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Username:   13blueyes13
Real Name:   michael g.m
Country:   United States
Member Since:   15th May 2011
Favorite Poets/Writers:   I have no favs; and I seldom read fiction. Why?..fuckin' learning disabilities; that's why
About Me:  

Not your average poet; not your average poetry

A few years ago, I woke up one morning with an ability to see the truth. Some people might think that's a good thing. However, I see it in situations where I'd rather not see it, as well as in situations where it doesn't want to be seen. So far, this ability seems a hell of a lot more like a disability. To make matters worse, I've developed a perverse compulsion to write about it in poetic form! In all reality, it feels like I've been damned by some kind of curse.
Most of my work pertains to society, drug addiction, middle age dating and some of the relationships formed by the dating process. I am far from a literary scholar...and I have absolutely no desire to even remotely resemble one. If I had to describe my writing style, I'd say that it's pretty goddamn straightforward with a conversational narrative. It's just that I don't want any fluffy imagery clouding the view. Yeah, I'm well aware that my methods for writing poetry seem a bit different; but I just happen to like different anyway

                -Blessed by a curse-  

Some poets pen the battles distressing the soul
we see the pain making one feel less than whole

a kind of insight that I'd often rather not believe  
hexed by this ability most people can't perceive

maybe it'd be worth it for a little fame and cash
just one more idle thought that's gone in a flash

I found that poetry can cause women to undress!
words got me laid; but added drama with stress

so what to do with a curse that won't disappear?
and will I have to write this shit year after year?!

I am not the kind of person who just goes with the flow...'cause it either drains right into a cesspool, or a big, bland ocean of conformity

Forgive what you want to forget

The most debilitating fear that fearing what others think of you

Your vision of certain to be someone's version of Hell

Some people say the penis has a mind of it's own ...but no one has ever said the heart has brains

Modern man is the only species ever to exist instilled to ignore, deny, fantasize and avoid...reality

Evil does not exist within the realm of the exists strictly within the realm of the human-being

If fantasy is involved in everything that one finds fun to does not have real fun

If anyone thinks they're normal...I don't want to be anything like them

A bleeding heart drains blood from the brain

The omission of truth is nothing but a lie

Political correctness is really just a lobotomy for mainstream society

Q.) How is it possible to fear who or what you love?
A.) It's not love

Trust no one 'til you know better

The lack of a will to change restricts intelligence and personal growth

When you expect people to be like you think they should be...everyone will disappoint you

Facebook...the land where people are just looking to be offended

Never think it's impossible just because you can't imagine it

The biggest mistake made by a majority of those who practice religion...they don't realize that sins can only be truly absolved by receiving forgiveness from those whom they have sinned against

-Rainbows and red hot souls-
To experience the things that really make life beautiful must first experience something that makes Hell horrific  

We hate ourselves less...'cause we hate others more

-It is what it is; not-
Your very own reality is not exactly what you think it is. If you could realize what everyone truly thinks of would become overwhelmed, and reality would shatter. There are two main bonding agents which hold everyone's reality together; optimism and denial. So, the better the optimism, the better the reality

Six beliefs needed to make one whole
1) love
2) self
3) conscience/soul
4) fact
5) science
6) spirituality/karma

-Democracy or delusion?-
If our votes could change the government ...the government would ban us from voting

-Endless possibilities-
Accept the impossible and anything becomes possible

-Obsolete is absolute-
The core beliefs that govern your life...need to be routinely checked, updated and sometimes even deleted

-Forever in embers-
A lifelong fear of death and a self-imposed sentence to an eternity in Hell

-Vanity for humanity-
At least half of the reason why someone feels because of how good they feel about their physical appearance. In other words; looks really do matter

-The Cosmos is pissed off!-
We are so concerned about the concept of happiness...most people's subconscious is in a continuous state of turmoil trying to remain happy or to find 'happiness'. To the vast majority of people living in today's mainstream society, happiness is achieved by wealth, strength, success, beauty, status, material possessions, travel, leisure, love, friendship, companionship, sex, alcohol, drugs, along with a few other various ways to mentally stimulate one's state of 'bliss'. With a gut need to always want joy, we exaggerate the level of happiness associated with our experiences. And yet, at this moment in time, if every adult citizen in mainstream society could be combined to make up the personality of one human being, such a person would be remembered as the most miserable, whiny, helpless, self-centered douche-bag this earth has ever had to put up with!

"Religion is for people who are afraid of going to Hell... Spirituality is for those who have already been there." -Vine Deloria, Sioux-

"I stand by what I say...not what you choose to understand"  -words to this effect quoted from a source I forgot-

I welcome and appreciate any feedback; good or bad. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send a private message.

Check out my online newspaper, "The Daily View". It's not for the mainstream thinker. Updated every morning, seven days a week. It's a compilation of current news from around the globe covering politics, science, technology, entertainment and more. I would like to add poetry as well; and I will if someone wants to send me their work. If you'd like to submit anything that you think others will find of interest, send me an email through the newspaper or just pm me here. Here's a link to "The Daily View"

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