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I hurt
For three years I belonged to you,
But you were never mine to love.
We played our little game of deception
And never realised we were exception.

Exception in this world,
In our lives.
Depression in my words,
In my cries.

The day you left felt like theft.
My dreams, my hopes, my everything,
It all vanished
When our love was banished.

I hurt all over.
Pain consumes my thoughts.
Every smile torments my soul.
Each memory is a purgatory.

I'm a martyr,
And from the realms of love,
I dive deep and lose myself
In the spiritual ocean
Of nothingness.

Written by Laurette Evanesce (LizNyx13)   View profile Laurette Evanesce
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Published 5th March 2013 00:14am  
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