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I Want to Fuck You
Jaito and Hateiowa Collab. (Sorry everyone, did not have all of my ending on there, so I redid it, but I couldn't copy and paste the pic sorry Jaito).

im  hungry  i  need  to  fuck  some   wet  pussy
my  eyes   want  to  see  the  naked  feminine  beauty
my  dick  is   so  hard   i   just   want to  abuse  it
and  fuck   my  super  freak  who  really  needs   to  use  it.
its   been   my  daily  hobby  to  make   someone  cry
i  feel  fantastic  when a  sex  freak  takes  my  cock and   rides
she  let  me  suck  her   tits  that  are   milky  and  ripe
fucking    hot  pussies is  always   fucking  nice
im  impressed   by black   big  fat   buttocks
with  sexy  tight  nipples  i  will   bite  like   a  carrot
i  enjoy  a  white  American  pussy, its   in  the  fashion
what  i  need  is  my big  black  dick  to  be  cummed  on.
so  shawty   don't  bother  giving  me  your  name
shake  that  sexy  ass   as  you  lie  in  my  bed
finger   fuck  your  own  pussy  so  deep until  you  get  impressed
because  im  next  with  a  fucking  you  didnt  expect.
my  dick  is   humble  and  lonely
your  pussy  is  welcomed, let  me  pimp  it  shawty
let  me  fuck  you  so   hard  you  will  adore  it
give  me  the  fucking  \sensation  will  you  do  it  shawty?


I am in search of horny ass man,
A man who is hungry for some pussy, I need a plan,
He needs to appreciate the feminine side of me,
The softness of my skin will make him tremble along with my beauty,
Your lonely dick in my pussy is where I wish you to be,

My white pussy is craving some big black dick,
I just hope that tonight, I am the one that you pick,
Cuz I am a super freak in bed as well as a dope ass chic,
I will be your core of satisfaction,
Let me show you as I pull out your cock for a little bit of action,

No need to exchange names as I slide to my knees,
I will show you that your cock I am eager to please,
I will not be fake as those other bitches and be only a tease,
Your cock is so fucking big, yet so beautiful,
I suck on your head inching my way down slowly for I want you to feel,

I carry on with my sucking without a care,
All you can do is fuck my mouth and continue to stare,
You tell me that you really need to fuck and that my pussy is welcomed,
You stand me up and lay me back tasting my pussy until I cum,
Then sliding your big ass cock into my awaiting slit,
You pump your dick in and out nice and slow, it feels so fucking good, a perfect fit,
You give it to me good until you are ready to blow your load,
One last pump deep inside of me and than I feel you explode,
I do hope that you have enjoyed me,
I know I have enjoyed you....xoxo you're sexual slave, shawty!
Written by hateiowa
Published 25th June 2012 5:23am 
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