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The Man on the Side of the Road
Corner of the eye visage
no, not tunnel vision
just a glimpse is all
there was a ghost so tall...

Driving the speed limit
swerving trying not to hit it
it ran right in front
a rather eerie paranormal stunt...

I've seen,
the man on the side of the road
I didn't know
if he was alive, or deceased...

Corner of the eye movement
no, not the pavement
just a bump was all
there was a ghost so small...

Speeding down the lane
my driving isn't insane
it jumped right in front
a rather daring paranormal stunt...

I've been haunted,
by the man on the side of the road
I didn't know
if he still needed help passing on...

Written by Cydistic Cyberman (maikeru555)   View profile Cydistic Cyberman
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Published 18th May 2012 2:27am  
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