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Real Eightsome

A real eightsome; what is this?
An orgasmic series near to bliss.

Just keep going with copulation
And score to eight before ejaculation.

A gentle hour of copulation
Ended in their jubilation

They aimed for an orgasmic score
More than they had achieved before

To begin on this big commission
They start as recommended by the mission.

Him on top to shake and thrust
Achieved a score of four quite fast

Then a pause and rest is welcome
Her on top to keep momentum

Then a session on their side
Legs entwined cock well inside.

Orgasms two from this position
They're now in sight of their ambition.

Back on top he now climbs
Thrusts firmly until she comes

A final effort is all they need
Achieving this with utmost speed

Eight orgasms in less than an hour
Confirms their sexual staying power

Written by gardenlover   View profile gardenlover
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Published 19th March 2013 5:12pm  
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