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Fuck OFF
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I just want to fly away
to no particular place
I only want to close my eyes
and let it it all just go-
Scream and kick and cry and die
this trip's a mental joke.

Holding onto cold chair arms-
Like they could ground my soul
Feels like if I ease my mind
The whole damn thing will blow
I don't know...
Do I care, care too much..
Maybe I just don't give a fuck
maybe if I did ,I could try
and see past the lying eyes.
Ghoulish cries, infantile tries
say no goodbyes-
But I realize...

I am the problem-
in your global hovel
Now you see, it's on the level
and I rue the day I met you
all of you...
Yes, you too

Ignites, burns,
my thoughts and my joint's
Always end in ashes.
And lend rose colored glasses
To disturb the masses-
fuck it-I'm past this!

And fuck you too
Yes, I must swear
Cause I know my big words
Never hit you square-
I could leave the bad words out-
Shall I get you the thesaurus while I shout..

Must I scream- to make this clear-
It's like a little demented bastard
has landed here-
And it's all unclear..
But-it's not-
and that's the part you never got..

This little world
and your little puzzle
shove them where both cheeks cuddle.
Then drown yourself in
your own  little puddle.

Seemed to me-I made it clear..
But I'll explain it better for you my dear

It was like the big bang Theory
oh shit, you don't follow..
No, it wasn't Darwin-
it's not about God though..!

Okay what if I say It's like my poems-
Oh yeah-can't-as you don't know them.

How about I describe it in song..
Can't do that either
We are a musical bomb..
never agree on who to put on.

There is just no good way to explain me to you-
and all you really say is a big old
Fuck who?

Fuck you-
I can't get tuned in
and don't want to.
Why do they always seek out my channel
amused and bemused and wrapped
in my pattern
Then pause it.

It's for myself I advocate
The lies of fools
do not negate
The me --you attempt
to harness-
Too late.
I don't wait...for you
them, him-we
What the fuck are you trying to relate..
Is it all too much for you again..
I refuse your bait.

Yes, Alas! your first tonight-
A smart ass will set a dumb ass right
It's always been my plight.
But not today..not here..not me..

I don't give a shit about this
and I am way beyond having the feeling-
You think if we sit and
some how plan it-
You will be blown onto my planet..

Again..just fuck off-you stupid fuck.

Written by mikimoondancer   View profile mikimoondancer
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Published 18th April 2012 3:32pm  
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