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How can you feel so close,  
and yet be so far away.
I cant wait to see what you have written,
to hear what you have to say.
The chemistry you have is something I desire,
when your pen hits the paper its hot like fire.
It all must flow so easily,
your sensual thoughts your sexual verbs
your naughty writing your dirty words.
To feel the heat from words on a page,
is an excitement unreal...
I'm honestly amazed.
But could it be...
could it be real?
I'm addicted to his words,
and how they make me feel.
Realizing now, all I can do is fantasize
about the man whose words have me mesmerized.
But wait...
I don't even know his real name

Written by milkyway   View profile milkyway
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Published 3rd December 2011 7:19pm  Last modified 18th March 2012 4:25pm  
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