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dim the lights, play soft slow music...nice 'n slow,
let's start off kissin',grindin',movin' 2 the flow.
we lay on the bed and I crawled between your legs and thighs,
rubbin' my dick between your pussy makes my dick rise-
high in the air and I'm ready 2 slide my dick in your wet spot,
can u feel me inside u and makin' u hot?
you're so wet and juicy, feels good, so how does it feel?
baby just hold very still, my dick makes u feel like u have cold chills.
"babydoll, now don't that feel so soothin?"
"yes Ca$anova. It has me movin' and groovin'?"
I keep on strokin' at a very slow pace,
I can tell u love it by the expression on your face.
u say, "Ca$anova I want us 2 cum at the same time",
I say, "Yes babygirl and after that you'll see the sunshine."
hour later she came and I came too,
we came together to make a baby...and I told u thta's what I was goin' 2 do.

Written by casanova630   View profile casanova630
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Published 12th March 2012 00:16am  
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