she thinks she is beautiful
She cries herself to...
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 6:37pm
Written by mystic_mind
Slithers the body on pale widow sill
supports the soul a deep inner will...
playing are thoughts not alien to mind anymore
chained is the soul.....alive  still for sure...
It longs to brighten up like the sun
to be lost in words, the most brightest one...
none can find, where it hides
none can reason, why it shies...
Winds of time falter again
failed are they, lost is the rain....
and then, for a moment, unchained it becomes from its confines
by a moment of a voice, so mesmerising and divine...
Water as desired by greens to grow...
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 5:58am
Written by onefiftysix
The Journey

In one dream I cannot deny England was calling me.
I left my treasure under the kitchen floorboards,
A cigar box of photographs and a broken ceramic finger bowl,
My magic stones, letters from my mentor, dust from the angels.
Looking again through the psychic scars of my past,
The powers of this life and the memories; they define my walk.
I followed your spirit once, looking for me. I followed my lost love.
But in the morning of this new light, under the Andean strength and calm,
What I’ve reached is no longer...
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 5:45am
Written by Jessica Jennifer Ashton Kou_Indigo
- A Night with the Queen -
Based on some of my past-life memories…
On another world in a part of the universe far distant…
When time was in a previous cycle than the current one,
I lived on a world ruled by a royalty passing decadent.
They schemed long before all human history had begun!
Call us aliens if it pleases, we were mortal nonetheless,
And: much as humans today art, but very different still.
With etiquette as refined as our cruelty, and as delicious,
As a banquet before a king, or a hunter before the kill!
We savored life and death alike...
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self poem

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Published on 24th May 2015 4:30am
Written by IHate_BlackEye
Remember me back then
I never really made a fuss
Remember  way back when
We would wait out for the bus
Every morning way back then
We were confident as fuck
We never really had to fend
We were glad to have a buck
Nothing was ever lent
Always just given to us
We were only kids back then
Alien the word of trust
when I think back when
To all the trends
The pogs, frogs, and Pokémon
Entertained with just pretend
Everything we thought we lost
We'd always find again
As our little bodies grew
We began to wear ourselves...
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self poem

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Published on 23rd May 2015 11:31pm
Written by WoundedHeart
I think about doing things
And then decide they're too hard
So I don't bother
Because effort is too much
Then I regret it
And say I'll try again tomorrow
But I don't move
When tomorrow comes
I think I expect a new mood to set in
But it never does
Or maybe I'm content with wasting time
Who knows
All I know is
Procrastination is an art form
And I am skilled at it
I know how to draw things out well
Delay and evade
Because it's much easier to put things off
Than it is to talk myself into doing them
It of course is...
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self poem

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DU Poetry : Poems about Self : You and Your Self Awareness

Published on 23rd May 2015 9:25pm
Written by Cyn80
I am annoyed that you figure me out
You may be confused at what you find out
Truth be told;
I'm surprised to see it myself
I am weary through this transition
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Not knowing where life has me going--
I am broken
Unwhole, unwell,
Small little fraction of my former self
I am disappointed;
Not in life, but in me
Time I can't take back
Past I cannot change
Words I never said or never heard
Roads I missed
Turns that took me straight off-course ...
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self poem

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Published on 23rd May 2015 3:38pm
Written by Jess018
I live my life harder than you can imagine,
Fighting my demons everyday,
You see fat and disgust,
I see a person who could not run away,
You don't talk to me or look my way,
Did you know I cut the pain away?
You don't even know my name,
I am not the one to blame,
For I am a survivor of sexual abuse,
You had nothing to lose,
Your words hit my heart,
Little by little I am falling apart,
I cry all the time,
I write poems that rhyme,
You see my body which makes you sick,
But you are just a dick,
Everything on the...
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self poem

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Published on 23rd May 2015 2:58pm
Written by wallyroo92
And at the end of spring
When the time has arrived
To spread your wings
Into the winds of change
You’ll be off to strange lands
To faraway places
To new experiences
And different faces…
Where your spirit is stirring
Sometimes you may long
To return from the perils
But it’s the lessons we learn in life
Like your dreams in the night
When the day is awaiting
For your undertaking
Know you’re not alone
The fears you may feel
The tears you may deal
Are all real and logical
It’s the lifecycle that lets you realize...
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self poem

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Published on 23rd May 2015 2:51pm
Written by bghe4ever BGHE4EVER
A cry inside the body
of a victim
trapped between the forces
of life and death
with only a dim
vision to guide
and distinguish
between illusion
and reality
the darkness is
a lonely place...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 23rd May 2015 7:33am
Written by musical_wood_elf
I want to scream
I wish to be free
from this world
To fly away from the pain
The pain is destroying me from within

In the deep reassess of my mind
The truth of reality
That I am forever alone
That I never will belong
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self poem

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Published on 23rd May 2015 5:47am
Written by WoundedHeart
I don't need a title
I don't want one
If I can't be described accurately
There's nothing to strive for
Just leave me
Exactly where I am
I don't want public attention
If I must tread with a mask of deception
Thanks but I'll stick with disconnection
If I am something, then
Don't make me feel like I'm less
I must refuse to accept
Surely I have to believe
That I am worth being looked at as
Vaguely what I truly do represent
With unconveyable position
I will skip the incision
I need it stated with precision...
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self poem

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Published on 23rd May 2015 3:33am
Written by Minoru
Melt into my skin, press into my heart.
Are you  listening yet? I'm suffocating, drowning in my own selfish fears.

Please hear me. I'm screaming a name. Is it yours? Hear me, hear me! I know now what I scream is not yours.

God, forgive me for all of my sins. God, save me from all of the hate. Open the door, please let me out.

I'm drowning again, choking on my own blood. Red. Leaking, drip drop. All of the doors you open are locked.

Here I go downfall, here I go the mountain top. Here I go the drop, here I go I knew one day I'd soar.
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self poem

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Published on 22nd May 2015 12:40pm
Written by fleamailman
Ah but I too, have slipped beyond this Earth
and formed those things that reason brings
onward I've typed and joined a tumbling mirth
of cascading codes -- and made a hundred things
you have not dreamed of -- revealed and stored and strung
ever on this black screen. Typing here,
I've raced my thoughts along, and flung
my heart at goals where others pier
of birth, these children of some coded .bat
who, if they could, would laugh and say:
"Well thanks but isn't it funny that
man his maths where God has clay"
-fleamailman- ...
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self poem

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Published on 22nd May 2015 4:55am
Written by darksighs

Somber salutations-
from me to that black dawn.
Cremation of a moment-
now, forever, gone..
It soared 'n' wept-
forever crept,
and then?
did not belong.
I ache for that
which has long past-
To still the hand
on hourglass-
Rewind child's play
and make it last-
Emotions, 'lone
shall hold them fast.
Ensconced in time
for all to taste-
My highs, my lows
my happy face.
My bare, exposed
-all laid to waste
If I should ever find the time
I'd pour it out-
line by line,
Look it...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 22nd May 2015 3:44am
Written by Raine AikoAyame
I feel so stressed out, I'm crying on my bed thinking about all the shit thats piled up on me.. My school work, my family.. I don't know what to do and the anxiety isn't helping at all.. I want this year to end smoothly but how can i when im always so stressed..! I look like a fucken mess right now.. I yell at those around me and i feel like a bitch doing so.. My family cant put themselves in my shoes and only tell me "i did my best" but its just not good enough.. Not good enough for my family to be proud of me.. I only cause them trouble.. Imagine if i drop out? I would only be a burden.....
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self poem

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