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Good Morning Baby
Never have I known a more beautiful woman
She is the embodiment of perfection
in every conceivable way
She is everything Iíve always craved
wrapped up into one
five foot two inch goddess

Watching her sleep
as she unconsciously shares with me
the peace which I read on her precious face
At her most vulnerable hours
she is most pure
and pain free
which a woman like her deserves most
I feel her tranquility

Upon awakening
her emerald eyes smile
upon seeing me beside her
She feels the safety I will always provide her
I feel her love and adoration

She slides up next to me
placing her head full of long blonde hair
upon my chest
I wrap my arm around her
holding her close and tight
She purrs and closes her eyes
I feel her beauty and her trust

I have loved many women
and slept with many more
but I am in virgin territory
Iíve never loved like this before.

Written by Mr. Gemini (Gemini)   View profile Mr. Gemini
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Published 3rd February 2013 5:20pm  
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