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GoodBye Letter to Addiction...

Dear Addiction,

How are you? Me? I'm blackened and blued,
heart hardened, and confused.
Under normal circumstances I dont like to lose.
But these circumstances aren't normal,
and to unconditionally surrender I choose.
You see I can make decisions today,
And I pick me not you,

I just want to say goodbye for good.
No more nodding out, or trips to the hood.
You'll say, "Just one more!," and i'll think that I could.
But I know what to do now, and hit a meeting I should.
Every meeting I hit makes me stronger and stronger,
and puts the distance between us farther and longer.

I dont have to go on a mission,
for more shit to hock.
I dont have to be dope sick,
all the way to the block.
I know that you're mad now,
that I have tools in my box.
But my head is my house,
and i'm changing the locks.

I put my well-being in danger,
by buying you from a stranger.
I was so nieve, that my life was my wager.

I should've known better, when you felt so amazing
that the first high, i'd forever be chasing.
I once envisioned, and I once did dream,
and my dreams might come true, only if I stay clean.
Its all coming back now along with ambition.
Taking the first step, with my powerless admission.

I am almost finished, just one thing to say
Don't come near me, just stay away,
I don't wanna chill, I dont wanna play.
Besides, theres only one way to end this,
and it's with a FUCK YOU and have a NICE DAY!

Written by ANTinRECOVERY   View profile ANTinRECOVERY
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Published 6th March 2012 9:08pm  
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