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Self Poems

Personal poetry about the way you feel about yourself

This area is for personal poetry: poems about yourself and your feelings about who you are. Poems here focus on identity, ego, self confidence, insecurities and personality. For readers it's a chance to get to know the poet better and for writers it's an opportunity to analyse themselves by poetic means. The self poems category encourages the poet to lay themselves bare for all to read about, it can be both a frightening and empowering experience.
Published on 17th April 2014 4:06pm
Written by Lunga
I reckon I spoke.
I spoke and I broke.
The bond of air and word.
I spoke and I showed.
Words that stood and posed.
Like man whose hearing is being overdosed.
It might not be worth your thoughts.
But I hope you heard,
What I'm yet to say.
I reckon my words have no destination.
Ever since our separation.
Simply because they needed liberation.
I ask you give my words shelter.
Residence within your mind.
They might not be worth your thoughts.
But please listen attentively.
Sometimes I speak in reverse.
Or should I say...
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self poem

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Published on 17th April 2014 11:31am
Written by Zombie_Twinkie
This feeling, it just wont cease.

No way out, no release.

I scream, yell, plead.

No one notices me.

Drowning in this ocean of tears,

held under by all my fears.

I reach out for anyone, someone.

No one within site.

I fight against this with all i have in me,

praying someone will see.
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 17th April 2014 11:27am
Written by Zombie_Twinkie
Countless people surrounding me,

all oblivious to my fervent plea.

No one cares to maintain the mess so many helped to create.

Left to rot in this pitiful state.

Now completely hollow inside,

Just a place for my fears to reside.
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 17th April 2014 7:21am
Written by scarletvelvet
I can't deny that I love to eat
and a lot of times my food is sweet
I can't deny that it's a crutch
to help me out with life and such
but in the end it's not worth the "gain"
cause too much heavyness is such a pain
I'd rather feel a little bit lighter
more energy would make my life so much brighter
of course it is a balancing act
I don't want to be too skinny and that's a fact
but I also don't want to become obese
by gliding through life on wings of ease
so I plan on waving my heavyness goodbye
while greeting the new...
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self poem

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Published on 17th April 2014 6:02am
Written by RSaba
been spending an hour or so each night
convincing myself
that crying is something i never do

but i guess i can make an exception
for you
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self poem

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Published on 17th April 2014 4:47am
Written by Xavier-Earl-Jones1

A seven forty seven
A thousand miles from its destination
On the ground
No manifiest to be found
No engine sound.
If I could take my life
and put it in this suitcase
Where would i go?
To forget all that i am
And find myself again
To far off places
Where people who had names
No longer remember them
Or care,
I would be there.
In cities with cultures rich in history
And bursting with colour
Or silent in mornings
With cobbled streets.
And rooftops made of clay.
Or on fields of rapeseed
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self poem

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Published on 17th April 2014 4:19am
Written by Savior_Ritual Nightcore14
Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
When I look at you
behind this glass?
Can I say?
Is it worth it
proving it to you.
If you never notice.
I can't wait forever
for you to see me.
I'm trying to make
out of myself.
You don't say a word
as I walk away
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self poem

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Published on 17th April 2014 1:19am
Written by Madintellect
Straight from the heart
Not too late for a start
Treated like dirt
Writing colvert
Coldness hides hurt
Knowing eyes lurk
Upon me to judge
I'm strong, I won't budge
I belong with this grudge
I can't trust so I judge
Never cared for their games
I won't share them my dreams
It's unfair so it seems
This poetry teems
Hold her hand
Know your stand
Go demand
She gets treated right
In this heated fight
Indeed my insight
Was forged in the night
I warned I'm right
No more polite...
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self poem

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Published on 17th April 2014 1:00am
Written by 7th_son
shifting sands eroding images once pure..
my darkest desires.. black beaches obscure..
i'm forever trapped in quicksand's detour..
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 11:04pm
Written by PoetryQueen2014 PoetryKing2014
I know it is going to be two soon,
But this is the waiting room blues,
I should be getting calling up soon,
But I'm still waiting in the waiting room,
Shonleeka Coward,
I can't wait to hear my name to be called,
I been waiting in the waiting room,
For to long,
In the rain,
I hope I can find my way home,
Still waiting in the Waiting Room,
Counting the hours that fly by,
Waiting in my mind,
While I mind my own,
And think about my goals,
In my life,
I think about my future,
As the time fly by,
The time rely on someone...
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self poem

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DU Poetry : Poems about Self : You and Your Self Awareness

Published on 16th April 2014 11:03pm
Written by KeithEdBaucum
The Brown Philosopher, The Green Poet, Red Seven are the poetic names of Keith Edward Baucum.
I am no longer Mr. Seven
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 8:30pm
Written by viollette
My life
I have tried all my life to run away,
But I never seem to make it.
I lived with fear, pain, hurt and sorrow
But no one ever seemed to care.
All I see is darkness,
All I hear is nothing.
I have cried so much that tears donít flow no more,
I have been hurt so much that pain has become my shadow.
My heart beats with every step,
I feel I might just disappear with the next.
I have heard death screaming so loud that I even canít hear it.
I have felt my life fading away.
When I was young I never had dreams,
When I...
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 16th April 2014 4:26pm
Written by Sar_Val
Maybe I just have to let go
and just say what I wanna say
but how can I express
what I have no clue of yet.
Rhymes and flow
seem sometimes
just so hard to find
when your mind's in a ball
like tangled yarn,
being tossed around
by a playful kitty cat.
Will I ever be good enough
for the world to see
what I have to offer
or will I stay in shadows,
in the shadows of my past
with only the memories
and all the dead dreams
that went away when I lost hope
hope to find love
to find understanding
and to feel...
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 3:31pm
Written by Pathospassion
It is not the answers to the questions that are hard to hide
But the questions that evoked such answers that are hard to find
One day I was asked a question
And my answer remains the same
I am Darkness
And the King of Carcasses
I am the open wound
And the broken soul
I am the gate
The fence
And the baby
That all amounted to nothing
But an open hole
I am the void
The Devoid
And the Devil's hold
I am the hated
The shunned
And the left alone
I am the one
With one million prayers to...
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 11:21am
Written by blocat
To Elma,
You who protected me
Known as 'the little cripple girl'
By well meaning ignorant folk
It was no joke
Still you saw off the bully boys
Who would tease and displease me
Threaten me, beat me
You stood up for me
All I could see was your love
All I could feel were your benedictions
Shining a light into my frightened life
You showed me respect,
That was parental preserve
Their contempt reserved one for the other
But I was your little brother
You saved me bathed me
When I was small you did it all...
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 10:29am
Written by Ryuenjin Shadow1600
Back from the darkness
Found a new light
In the shadow
I can't see
I shot myself on accident
But i am fine
I found a light
Luminosity feels the room i don't feel
Alone and misunderstood
But the glow is weak and will go out
In a flash
What am i surpose to do?
Should i find another light source
Or make sure this bright light †never goes out
Unable to think
I choose to find more light
But no such luck
As i return
The radiance that one lit the room
Became dimmer
I am never turning around...
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 7:13am
Written by Zombie_Twinkie
I'm just the invisible friend that no one remembers.
I stand out in the cold and shivers,
I look at you all.

All that u do i see.

All those you care about close by your side.
my tears then begin to slide.
Forgotten again, like some long ago sin.

And so i walk slowly away.
Knowing you don't want me to stay.
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self poem

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New Member
Published on 16th April 2014 4:29am
Written by Savior_Ritual Nightcore14
Red like Blood
Thorns that will make you bleed
Whenever you hold them
I am a Rose
I bring pain to whoever holds me
My Soul once White
I was at peace
When a drop of Blood
drop on my petals
I've become Red
When you let me fall
My Soul shall become Black,
like my Red petals,
for I am a
Black Rose
I am Beautiful on the outside
Deadly in the inside
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 3:51am
Written by rachelmae
Can you look at me without shuddering?
all I want is a little understanding
If you could see how much I'm hurting would you take my hand,
or leave me to drown out in the rain?
Oh, this cold world, calls me a monster
the product of an endless, hopeless fight
but am I, really that bad?
Look at me... how could you love this?
Look at these eyes stained with tears
this heart carrying the pain of a thousand fears
Notice these hands holding up the world
while my strength is giving out underneath
Laugh at my wounds as they bleed ...
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self poem

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Published on 16th April 2014 3:43am
Written by RSaba
cold morning, warm heart
and burning concrete beneath feet
that are tired of playing along
to the off-beat rhythm of the cars that pass
covering any other sound
and i contemplate the difference
between the ocean and sea
in an effort to stop thinking
well, there it goes again
no matter the metaphor, i'm always full circle
swinging back into this pattern
looking for noise, looking for colour
looking for a distraction
distracted from myself, i turn
to speak to empty air, just trying
to start a conversation with less...
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self poem

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