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Don't Let Me Go
hold me close don't let me go
I love you don't you know?
you've got my heart, you've got my soul  
so please don't let go
you have it all
so please don't let me fall
I give you my faith
don't let my trust go to waste
your the only one I've ever let in
don't make me go solo again
I know I'm not perfect  
but I can be imperfect perfectly
I know my body is not perfect
but I can make love to you with it perfectly
I know I'm not the best there is  
but I can be the best I can be
all I need is for you to love me
and stand by me through all my problems  
and not abandon me when the going gets tough see?  
I might not be perfect but the love I can give you is

Written by BlueBeastGirl   View profile BlueBeastGirl
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Published 12th July 2012 6:04pm  Last modified 11th August 2012 00:17am  
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