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demon drug
Have you ever heard of the demon drug meth
when most people think about it they think death
it makes you stay awake for days
it makes you change your ways
i would lie and steal when i think of those times it makes my skin peal
some like one type
most people don't understand about the hype
it really makes you change
but things feel in such close range
i hated my self i didn't give two fucks about my health
the moment she pulled back the plunger i knew my life would never be the same
life with the needle is definitely not a game
its such a different high barely just getting by
putting the needle in my vein it drove me fucking insane
the blood being drawn back always curious about my next sack
doing all that dope i lost all hope
was always with the syringe always on a binge
was never at home but was always alone
if i never got sober
my life would be over

Written by destinyhoward323   View profile destinyhoward323
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Published 5th March 2013 4:53pm  Last modified 5th March 2013 5:15pm  
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