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Manifestation Cube? It's Blow By,BlowBye
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ThuOc182012a1:34pm~~~~~ ·
*"Manifestation Cube?lp.highe
rbalance.comThe Cube is a
 mystical element that binds
almost every form of sp
irituality together."



blow by, blow bye blow,   it's   (?cubist?)
                                            ation  keep
me manifest...... i do No Thing now [of
                                      PurLifeposeful] &
bedamn ifn thee years ain't blowin by like
                                nothin of NoThing...........i
blew thathere
         whole 20thCent blew rite by away's'if eye
       weren't even there/here (where?), & now
&nownow(&then) i've blown
                              1/8 of New21Cent as if, as if
aye were st'ill a'live
             from when some kid from DeerPark,L.I.,N.Y.
                   sawed o p e      n
                sternum,rib-spead cracklins,
& did very skillful dead'man alterations on 'eart-no-beatn
                     for an 8hrShift,  i n a d vertantly
sending brainpsyche out t'fckn booboo-land thenlike me
                     savingrace'o' Love dropkicked
said psychebrain into boohoo'land, ric'o'chettin' offa flyin'rock,
                     &then breakin gravity & outta all
respectable orbitration to thee collective norm absurdity, show
                       ing all for phony dumdum, that I,
back when I was god, made joke up-on man'kind 'cause man couldno
                  be very fckn kind at all.....butt i didn't 'get' mine's
own joke (& cert'ly noBody else), & thus was no'choice butt to resign
                   my position, pur'pose of godness, & jesu'shits, if that
wasn't one fckndamn 'blessed relief' !
                       O !  (!shit!) look'it how eye've digressed in this disc
ussion !
                  i've(like)blowed'blown 2 centuries of Years  doing [of]
no'thing, being [of] no-thing,
[&]yet,    aye ''.....binds almost every form of spirituality together'',
                                       at once, &
                                 m ay b e    twice....
all done & done-for-All, wit'out even a shred of Faith or Belief
                                gettin'in Thee Way -
                                       O, Glory !
                     [ O !  Man'infestation C 'u b e ! ]


Written by DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn (dkzksaxxas_DanielX)   View profile DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn
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Published 18th October 2012 9:47pm  
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