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Username:   fred_r_kane
Real Name:   fred r kane
Gender:   Male
Country:   United States
Relationship Status:   Taken
Member Since:   3rd September 2010
Favorite Poets/Writers:   John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Beat poets, Wallace Stevens, Dylan Thomas...
About Me:  

"Born late.
Lived fast.
Slowed down.
I came, I saw, I shrugged.
One mad writer of verse, and fiction, Fred R Kane is either blind to, or just chooses to ignore trends, folkways, mores, and laws..."  

That's pretty much how I introduce my online alter-ego.  I wouldn't doubt if My handle (R Kane) nails me for having an insufferable ego.  To set the record straight, whenever I sign my work:Fred R Kane, it's nothing more than a shout out to my public speaking/drama professor (a long story that I'll unfold to anyone who cares to ask.)        

Out of respect for real poets, I make no claim to writing "poetry" I chose to call what I write: verse.  Said verse  are lyrics to my own mind music.  Been composing inner songs since I was eight.  Starting writing the words when I was thirteen.  Started writing them seriously when I was twenty two.  Started writing poems when I was twenty six.  

Tried my hand at short stories, but have had little time and/or patience to pursue a professional career in writing.  I do like to dabble, and have had some success.  

First published verse appeared in periodical entitled News and Views, in February, and again in October 1990. This gave me encouragement to continue with my madness.  In 1991, I saw my first out of state acceptance, "Become the undead" was accepted for a proposed vampire anthology. I never received a copy, so I have no idea if the "poem" was actually published.  
In 1994, while attending CC Tech, I won a literary award for best poem: "Reflections on Ambrosia According to Graves".  Had it published (along with two song lyrics I passed off as poems) in the college's first (to this date, I believe only) issue of Reflections, their literary magazine.  
Since then, I've had my writing appear in Stardust (In collaboration with Jay Luna: Dennis the Meanass parts two and three,) Necrotic Tissue (Unicorn Poem,) Morpheus Tales (Angels and Sirens, and a review of R Scott McCoy's, Hunter's Moon,) (six poems in two issues,) Fangoria (a letter,) and Rue Morgue (a couple of letters).    

The best encouragement I ever got was when Stoker award nominee Greg Hall praised my quick little ditty, "snuff flick critic", he wrote: "This (snuff flick critic)is so wickedly dripped in dark humor...  I am standing on my desk and applauding you." From all the other praise the poem received, Hall appears to be the only one who actually gets what I was going for.  

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