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Non-poetic writing including diary extracts, journal entries, letters, essays and art

Published on 25th August 2014 5:41am
Written by 11316ek
Summer was long and it breathed me in and out with passion and injustice, the days stretched out into nights which turned into mornings that became legendary stories I’ll someday tell my colleagues with a grin and remember the nights we danced among the filth of life, the kisses of destiny and the licks of the impossible that became possible. Our hopes and our actual path differ greatly. The wind tossed my hair, the sun beat down on my skin and the sand ate away at the scum stuck to the bottom of my feet. Were you my sun or were you the concealing clouds on a downcast day? My lips remain soft...
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Published on 25th August 2014 4:08am
Written by vortexman

Skull looking upon this World...
In the clouds of twilight and secret
cosmic proclamation.  A time of un-
certainty yet to unfurl.
Though I knew something of its showing.
Though I knew something of its clue.
It wandered along our elliptical Earthy
tail.  A huge forgotten fragment left
after an amazing collision.  Long ago
in the past on a global oracular scale!
So now we know why it looks at the Earth
so viciously.  It awaits its coming due.
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Published on 24th August 2014 3:24pm
Written by HollyDove

What do you feel when you touch a mourning wreath
woven from hair of someone who was loved?
Do you shrink at the thought of dead cells intertwined?
Or revere the sensation of soft silken curls
taken from crown of a child who once was cradled in your lap?
Discovering a lock of my father’s hair after his death
bore me no sadness, but made my heart ache with wonder.
I found the bundle tied with blue ribbon
 when I opened an old memory book titled “Baby’s First”.
It was the first time I had ever connected with my...
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Published on 24th August 2014 6:03am
Written by utenaka
in the autumn park, mids of the town  
i went to watch trees..  
there was one, bent and vandalized,with the splits of beerbottles stringed on twigs, the tree lay over ground but still lived..  
so i went though alley to to revisit this tree to see wether it not cared by some gardener,  
who usually work in such landscapes as park...  
moisty air of grayish day wasnt obvisiously inviting for many visitors  
why park looked almost like abandoned district..  
or may be i felt like that after i sow them?   ...
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Published on 23rd August 2014 7:44pm
Written by chriswwriter

adult poems
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Published on 23rd August 2014 7:08pm
Written by XXFakeSmileXX XXLoverBoyXX
"That Feeling"
I thought we'd last forever
But it just wasn't so
Im heart broken
No words can express my feelings
My heart feels as if a dark-hole lies there
My body is numb
The love that was once their was so quickly taken
I feel like im drifting
Drifting to a world of nothing
You were my light
That light is gone
Im hollow
My body still in shock
This feeling it hurts
Its hurts so much
Why did I let you into my heart
Just to have it crushed
The love i had for you will always linger
But I will always have This...
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Published on 23rd August 2014 2:48pm
Written by Maynila
I'm glad of the time we've spent, through all the good times and the bad you've always been there for your friends. It's a tough time for all of us, I hope you'll understand. My decision is tough to make, as much as I wanted to stay with you for the rest of the way, I guess self-preservation is in my best interest. What happened to us, was a test of faith, our friendship is at stake. It's been a lesson for all of us, and we've learned it the hard way. We're reckless and were careless. We ignored the signs, we dismissed the warnings. We thought we're invincible. I hope this is not goodbye,...
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Published on 21st August 2014 10:02pm
Written by Kris_Follows
I don't live a "dramatic" life, you know?
most people would say that makes me boring
I don't waste my time with most people.
My time's for my friends,
So I guess they're "boring" too.
Haha, Don't get me wrong,
They are unique, inspiring people
Still, predictable
Blockbusters lead to squeals.
Course there's nothing wrong with that,
Creatures of habit n all
But yeah, in the end
It's same old same old
When you think about it
We're just there, together, existing.
Yet at the core, we're all
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Published on 21st August 2014 7:38pm
Written by ArtisticaDreamer
Guess what, you've been Kissterrupted, cos you just reached Kissthebaby, that's right you heard me! This Kisstant is ova, no mo Kisstalk, cos Kisstakes can be fatal! Know what I'm gonna do? Gonna Kisstackle ya like a WILDBEAST, yeah, remember when Fantasia went off on Jamie?  You the Foxx, though!  You are such a fine ass man, you got me giggling like a school girl! So let's Kissstreet cos your a Kissofdeath and that makes me your Kissslut or am I something else more abrupt a Kissrapist? Let me stop!
Okay, it don't matter cos our Kissquake will be felt for all time and we must...
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Published on 21st August 2014 7:21pm
Written by ArtisticaDreamer
What a beautiful surprise when Love is back by your side!
What does love "look" like?  The first person you see in the morning, is actually the only one you want to see the rest of your life and then forever beyond that.  Side by side sharing confined spaces, shifting past one another, but you don't mind the others touch.  Being tired after a long day working, but clapping when your mate walks in, you know this makes him feel good, yes he is KING!  And you are sincere, because that is really the way I see him.  I make a mistake, but you don't yell at me, if you do it's kinda funny....
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DU Poetry : Non-Fiction Prose: Diary Entries, Letters and Articles

Published on 20th August 2014 3:35am
Written by The_Enigma
Looking in the mirror I see someone who doesn’t categorise as ‘perfect’. Thoughts race constantly through my mind filling my head with hateful and conscious thoughts.
My hair is a mess, my body screams the opposite of thin, and my face? HA, don’t get me started,
My physical faults go hand in hand with the thoughts that lie hidden within my mind and the quiet scares me because it screams the truth.
But… you could call these thoughts delusional.
What would I be if I became the perception of ‘perfect’? How about if everyone let these thoughts consume them and they willingly...
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Published on 20th August 2014 2:54am
Written by Pishashee
The laws of Physics do allow for a fire in hell - exclusionary rules apply.  Be aware of what actually constitutes a flame; learn and be free. Pay attention to who is oppressing you in speaking out.  “Ideas of evolutionary change can be traced back to ancient Greek philosophers, and it persisted in the minds of scientist until it was documented by Darwin's passion. It still persists today, and between all these evolutionary ideas that are brought to light through known chemistry, laws of physics, and geology and so on and so forth - it can certainly be well enough explained.  People suffer...
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Published on 19th August 2014 11:14pm
Written by utenaka
you, 'missus' are a big fake. i wrote you in 2009 even not because of abysses of propaganda and pornography on both sides of my narrow road, but because i had fragile hope you would unite me with my beloved...  
but you even didnt learn to ask uninvited sojouner: "how can i help you?"  
where then your unknown and unwanted dada-man, let me kiss his nose, with Nada and othere whores..if you disliked i wanted lick your teeth after reading your newest story..if of such 'illiteracy of emotions' you feel dizzy to vomiting!  
i say you where is him, you...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 19th August 2014 3:22am
Written by monstermusicdude schizodude
We are a species that have lost touch to our basic roots and reverted to the ways of hate, ignorance, and intolerance against any species including our own. We rape, pillage, and destroy the planet for "resources" that cannot be made at will or even be manipulated for the betterment of not only ourselves but the planet as a whole. Instead we stick ourselves in a cage called society and allow ourselves to be dictated by others while falling into a cycle of self-pity and blame everyone else for our troubles. We imprison other species and destroy their habit in the name of progress but yet we...
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Published on 18th August 2014 8:50pm
Written by Emilio EliCid
I feel strange, thus i wonder, cause I'm dwelling with repetitions of answers that leave me without direction. I am told I am different and unlike any other they've met. Which amplifies what I've found, what I know, nothing of my reflection. Which I seek, one who is the same. But even those I meet haven't before found me.. I must settle about myself who is still a mystery as my potential other to be found ;).. hah - AtR
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Published on 18th August 2014 6:29am
Written by johnrot
don't believe the hype
you will find clean water
you can run
pick up heavy things
start a fire
and it's ok
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Published on 17th August 2014 4:34pm
Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn dkzksaxxas_DanielX
* Plus Grandes Expéditions d'un vVai Savant Idiot *

as I don't worry on specifically 'understanding' anything, if I do not respond to part of a note from you, it does not mean I 'reject' whatever it was....I cannot 'respond' to everything even when I do think I understand, as I don't 'believe' what-I-think, mostly because I don't want to 'have'(or be possessed by) My Own Opinion[s].
probably hard to understand, but I don't know how to explain any further
aside from my spontaneous, unplanned writing, I cannot involve myself in any...
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prose-non-fiction poem

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Published on 17th August 2014 5:02am
Written by vortexman
He stands at the threshold.
Awaiting all to venture.
Fearlessly pointing. Into the
celestial boundaries! Limitless
Worlds awaiting unknown yet
even greater Adventures!

Del Dare Space Poet of The
Future! Words take him to
the distant realms of dimen
-sional time and space.
Secret forgotten combinations
of verbosity. Moved together
into a menage of art and to a
higher place.

Diacritical anomalies that spake
the wake of endless secrets! In the
end an amazing story would be told
with the clarity of noble genius!
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Published on 17th August 2014 3:16am
Written by nefertumhusiashayheh husiashayheh
Every problem i have with myself and others will be solved. The problems were already created so instead of making my supposedly self out to be a worrier, of which the opposite mindset will always be on that rhythm, i solved the problems then published them. Case closed and dismissed from my realm so now i move on to the other obstacles on my path.
Like minds eventually find each other through bridges of the same and so my shadow would agree if put up against me to testify. My shadow would tell the jury of the sabotage i endured early childhood as well as others, who was...
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Published on 16th August 2014 1:28pm
Written by HottNess
in a crowded ocean
your eyes call me
guidance from raging waters

fear of waves overtaking me
peace as others flail
to shore around me

eyes locked in heavenly embrace
leading me away to safety

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