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Username:   13blueyes13
Real Name:   michael g m
Country:   United States
Member Since:   15th May 2011
Favorite Poets/Writers:   Favorites? None. I avoid works of literature. Why?..goddamn learning disabilities; that's why
About Me:  

Not your average poet; not your average poetry

A few years ago I woke up one morning with an ability to see the truth. Some people might think that's a good thing. However, I see it in situations where I'd rather not see it, as well as in situations where it doesn't want to be seen. So far this ability seems a hell of a lot more like a disability. To make matters worse... I've developed a perverse compulsion to write about it in poetic form! In all reality, it feels like I've been damned by some kind of curse.
Most of my work pertains to society, drug addiction, middle age dating and some of the relationships formed by the dating process. I am far from a literary scholar...and I have absolutely no desire to even remotely resemble one. If I had to describe my writing style, I'd say that it's witty, sharp and pretty damn straightforward with a conversational narrative. It's just that I don't want any fluffy imagery distorting the view. Yeah, I'm well aware that my methods for writing poetry seem a bit different; but I just happen to like different anyway

I am not the kind of person who just goes with the flow...'cause it either leaks down into a cesspool...or it flows into one of the streams that eventually end up in the Conformist river-way system; which immediately empties out right into the Great Sea of Stupidity.

The funny thing about the truth's generally ignored unless it tastes like sugar or smells like shit

                 -Blessed by a curse-  

Some poets pen the battles distressing the soul
we see the pain making one feel less than whole

a kind of insight that I'd often rather not believe
hexed by abilities most people cannot conceive

maybe it'd be worth it for a little fame and cash
just one more idle thought that's gone in a flash

I found that poetry can cause women to undress!
words got me laid; but added drama with stress

so what to do with a curse that won't disappear?
and will I have to write this shit year after year?!

I welcome and appreciate any feedback; good or bad. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send a private message.

Check out my online newspaper, "THE DAILY UPDATE". It's not for the mainstream mindset. Updated every morning; seven days a week. It's a compilation of articles from around the internet that cover everything from odd human interest stories, marijuana issues, tech stuff, trends, science, politics and much more! If you'd like to submit anything of interest, send me an email through the newspaper or just pm me here. Here's a link to "THE DAILY UPDATE":

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