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Published on 23rd June 2015 11:26pm
Written by lolnotfunny
so many accomplishments
graduate of leadership academy
best basketball player
best cheerleader
head strong

but yet so confused
her mom tells her marry rich
her dad tells her marry for love
she loves him but he's older
daddy doesn't like that
he's rich but not in the right way
mommy doesn't like that

what to do?
who to love?
so much confusion...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 23rd June 2015 4:32pm
Written by Inetta Adjir-Toure Blacklillies
They say love hurts.. and maybe it's because most of us haven't known her. We have pretended and we have our definitions for it too.. I guess it's to overcompensate for us actually lacking, really, any form of it.

I think it's funny I still find myself waking to such crazy thoughts, but then I guess it's because I'm usually awake before the world has a chance to feed me the daily dose of bull shit. Fuck who I was.. waking up these past weeks have shown me someone.

I'm sure these wooden nickels combined are worth something now, right?
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Published on 23rd June 2015 1:29am
Written by sammy4444
My father was a warrior in the jungles of Vietnam. He hasn't said much over the years about what happened, and he had so much anger when I was growing up that I didn't want to talk to him about much of anything for a long time.  I did hear a few tales from his mouth.  One where he got malaria and writhed in agony on blocks of ice as his temperature shifted from fiery furnace, melting the block against his skin, and back to freezing, as he lay shivering cold under the humid jungle of a foreign landscape. And I always remembered the tale where his unit was ambushed and he melted the barrel of...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 21st June 2015 4:06pm
Written by stolendreams
The days grew long and my patience turned thin. The milk was long sour. I hadn't checked the date, time or news in sometime. Still, as a dog knows when it's time for a walk, I too knew. For the sake of security I kept my secret thought dry and out with the gossiping nib of my pen. Perhaps you know.
Time ticked and the dead horse was flogged. Lashes obvious and weeping, no crime but cruelty perhaps. Confusion, stubbornness and love were a terribly potent mix, confounding any sense beyond recognition. Still, I was no virgin to such. Rather, my tongue remembered many of the ingredients,...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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New Member
Published on 21st June 2015 3:59am
Written by Poetryman
It turned out to be a waste of time after all. Oh well, live and learn again and again and again...
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Published on 21st June 2015 1:44am
Written by forgodsake
i have no patience to write.
what i need is a catalyst
if only there were something strong enough that i wouldnt fall in love with
love is like aids. it doesnt kill you, but it leaves you open to everything.
Thats why we call it being vulnerable. your judgment is suspended
youre willing to believe anything.
i like being cynical about love, but this is really only because it keeps you safe.
cynicism is just like preparation.
that is why it is unhealthy in and of itself.
cynicism is literally anxiety with one speculative object to defend against....
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 20th June 2015 7:46am
Written by Emeraldia LUUH19
He told me that being Christian is the only way and he was hating on Muslim religion. It's like a fat woman making fun of another fat woman because she is fat!..he feels superior cause his GOD is the only GOD  and Muslims  thinking their GOD is the only one, if you don't believe in your GOD he will punish you, put you in an internal inferno, blah, blah, blah... There is your restraint, your guilty consoiusnes, it rides you like a horse, rape your mind not do the things you want to do. But the thing is, you still do it..masterbating, having sex before marriage, polygamy, same sex behind closed...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 19th June 2015 2:46am
Written by kateA seekingkate
‘Why are you sitting over there…? Come closer….come on….’
I look at him as he smiles bemusedly and I wonder ‘why’ myself and pass it off by saying
‘Umm...just so you could reach the food….’
Why did I sit at the other end of the outdoor lounge when not 5 minutes ago we were standing side by side; I was stroking his back, we were talking, kissing, listening to each other as we leant on the verandah rail looking out over the rainforest setting.
I went inside to get some tasty trimmings to go with our wine.  He sat on the lounge, making himself comfortable; the...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 18th June 2015 5:23pm
Written by Emeraldia LUUH19
People  are so fucking  deluded, it's fucking  annoying  sometimes.
I was walking on the road to go home and this guy out of nowhere started telling me how he found God  and he is so great and all that bullshit and for a second I just blacked out and was just nodding for it to end and for him to go away. when I told him I believe in nothing, he was in denial repeatedly  asking,"seriously you don't believe in anything?" with every word his voice was getting  squeaky. and he was laughing like I was I was the stupid crazy one.
I don't believe in anything. I see...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 18th June 2015 10:13am
Written by mere shadow schizodude
I've always wondered what would happen after death, after the long journey progressing slowly-or quickly for some-to the eventual demise of body and mind. Not just for humans but for all life forms in existence: birds, sharks, bettles, various shapes and forms of organism throughout the Universe. How different, alien we must seem to these life forms going to war over materialism and ideology, the existance of poverty (the idea of it is even bizzare), how belief in a system made for corruption (i.e. government, banks, school). We can only seem to comprehend the futility in our actions but...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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DU Poetry : Non-Fiction Prose: Diary Entries, Letters and Articles

Published on 17th June 2015 8:33pm
Written by boomBOX
This page left intentionally blank
                    The Management  
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 1:14pm
Written by lolnotfunny
Yet you smile
Yet you stand tall
Feel like nothing
Yet your being told your everything
I'm sorry for your loss
Not of a person
Or a member of your family
Not a dog
Not a cat
Not a fish
You didnt lose
Physically but
You lost mentally
Mentally you are gone
Mentally you have died
You still laugh and cry
You still feel pain
But what is inside
Is nothing
No soul
All blood
All Bones
And all muscles
Keeping you together
To look normal
Or like the others
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 1:08pm
Written by lolnotfunny
That smile
That laugh
That mask
fades away
One day all of it
Will fade away
If you defeat
Your beast inside
Fight your hardest
Get people to fight
Along side of you
Put your heart into it
And fight
Nothing else
Just fight
If your beast
I'm sorry
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 17th June 2015 10:05am
Written by Minoru
I know I said I would continue climbing the mountain with you. I know that I said that, I really do. I remember the conversation perfectly. The nights I stayed up crying my eyes out to you, about how "Life was hard" and how I "Didn't want to hold on anymore." You always seemed to know the right words to calm me enough to let me know you'd always be there. If only I knew how long always was then. Always in the books always is longer than the realistic always, just to let you know. Your always was over looked those nights when you slammed the doors in anger. Always was always over looked when...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 16th June 2015 2:09pm
Written by Poetryman
This is going to be a mild rant, so if you were looking for another brilliant poem... go-way, go-way...
Lately I have been reading a lot of poems that I have not left a comment on because I can't figure out for the life of me what the fu@# they are about. I'm starting to think I don't speak the same language or the metaphorical meanings in these poems is just going right over my head. Sometimes the imagery is very interesting, but it's like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are cut into squares and somebody mixed up the pieces from another puzzle so I don't know what I'm supposed...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 16th June 2015 1:23pm
Written by Push2Start
It's time for another sabbatical for Poetspeak, Iconic99 and Push2Start
I've had a great time posting here but I'm not saying anything new so it's time for a break
Wishing everyone a good summer and maybe I'll see you again later on down the road
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 15th June 2015 10:12pm
Written by Lady Peninnah Nganga peninnah
Yours was the most beautiful face I ever held on the palms of my hands;Brown,Soft with thick dark eyebrows and a smile too magical to describe...
Yours were the deepest whispers my ears ever heard;Just like an arabic love song;Healing...
I have loved,once since you,a great love no less,but yours,yours is a spring of fresh water;Purifying and fulfilling;The most powerful love I have ever felt...
What is it we used to say? "You the blood that flows in my veins..."Perhaps we were right after all;A love that will never  end...
To a...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 15th June 2015 00:27am
Written by Jina Bella jinabell21
What if I felt secure in the decisions I made?
What if I enjoyed working a nine to five and didn't yearn for freedom?
What if my father never left when I was a child?
What if my parents didn't get the divorce?
What if my nana didn't pass away?
What if my titi was still alive?
What if my moms boyfriend showed up earlier in my life?
What if Bruce never stopped loving me?
What if Brennan didn't just want me for sex?
What if my asthma finally got the best of me when I took that bong rip?
What if I crashed the car while being anything but sober?
What if...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 14th June 2015 6:20am
Written by deadwolf
Is not man more than flesh and bone, all the way down to the soul,
But what is the soul,
What hierarchy of infinity does the soul belong too,
Is it something beyond Atom an nuclei, from particle to Hadrons, is it found derived from quarks an Leptons
The soul passes and moves on with both energy and momentum as does the photon, and yet both have no mass;
Billions of Neutrino’s pass through space time and man, unseen and weighed,
And yet its affects are seen, as is character
You cannot see character of soul,
And yet...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 14th June 2015 3:55am
Written by bghe4ever BGHE4EVER
Married, but always feel alone. Only married single parent I know. Second best to the alcohol. At least now it is only alcohol, as if that is a good thing. And it is, I suppose, when compared to what I was second best to...Never a good morning. No contact at all during the day. No hugs. No kisses. No hand-holding. No acknowledgement of anything I have accomplished. No how was your day. Every answer is "don't matter." And years of witnessing first-hand what it means to be a couch potato is a true killer of feelings. Every missed opportunity to say you love me, every time you turned me down,...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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