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Username:   JC-Luff
Gender:   Male
Country:   Canada
Relationship Status:   Single
Member Since:   14th December 2013
Favorite Poets/Writers:   Jim Morrison , Jim Nut Roarin , Tascam user manual
About Me:  

          I am a metaphysical accident in frames of drunk excuse. I am a Canadian product of the eighties. I have been composing poetry and electronic music for over ten years now. I have been known to do computer repairs here and there and I am in the process of learning French. My favorite color is red, my favorite drink is Irish whiskey and coffee, and I use the composition of art as a justification of my existence.

          I enjoy philosophical discussions and I have an interest in psychology. My goal is to attain spiritual growth through the derangement of the sentences. I am looking to make a name for myself as a writer and musician, while working on diversifying my portfolio at the same time.

          I dislike conventional poetry. You can find my work @ , on the sound cloud page, there should be a link to my "My-space"      

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